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    Between 1960 and 1962 more than 14,000 Cuban children escaped Fidel Castro’s communist regime as part of an airlift known as Operación Pedro Pan. LORENZO PABLO MARTÍNEZ was one of these children. In CUBA, ADIÓS: A Young Man's Journey to Freedom, Martínez vividly recounts his participation in a program that bridged two different cultures and achieved great political significance over the years. At eighteen, he forfeits a music scholarship to Prague to accept an unknown future of exile in America without knowing the language, money to pursue an education, or family to help. Plagued by guilt around his sexual identity and having to care for a younger brother, Martínez forges ahead to become the composer of his future; later he opens the doors that enable his sisters and parents to join him after a harrowing sojourn in Mexico City. With the same determination, he attends college and pursues a music education, obtaining a master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music, then a doctorate from Columbia University. Even after his music compositions are published and performed on television and at international festivals, Martínez feels restless and spiritually unfulfilled. Until, that is, he is able to define the true music of his freedom. CUBA, ADIÓS is a poignant, thoughtful account of one boy’s survival and self-acceptance, written with unflinching honesty and a wry humor.

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    Dr. Danny Morano on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    Join us tonight as we talk with author, speaker and host of his own radio show Let's talk...God is not Religious.  With so much happening in the world of bible prophecy and news Dr. Morano will be sharing his insight on what we can expect in the near future. Visit Dr. Moranos website here.

    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides viewers and listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news. This unique, father-son detective duo uses their investigative abilities and resources to aggressively research and report on issues left untouched by the corporate media. The show addresses many issues once considered mere fodder for “conspiracy theorists,” tracing their roots from the various events that created them through the fabric of history to the present day. We are a listener supported show and those who are able to do so can donate here

    Real information. Real truth. Less hype. Click here for website.

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    Red Sox Spend Big on Pablo & Hanley

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    Red Sox sign Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez. Shay is joined by Deen to discuss.

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    Needs Vs Wants

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    Identifying what needs and wants are. What are the differences, and how you can have a more fulfilling life by having a healthy balance between both. Changing your perspective will allow you to see the needs in a more positive light and help you enjoy the wants more often. 

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    Pablo Solares Acebal and the 6th of November

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    Note the time change to 1:00 pm.!

    Pablo Solares Acebal, an emerging Spanish Author, with two published novels, he's ready to write more! As a Translator, he intends to translate books from English into Spanish. Thus, his services include: Translation, Manuscript Editing, and Proof-reading.

    Pablo has published three books up to now: two titles in Spanish and one translation. Moreover, a movie based on his first work, The 6th of November, is in the making.

    Born in Villaviciosa, Spain, in 1992, Pablo Solares Acebal is the critically-acclaimed author of The 6th of November. Written during a two-year period soon after the loss of his mother, it was picked up by Spanish publisher, Albores, when he was just 18. Published in Spain and across South America in 2012, The 6th of November received immediate critical acclaim. A film version, to be directed by Daniel Cabrero, is now in the works, set for release on November 6, 2015.

    Despite working towards a degree in English Studies and Translation from the University of Oviedo, Pablo, now 21, has found time to pen an English-language adaptation of his debut work, as well as a second novel, Explosión En El Corazón Del Diablo (Devil’s Home), published in Spanish in 2013. Pablo is based in Oviedo, Spain.

    Take a look at Pablo's article  The Benefits of Translating into Spanish

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    The Great Joe Franklin-Frank Morano on the Talk Show legend

    in Politics

    Frank Morano of WNYM remembers the late, great broadcast legend, Joe Franklin-his mentor.

    Joe Franklin passed away on Jan. 24th 2015 at 88 years. He will be badly missed by so many-Joe was the veritable conscioness of the city of New York. His benign narration of the events that happened in Gotham from 1951 to the present and his interplay with celebrities both current and soon to be as well as obscure people with something to share are a treasure for those who love talk radio and talk TV-two broadcast genres for which Joe was America´s great grandfather. few broadcast pros had the iron will to broadcast nearly without a break during a span of 7 decades.

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    Are You A Giver Or A Taker?

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    There is 2 types of people....givers and takers. Which one are you, both? Join us as we discuss the traits of both givers and takers, and what makes eachother unique. We explore different ways of communicating and interacting with each type. Find out more about yourself and how to balance your life.

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    Discover your Partners Love Language

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    Do you know what Love Language your partner speaks? Discovering your partners language of love can help you improve your relationship and rekindle your love. Join us as we discuss the 5 love languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. 








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    The Weekend Report - Augusto Perez, Danny Morano and Katherine Albrecht

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    Join Sheila Zilinsky, the Weekend Vigilante, as she welcomes Augusto Perez and Danny Morano, along with Katherine Albrecht in this informative episode.

    Segment guest:

    Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.
    Privacy Expert, Consumer Advocate, Bestselling Author, and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

    Website: http://www.katherinealbrecht.com/

    Segment guest(s):

    Augusto Perez

    Website: http://www.theappearance.com

    Danny Morano

    Website: http://www.godisnotreligous.net

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    Indie Books Show #57 (Pablo Solares Acebal)

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    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 
    Author Pablo Solares Acebal joins me this week from his home in Spain to talk about his books, including critically acclaimed The 6th of November and the upcoming The House of Good Intentions.
    Spain, 1935. In "The 6th of November", Pablo weaves a complex but fluid narrative that combines fragments of history with the intricacies of love, family, and politics. The reader is thrown into a world that is both exciting yet frightening, with characters that, at every turn, are as visible as the story itself. Pablo’s narrative, to a large extent, defies every traditional definition of technique and style, as he lavishly combines and floats from realism to magic realism, masterly using both to tell this intricate story. "The 6th of November" is not for those who enjoy bland and conventional narratives; it is one of those little volumes that will stay around for a long time. 
    Tune in Friday at11AM EST or listen to the archive.
    For more information about Pablo Solares Acebal  and his books:

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    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Or Is It?

    in Lifestyle

    What happens when the man is ready to end the relationship but the woman isn't? This is an interactive discussion about the different types of personalities that come out during the break up process. Nadia and Pablo discuss how they coach their clients through a difficult break up. 

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