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    The Bat Pack, Rat pack and the mouse pack!

    in Entertainment

    This week the tables are turned. The V.V. always picks on the famous now they get him!

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    Pack Attack Playoff Preview

    in Football

    22 SportsTalk

    Playoffs! You talking bout Playoffs? Yes. Yes, we are. And as grim as it may appear, folks, I would really consider changing the 'tude that everyone seems to have. So we lost a few games....Big deal! We are in the Playoffs. And it all starts over. The regular season is done. So forget what you have seen and be ready to see something great! Do you need some help? Join me on Friday night at 7 p.m. for a preview of the Green Bay v Washington game. Ill throw out my 3 biggest matchups to keep a close eye on! If thats not enough, dont worry. I will drop my predictions on each game this weekend too. And what we can expect going into the divisionals. After that, I will review Wisconsins shortcomings against Indiana & preview the big matchup on Saturday against Maryland! Whats better than a Pack Attack Playoff Preview before you go out! You can be the know-it-all at the bar. And everyone loves a know-it-all! So join me! TUNE-IN & TURN-UP! Lets Go!


    Tonight on 22 SportsTalk:

    We talk THE PACKERS (v Washington Redskins)
    We talk NFL PLAYOFFS (Predictions)
    We talk WISCONSIN BADGER BASKETBALL (From Bloomington to College Park)
    We talk SPORTS 

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    For show appearances or general questions email me at: FThurston22@yahoo.com

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    Meet The Pack: Lisa Wolfe; Jan. 30, 2016

    in Books

    Recorded live, January 30th, 2016 at the Birmingham Baldwin Library.

    Lisa Wolfe reads from and discusses her latest illustrated children's book, Hooping Hellen. Also discussed is her last novel: An Exercise Of Passion.

    Order online now at http://www.greywolfeshop.com/store/p9/Hooping_Helen_by_Lisa_M._Wolfe.html and use order code "OnAir" to save 25% off the list price on your entire order!

    If you're going to be in the Birmingham, MI area and would like to attend a recording of Meet The Pack, you're in luck: the event is open to the public! Walk right in to meet the authors, ask your own questions, and hear yourself on the next episode! Events held at the end of every month. Check out www.greywolfepublishing.com/Events.html for more information, and an up-to-date calendar of all upcoming events.

  • Staying on Purpose

    in Christianity

    Join Bishop and Pastor Carter at the Embassy of Faith Christian Center as they confront real-life issues in a Christian way.

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    in Health

    It's that time of the year when the mania heats up for the big event of SUPERBOWL.  A conversation with someone who has either played in the NFL or who is a passionate fan can give us much overstanding on the purpose and heart matter behind this entertaining and exhilirating sport.  The recent move "Concussion" has brought a new awareness to the consequences of making a career out of football, however there are many important lessons to learn from this unusual team sport. 

  • The Wolf Pack

    in Education

    Join in the Radio Wehrwolf Wolf Pack. Tonight we will discuss the events that have heppened in Oregon this week.

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    The Wolf Pack

    in Education

    Join the Wolf Pack and let's steer our people in the right direction. Discussing GOP hatred of Trump, Afrocentric history, 16 year old girl speaks out about Germany, the controlled media and more...

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    Fantasy Six Pack Podcast: Wins or Quality Starts

    in Sports

    On this Memorial Day edition of the Fantasy Six Pack podcast, A.J. Applegarth and I, Joe Bond, will discuss whether or not Wins or Quality Starts is the better category to use for Fantasy Baseball leagues. We will also discuss prospects that could have an impact on your team soon as well as update on headlines and injuries. As always call in or tweet me @FantasySixPack with questions to have answered on air.

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    Pulse of the Pack: Limping To The Finish Line

    in Football

    The Packers finished the regular season with just four wins in their last 10 games after losing at home to the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikes grabbed the division title and the Packers head to face the Washington Redskins as a wild card.  Green Bay's haplessness over the last half of the season has been hard to endure.  Is there any reason to think the Packers can score enough points to win a playoff game?  Are the issues with this offense a 2015 thing or does it reach beyond that?  Jacob and Jason try to make sense, somehow, of what this season has become for the Packers and it's right here on. . Pulse of the Pack!

    Pulse of the Pack is your weekly stop for what's new with the Green Bay Packers. Jacob Westendorf of Today's Pigskin and Jason Perone of CheeseheadTV bring "Pulse" to the Packers Talk Network. Be sure to follow the guys on Twitter at @JacobWestendorf and @JasonPerone.

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    The Wolf Pack

    in Education

    Join the Saturday night Wolf Pack on radiowehrwolf.com. Call in 929-477-3574!

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    Pulse of the Pack: A Rodgers Miracle

    in Football

    Somehow, some way, the Packers pulled out one of the most improbable wins when they needed it most.  Amidst injuries, changes and controversy with some of their best players, the Packers beat the Detroit Lions on a Hail Mary pass from Aaron Rodgers to Richard Rodgers with no time on the clock to stay in the race for the NFC North.  Jacob and Jason look back at why it came down to a prayer pass and catch for the win.  Will this win catapult the Packers to better things the rest of this season?  What still needs to be fixed?  The two also look ahead to next week's game against the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field, where the Packers have lost two in a row.  Can they get back on track as they head into the last quarter of the 2015 season?  It's all here on this latest edition of. . Pulse of the Pack!

    Pulse of the Pack is your weekly stop for what's new with the Green Bay Packers. Jacob Westendorf of Today's Pigskin and Jason Perone of CheeseheadTV bring "Pulse" to the Packers Talk Network. Be sure to follow the guys on Twitter at @JacobWestendorf and @JasonPerone.