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    Repositioning your thinking " real talk application"

    in Family

     In today's episode, we will be discussing the importance of repositioning your thinking. When you reposition your mind it is important to learn how to shift your thinking from the negative to the positive. We will discuss how to shift your thoughts and why this is essential for developing a healthy lifestyle and positive relationships. We all at some point in our lives have made some serious mistakes, but we have to be willing to change the bad habits and impulsiveness that causes this reckless behavior. We will discuss knowing who you are today VS who you desire to be. 

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    What To Do When Your Doctor Doesn't Know What To Do with Amie Valpone

    in Health

    Amie Valpone found herself at age 25 in the job of her dreams at Vogue magazine, but sicker than she ever imagined she could be. 

    After many misdiagnosis and dollars down the drain, she forged her own path to dis-ease diagnosis and recovery. 

    Today Amie is sharing her must-haves when it comes to doctors, diagnostic tests, supplements, foods and lifestyle fixes to heal your body once and for all. 

    You'll want to listen to today's episode for the insider knowledge you can only learn from someone who has been in the trenches too.

    Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP, a Culinary Nutritionist, Professional Recipe Developer, Food Photographer, Personal Chef and Writer specializing in simple Gluten-free, ‘Clean’ recipes for the home cook.

    Find Amie on www.thehealthyapple.com

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    Knowing Your Purpose, What do other see in you?

    in Spirituality

    We live in a world where freedom of speech is a common theme, a time when people record your conversations just for the sake of remembering what you said during a conversation or even an argument.  Often it is during these times when we are in heat of a passionate talk that we hear things about ourselves that are either true or not true.  The idea that we often wait until moments of heated discussion to find out what others actually think about something we did or said.  Believe it or not this also a part of our personal self-discovery.  

    One of the way we can become more proactive in how others perceive us is to ask the people in our lives to tell us openly how they see us.  This is a moment of humility but it does not have to negative. One you ask specific questions with the intention to further clarify what we already know about ourselves, this is called self-discovery,  What I have discovered about this type of exercise of courage and awareness.  Today Nia Marchell will give you a different perpective on how to approach a very complex situation.  

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    In The Paint

    in Basketball

    Zack is joined by Cousin Harry and Kenny Stuth to talk about the NBA Playoffs...

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    When God’s Workplace Becomes Your Workplace – Life Application & Practical Tools

    in Christianity

    Host Emma Boa-Durgammah is blessed to welcome Guest Kathy Underhill, a Christ Follower and Kingdom Worker for Christ. In this episode we will continue to explore how God’s Workplace can become our workplace. Kathy will also present practical tools to consider and apply as led by the Holy Spirit. A continued thank you to Rooted Deep for allowing us to continue to use Give Him Praise as our opening song! Visit them at www.rootedeepmusic.com.

    Kathy Underhill lives outside Washington, DC, with her husband Mike. Kathy & Mike have been married for 32 years and are parents to Rachel (24) & Nate (20). In addition to being married for 32 years, Kathy has also been a DC lawyer for almost 32 years—she says that one of those stints has been much harder than the other (& she will leave it to you women in the audience to guess which one!). Kathy also has been involved in Christian ministry for the past 30 years. Kathy has spoken at evangelism and discipleship events both overseas (including after the fall of the former Soviet Union) and locally (including retreats, women’s group events, coffee houses, among others). Kathy also has been involved in international hospitality ministries and enjoys encouraging and helping equip Christians to engage in outreach (including cross-cultural outreach) as a way of life, not just within the context of outreach overseas. 

    Host, Emma Boa-Durgammah would love to hear from you through email after the show contact@kingdomworkforchrist.com. More on Emma can be found at www.kingdomworkforChrist.com or www.facebook.com/kingdomworkerforChrist. 

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    Do Your Customers Know What to do Next with Kamala Chambers

    in Entrepreneur

    What should I do next? 

    Have you ever felt that in life? 

    Have you ever read a really good book and wanted to read the next one in the series? 

    Have you ever purchased something from the store and couldn’t wait until the next time you could get more of it?

    On the flip side; have you ever gotten lost in a store trying to find something or gone to where you thought it should be and couldn’t find it? 

    Have you ever not done business with someone because you were too confused to make a decision?

    When was the last time you bought something you didn’t intend to buy because you happened to see it on your way to or from what you came to get?

    We have discussed on Thriving Entrepreneur many times before about not selling a customer but simply sharing what they need or are looking for with them.  What we want to do is create a relationship with our clients.  We need to develop a process to take the relationship with a potential client all the way to a GREAT repeat customer. 

    Normally we start with a free offer, but from there we need to already have a clear path for them to take next with us.  Problems arise when no one in the relationship knows where things are going!  This clearly defined process for building an ever increasingly strong relationship with our customers is called a sales funnel.  A sales funnel is an intricate part of the success of your company.

    To help us better understand this is Host Steve Kidd is joined by guest Kamala Chambers.  Kamala is passionate about helping you THRIVE in your life and in your business.  As a web designer and a relationship coach she is the perfect person to help you build a stronger relationship with your clients and live as a Thriving Entrepreneur

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    in The Bible

    Do you know that there is only one way to get to His Kingdom? That is by accepting Yahvahosha Messiah, as your Saviour.

    Next week, we will talk about Salvation Only Through Yahvahosha Messiah. Come and join Apostle Dr. C.N. Turrell, as he talks on this subject, and you will learn that there is no other way to His Kingdom, and no other person(s) can get you there.

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    Sex Is Your Wedding Gift

    in Religion

    Believe it or not, sex is intended to be your wedding gift...that means not having sex with someone until you are married.  It seems like everyone has something to say about the importance (or not), relevance (or not), or definition of marriage (one man, one woman).  What does God say about marriage?  Listen this week as Dr Pauline & Catherine discuss the Biblical principles surrounding a surprisingly controversial subject. 

    As always, we welcome your comments and questions through Facebook (Dunamas Center Ministries), and Twitter (@YourDunamasLife).


    Watch for Dr Pauline's new book, "Won't Somebody Please Hear Me?  Healing from Birth Traumatomology Syndrome"...Coming soon! 
    Open House/Fundraiser on June 4th, 3-7pm at our NEW location:                

                2143 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909                                             

    If you're in the area, please RSVP to Sharon at 719-231-7183 if you can make it.  If not, we will also have online options to support Dunamas Center Ministries - stay tuned.

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    Vessel Work – Slow Down for Your Spiritual Tune-Up – Life Application!

    in Christianity

    Host Emma Boa-Durgammah is blessed to welcome this series’ Guest Co-Host, Diane Doumas, a Christ Follower and Kingdom Worker first. In this episode we will continue to explore how Kingdom Work for Christ includes slowing down for a Spiritual tune-up and times when God works on getting us prepared as His Vessels through Vessel Work. We will also discuss practical tools, resources and life application.

    God is currently positioning Diane as His Light and Representative in her capacity as an accomplished elder services professional and thought leader with an extensive track record of innovative management.

    Her expertise includes successful management of several Sunrise Senior Living communities; senior management consultant with Vantage Advisory Group; collaboration with health care professionals, social workers, regulatory agencies, and other senior services providers; leadership coaching and mentoring; development and delivery of sales and marketing strategies with senior living technology firm WellAware Systems; elder services consulting and blogging as a Certified Senior Advisor. For several years she was licensed by the Virginia Board of Health Professions as an assisted living administrator.

    Most notably, Diane describes herself as a very imperfect child of God who is blessed to be a wife of 32 years this October to a wonderful husband and mother of 3 terrific sons, all in their 20s.

    Host, Emma Boa-Durgammah would love to hear from you through email after the show contact@kingdomworkforchrist.com. More on Emma can be found at www.kingdomworkforChrist.com or www.facebook.com/kingdomworkerforChrist. 

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    RPH Discusses The Pine Effect with poet Andrea Spofford

    in Poetry

    Andrea Spofford is the author of The Pine Effect (Red Paint Hill Publishing 2015), Qikqtagruk: Almost an Island (Red Bird Chapbooks 2014), and Everything Combustible (Dancing Girl Press 2013). Her poems and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in burntdistrict,The Sugar House Review, Redactions, Revolver, The Portland Review, Puerto del Sol, and others. Andrea is Poetry Editor for Zone 3 Press and Assistant Professor of Poetry at Austin Peay State University. 

    Andrea’s debut poetry collection locates self within geographical experience, examining the intersection of person and place. Addressing themes of history, transformation, and youth, this collection explores the idea of poet as alchemist and scientist, explorer and observer.

    "Andrea Spofford's debut collection is an engaging eco-poetical Bildungsromanin which Nancy Drew becomes a verb, traversed geographies stretch from hippodromes to sandstone caves, and vantage points move from the naturalist's eye to the panoramic gaze of an explorer compelled by the personal histories of place.'I want to tell you about sinking ships—Andrea Doria, Monitor, RMS Rhone./ I want to tell you about black holes, twenty-million bats in darkness'- Spofford's meticulous and striking images lead us to want to hear about it all."--Rebecca Morgan Frank

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    A "Your Place" Look at Family!

    in Christianity

    Praise the Lord, and welcome to another show at, "Your Place".  We serve a great and mighty God that deserves all praise and all honor!  We live in a time where so many aspects of being a christian is under attack. From attacking the validity of the Bible, the definition of marriage, and where the killing of our unborn children is legal.  This is just to name a few.  Last week, Wild Bill gave us a show established on the role of a woman in marriage as ordained by God.  Tonight, we were supposed to hear the man's role in marriage as ordained by God! I don't think Wild Bill wanted to be placed under the gun and so he expanded the show to discuss marriage and family as ordained by God.  He promises that this show does not let men get off of the hook.  You can be the judge of that with me as we hear the show tonight.  You are going to hear from Dennis Rainey tonight.  We hope that you not only enjoy the show tonight but that you share this with others.  I so wish I had heard of these things when I was younger.  The sad part if that most of us hear these things in church but do not really listen!