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    PWN 2015.2.3: Pagan News from Around the Globe

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    KaliSara and RevKess tend to focus on North America and Western Europe during PWN. Understandable, as they live in the Midwest of the United States. This week they will broaden their discussion of current events and news to encompass much of the global Pagan community. News from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and of course from North America will be touched upon.

    Due to a scheduling conflict, this week's edition is on Wednesday instead of Thursday. The hosts will try to share any other scheduling issues during broadcast, but will continue to post updates in show descriptions for those who prefer to listen live.

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    PWN S4E8: Pagan Pride Day Season, news and more

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    Pagan Pride Day season is just about here. The official event season kicks off with Lammas and concludes with Samhain (1 August through 31 October). Every seasons since PWN launched the hosts have spent some time talking about PPD and related events. They plan to do the same this year as well.

    RevKess and Zaracon will also give you a Pagan perspective on world news, health and science, and updates on stories previously covered on PWN.  Pagan related music and book releases will also be shared.


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    Pagan Weekly News #46

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    Join RevKess and Zaracon every Monday night at 7pm Central as they discuss news from the Global Pagan community and mainstream news from a Pagan perspective.

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    PWN 2015.1.3: Controversy in the Pagan World

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    As event season gets ready to kick off for the Pagan community there are any number of minor controversies that might crop up. In the passed there have been issues regarding gender in sacred space, certain notable presenters and their pasts, and other issues - both minor and major. This year seems to be no exception to that. With Covenant of the Goddess facing member resignations and turmoil over their public statement regarding racial issues and a first time out festival in direct conflict with a well established festival - in both timing and geographic location - there seems to be now shortage of controversies to address this year.

    RevKess and KaliSara will talk about some of those current issues and how they may play out in the near future. From Peter Dybing's strong stand on racial inclusivity in practice and language in regards to CoG to the Gathering of Pagan Souls festival being in direct conflict with Heartland Spirit Festival at the end of May. Along the way they may also address some of the past issues that have come in the Pagan world and how they were addressed and handled by those who could make a difference. They will also talk about other upcoming events in the Pagan world, including ConVocation and PantheaCon.

    Show notes available at PMPChannel.com.

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    Pagan Weekly News #42

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    Join RevKess and Zaracon as they discuss current events and Pagan news.

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    Pagan Weekly News #40

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    Join RevKess and Zaracon every Monday night for Pagan Weekly News. They discuss news and current events from a Pagan perspective. With news, views, and interviews from the global Pagan community, you can't miss an installment of this great series.
    Topics for this week may include:
    Peter Dybing Retires from the Public Pagan Eye; Censorship in art galleries and museums; celebrations of Beltaine; Pagan festivals.

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    Pagan Weekly News #38

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    Join RevKess and Zaracon as they bring you the news from a Pagan perspective.

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    PWN 2015.2.2: Pagan Festivals & Events

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    With PantheaCon starting in less than 24 hours from broadcast, RevKess and KaliSara wanted to take the opportunity to talk about some of the upcoming festival events. Focusing primarily on the United States, there are many festivals and Pagan events taking place in 2015. ConVocation, Between the Worlds, Heartland, PSG (just to name a few). During the show your hosts will give highlights of some of these upcoming events in early 2015.

    Be sure to tune in to Pagan-Musings on the 15th for a live segment feature Sharon Knight. She will be dialing in from P-Con to share about her new music and video project.

    If you are hosting or know of an event in your area that you would like us to talk about, please let us know through our Facebook or email us at paganmusings@gmail.com. (Note: The hosts are purposefully leaving PPD events out of this broadcast, those will be addressed in more detail as that season get closer.)

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    Pagan Weekly News #43

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    Join RevKess and Zaracon everyone Monday evening for a discussion of current events, news, and perspectives from the Pagan community.
    5/21/12, ep. 43:
    Zaracon is unavailable. Shauna Aura may be joining in during a chat about the NATO protests in Chicago. Other topics for the evening may include Easter Island statues and newer discoveries about them; Dan Halloran; Shades Faith antholoy; Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir; Pat Robertson; taking a closer look at Pagan Leaders;  Ana Castillo and feminist spirituality; Lori Bruno on Coast to Coast AM; and the rare Asian unicorn.

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    Pagan Weekly News #34

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    Join RevKess and Zaracon as the bring you the news from a Pagan perspective. Pagan Weekly News is a proud member of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel family.
    Some of the night's topics: Occupy the USA; Republican Nominations; Witch-hunts in Africa; NAR and Kony; "Bully".
    PWN is looking for correspondents to report on Pagan events in their area, festivals they attend and any other Pagan related news in their area. PWN is hoping to partner with the Pagan Newswire Collective and be able to form a Bureau that brings news from PNC correspondents to listeners around the globe. If you are interested in becoming a part of Pagan Weekly News, please email paganmusings@gmail.com with "PWN Correspondent" in the subject line.
    Remember to "Like" Pagan Weekly News and the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel on Facebook.

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    Pagan Weekly News #35

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    Join RevKess and Zaracon as they bring you the news from a Pagan perspective. PWN is a proud member of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. Bringing you news, views, and interviews from the Pagan community with commentary on mainstream media from a  Pagan view point.
    PWN is currently accepting appliations for correspondents. Correspondents would report on events and Pagan related news in their area, live or in reccorded segments. Interested parties should email their qualification sto paganmusings@gmail.com Attn: PWN correspondent.
    Like PWN on Facebook and follow @PMPChannel on twitter.

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