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    Message to "bubble" teams and KO's plan to eliminate halftimes

    in Basketball

    The eighth episode of the Pac-12 Networks Basketball Podcast with Mike Yam and Kevin O'Neill begins with KO's suggestion for the removal of halftimes as well as some other nuggets on how we could make the college game more entertaining. O'Neill also reveals his current No. 1 seed predictions for the NCAA tournament and what he told his teams when they were on the bubble.

    The duo move on to reveal KO's favorite rapper and he weighs in on the length of Mike's sideburns. This week on our serial segment "The Recruit," former Arizona standout Matt Muehlebach and former Wildcat assistant coach O'Neill recall the aftermath of Matt's refusal to redshirt and what that meant for how hard KO rode Matt in practices to ensure he was prepared to take over as Arizona's point guard in the following years. Let's just say the two had a fiery relationship that first year at Arizona. 

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    PAC Insights Building A Community

    in Lifestyle

    On our show today we'll be sharing ideas about building a Facebook Community, or any community to build your online presence.. Join us!  Also visit our PAC Affiliate Shop where we promote our members affiliate products - Members helping Members...

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    Welcome To PAC Insights

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    Welcome to PAC (Power Affiliate Club) Insights. We'll be having interviews, great discussions, but today we'll be sharing what exactly is PAC and how you can be apart of it... your host - Lesly Federici


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    Pac-12 ‘Serial’: How Kevin O’Neill landed Arizona recruit Matt Muehlebach

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    On the first edition of the Pac-12 Networks Basketball Podcast, hosts Mike Yam and Kevin O’Neill introduce themselves and all of the special storytelling segments you can look forward to in weeks to come including “Candid with KO,” “In the Paint” and “The Recruit.” 

    Kevin O’Neill outlines why he thinks 68 teams should be released in the NCAA rankings weekly as well as the necessity of being transparent about where teams sit throughout the season. He then starts out the podcast series strong with his storytelling on “In the Paint,” sharing the time he had his car stolen in front of his face on a recruiting trip and a holiday season game story during his time as a coach at Marquette. 

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    PAC Insights Guest - Lillian De Jesus

    in Lifestyle

    Hey awesome PAC fans, Lillian is a PAC member and won our recent contest to be interviewed on our show! Here's some info about her:

    Lillian De Jesus is a passionate entrepreneur and blogger of Tigerlily Virtual Assistance. She loves to provide business tips to other entrepreneurs, social media managers, and bloggers. Lillian has an appreciation of business tools that can be used in a variety of ways especially Canva. She also writes inspirational stories and business tips on CertainlyHer. She is also a HUGE childhood cancer awareness advocate.

    Find out more about PAC (Power Affiliate Club) by visiting our website: poweraffiliateclub.com

    You can also find us on Facebbok: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pbac.community/

    We welcome New Bloggers, Bloggers, Entrpreneurs, Affiliate Marketers. To participate in our community, you must have a personal blog

    Come join us!

    Lesly Federici

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    Thoughts On Self-Branding

    in Lifestyle

    Hey AWESOME Listeners.... are you struggling with Branding yourself on the internet? I know it's challenging, so I'll have some tips for you, actually a way of "being" to find your way through the internet noise to be yourself.

    Product Promtion for this show is Video Motion Pro!  This is for all you video creation lovers! You MUST have a decent video editing program. I think this is a good one and it's going to give Camtasia a headache because of how affordable it is. Features include Green Screen ability, screen capture, web cam recording .. and a host of other elements. So, go check it out!

    Have you heard of PAC, the Power Affiliate Club? We are an awesome community of bloggers and Affiliate Marketers helping each other increase our visibility online. 

    Read this post on "How PAC Can Work For You"http://www.poweraffiliateclub.com/let-pac-work-for-you/


    Alright, I'll talk to you later!

    Lesly Federici, PAC Co- Founder and PAC Insights Host

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    Season wrap-up: Stanford clinches the NIT + Arizona falls in the Final Four

    in Basketball

    On the tenth episode of the of the Pac-12 Networks Basketball Podcast, Mike Yam and Kevin O'Neill wrap-up the 2015 season with a recap of the NCAA Tournament, Stanford's classy grab of the NIT title as well as a look-ahead to what's in store for Pac-12 basketball teams during the 2015-2016 season.


    The duo welcome Pac-12 Networks analyst and former Arizona basketball star Matt Muehlebach to the chronological recruiting segment of "The Recruit" as KO and Muehlebach conclude their journey as a recruiter and recruit during their time as Wildcats. You don't want to miss the conclusion of the unique relationship the two have shared over the past 10 podcast episodes.

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    Deflate-gate; the red-hot Hawks; the disappointing Thunder; Pac-12 hoops

    in Sports


    Is it surprising when it comes to the Patriots?
    Belichick & Brady= to trust or not to trust?
    What affect will this have on either team?

    The red-hot Atlanta Hawks

    28-2 in the last 30 games
    resembles the Spurs (Mike Budenholtzer)

    The disappointing Oklahoma City Thunder

    22-20; 3 games out of the playoffs in the Western Conference
    Durant & Westbrook

    Pac-12 hoops

    Does anyone pay attention?
    Great players and coaches, but no great environments

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    The Low Sodium Show- Tourney prep

    in Sports

    Join Mark Wheeler as we delve into tourney prep, for kayaks and boaters as well! From at home recon to pre fishing and also a few tidbits of secrets as well! So tune in at 8pm on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kayakfishingradio/2015/04/23/the-low-sodium-show-tourney-prep

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    Building A Community and Member Promtion

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome back to PAC Insights! Sharing news, tips, interviews, and PAC Member promotions. In this episode we'll be talking about building a community with some tips on doing so. Visit our website - Power Affiliate Club.

    Today's PAC Member spotlight is William Otoole. He's doing a raffle for a very attractive garment - ladies, which may interest you! If you enter the raffle you may win one of these pricey, but shapely form fitting garments. Enter for just $10.00. Good Luck!

    You can become an affiliate for free, go to Nutrimwaist and eneter the Promo Code: 6464

    Want to be a GUEST on PAC Insights? Go to our FAN Pgae, "like" and leave a comment and you'll be instantly entered in our current contest to be a guest. Contest ends Sunday, April 12! You must be 18 and older to enter.

    Thanks for listening!

    PAC Insights

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    Episode 19: Mayweather Vs Pac Fight Show

    in Sports

    Join EROCK And King Brocks and special GuestCoyote Duran, managing editor of UCNLive.com, content editor of RingTV.com, co-host of the Marked Out podcast LatinoSportsTalk.com and an artist whose work you can check out at coyoteduran.com.
    as they discuss this mega fight between Mayweather Vs Pac and the future of boxing.