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    The All World Beauties Pageant GET THE EXPERIENCE

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    I'm very thrilled to have Key McKinley on the show. Who is this woman you ask? She is the National Executive Director of The All World Beauties Pageant, LLC. How is this pageant different from other pageants? you may asking yourself... but this pageant boasts to be something totally different in a HUGE WAY!!

    Inner Beauty, Empowerment and Service are the pillars of the All World Beauties Pageant. Incorporated into the entry fees is Personal and Professional Development wrapped up with some Extraordinary Customer Service; The AWB Experience is turning out to be a real Magical Pageant Experience!!

    Key McKinley says it her mission to help every delegate towards their personal and professional development. To bring out and live YOUR BEST SELF!!!

    With all that being said... Coming at ya LIVE from the Great Buckeye State... U.S. United Queen of Queens 2011... Ocipare "Key" McKinley! 1st national titleholder to win in competition representing Autism Speaks!!! Key has been performing for 38 years and now she is into producing and broadcasting. She is the head of Pare Boutique where their motto is "We Fit Every Body". Key's favorite quote is from Frank Herbert's "Dune": "I shall not fear, fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I shall face my fear. I shall allow it to pass over me and through me and once it is gone... only I will remain".



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    Help! I need a pageant gown!

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    This episode features content on acquiring a pageant gown from buying to renting, selling and consigning.  We discuss the pros and cons of each side.  Feel free to call in and ask questions, make comments, or participate in the live text chat.

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    Traditional Pageant Hair Style To Do, or Not To Do

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    This episode features the traditional pageant hair style and it's effect on winning Best Hair in natural pageant competitions.  Listeners can call in and ask questions or discuss their thoughts and views on getting that winning pageant hair style and find out what judges look for when they evaluate pageant hair.

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    Pageant Life - Finding that perfect dress...does it exist?

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    Ever been in a pageant?  Then you know the woes of trying to find that perfect pageant dress.  The one that is going to set you apart for the rest.  Well, here are some awesome tips on how to make this task "somewhat" easier and relieve some of the stress!

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    What is a Good Age to Start Practicing Pageant Interview Questions?

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    A pageant parent asked, "What is a good age to start practicing pageant interview questions?"  Tune in to hear my response to that question and to find out some of the things that I did to prepare my kids for their pageant interview questions.

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    Uniquely Elegant HOLIDAY Pageant EXTRAVAGANZA

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    The weather outside is frightful but the EXTRAVAGANZA is delightful!!  That's right the Uniquely Elegant HOLIDAY Pageant EXTRAVAGANZA is just around the corner.  It's coming to Wichita, Kansas December 19,2015 at the Holiday Inn Hotel 549 S. Rock Rd.  For tickets you can go to their website http://www.uniquelyelegantpageants.com/

    Uniquely Elegant Pageants encourages the community to come out and celebrate with us for this wonderful Hoilday event. Applications are being accepted now if you would like to participate. The pageant is open to All States and Age Dvisions Infants to Adults. Please visit our website for more information. Thank You ! Registration starts at 9:30am.

    Rhonda Spann, and is the State and National Director for the Uniquely Elegant Pageants LLC. She has been producing pageants since 2010. Her experience in pageantry goes as far back as the 1960’s when she was a contestant. A wonderful experience she will always remember. Which is why even today she has such a great interest in being able to bring this same experience to others.  So with that said she now know both sides of the pageant world and she is learning something new every day as time goes on.  As a Director she wants to bring the true meaning of pageantry back, and that is to help build strong confident women as leaders. Poise, grace, and self-confidence along with good sportsmanship are just a few of the many qualities young ladies will learn when participating in pageants. She feels being able to provide scholarships on the National level for our contestant’s education, as well as training classes that prepare the young girls, and young women for their future.

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    Organizing for Pageant Day

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    Are you having a hard time on pageant day?  Can't find your accessories that go with that outfit?  Did you forget something important that you needed and maybe left it at home?  Do you have to make emergency runs to the local store to get something you need for the pageant?  In this episode we discuss ideas to help get you organized and prepared for pageant day.  I'ts already a stressful day, but being organized and prepared can help to ease some of that stress.

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    *The Pageant Hour* Mrs. United States Beth Isbell

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    In 2014 as the reigning Mrs. Texas, Beth Isbell competed in the Mrs. United States pageant and walked away with the crown!  At the time, she was only twenty-four years old, yet she continues to represent married women everywhere with grace and style.  In this episode of "The Pageant Hour", I will get to know more about this Texas beauty.

    Beth Isbell graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business. She quickly developed a passion for learning and leading in an educational environment, so upon graduation she attended Texas A&M University where she completed a Master of Science degree in Leadership, Education and Communications.

    She began working for the Texas A&M University system as a youth development agent in which she provided educational programming relating to health, bullying, character education, and leadership to youth in her assigned county. Two years later, she began working for East Central University as a graduate advisor and program coordinator for distance education and still volunteers her time heavily with programs that focus on youth mentoring.

    Beth has been married to her husband Brett for a year and a half and they have one “fur baby,” Tanner; a miniature beagle.

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    Current Atlanta Hawk Staff Member Discusses the Importance of Pageant Dads

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    WE are proud to present, interview, and honor Atlanta Hawks Staff Member Geoffrey Mallory. My father, Mr. Geoff Mallory, will talk about the importance of motivating children to excel within the pageant marketplace.


    Mr. Mallory is a legend in the basketball industry and attends various states recruiting and ranking basketball talent across the country. He has coached on the college level and develpoed a repoire among students and parents globally.


    Mr. Mallory will also discuss the importance of networking and how it can be productive as a titleholder. He will also give advice to father's on how to be a supportive parent while your child prepares for their up-coming pageant. Will air on 5/11/2015 4:00 pm est.

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    Pageant Motivation

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    Have you participated in pageants and lost your motivation to continue because you haven't won the title you wanted?  Are you thinking about quitting pageants?  Listen to this episode before you decide to quit.  Music for this episode is "Hall of Fame" by the Glee Cast.

  • How I Attracted over 120 Contestants for my Pageant (Part 2)

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    Dear Festive Friend,

    Welcome to part TWO of the 15 Ways that I attracted over 120 Contestants for my pageant UK's Dazzling Beauty :-)

    You will learn:
    - How to create your Dream Client Profile (Know who you want to serve and why) 
    - How to Attract your Dream Client 
    - How to stop attracting Nightmare clients (Or How to Spot a Nightmare Client early)
    - How to Marketing and Promote your Business More effectively 
    - How to Buid your Pageant Competition if you run Beauty Pageants too 
    - How to Cope with having an Abundance of Clients 
    ...and so much more!

    Thanks for LISTENING, please share this show on Faceboo& Twitter.

    Click here to sign up to my Festive Success Newsletter for success tips, encouragement, videos& freebies that can help you to become the BEST version of you:

    If you would like to work with me 1-1 please contact me today! I offer Success Coaching and I can only work with 4-5 coaching clients per month. So hurry :-) 

    Many blessings.

    Queen x