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    Kwame Som-Pimpong is the co-founder and research analyst at Afara Global, a boutique consultancy that supports US companies with business interests in African markets.  Kwame's background spans government relations, performance auditing, budget analysis, economic development, project management, and relationship management for local governments, the State of Georgia, and the US Government. Kwame has represented Afara Global in numerous African countries including Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Senegal, and Equatorial Guinea. He is also a contributor for Tekedia and Global Atlanta. Kwame earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Davidson College. Kwame also holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of Georgia. 

    Luke Chernosky is the founder of Chernosky Capital LLC.  Chernosky Capital LLC is a capital advisory and early stage investment brokerage firm focused on companies in AfricaPrior to founding Chernosky Capital, Luke worked in Lagos as an Associate at Adlevo Capital, the first Nigeria-based venture capital firm. From 2010 to 2012, Luke worked alongside the founding partners to close the first 3 deals of Adlevo’s maiden fund, in West Africa's technology infrastructure sector. In 2013, he worked at Dreamspaces Development, a luxury real estate developer in Lagos, Nigeria. Here, he was brought on as an interim Vice President and served as the “right-hand” of the founder and CEO. Luke is currently the Editor-in-Chief ofTechChern and sits on the International Committee of the DC Chamber of Commerce. 

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    P2P Global Health Forum Welcomes Dr. Maheteme Gebremedhin

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    Maheteme Gebremedhin is currently an assistant professor at Kentucky State University, Frankfort, Kentucky where he teaches soil science. Dr. Gebremedhin will be discussing the area of his research topic which primarily focuses on biophysical understanding of ecosystem scale surface-atmosphere interaction (micrometeorology) through measurements of greenhouse gases over managed and natural ecosystems and cities.

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    P2P Presents: Entrepreneurship in South Africa With Guest Jane Rankin

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    Topic: “Entrepreneurship in South Africa: Branson SA” with Guest: Jane Rankin, Training and Development Manager at theBranson Centre of Entrepreneurship, Johannesburg Area, South Africa. The Branson Centre SA is an independent centre of entrepreneurial expertise funded in part by Virgin Unite, Virgin’s nonprofit foundation in addition to global business leaders and investors. These entrepreneurs are making a huge difference not only to their immediate families and communities, but as the business leaders and employers of the future, they will also contribute significantly to economic growth in South Africa. Host: Katy Dickinson

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    Date: December 18,  2014


    Host: Lydia Tesfa, PhD


    Topic: Education and Development


    Guest: Tegegnework Gettu, PhD


    Dr. Tegegnework Gettu is United Nations Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management. Dr. Tegegnewok has had a diverse career within different UN agencies, academia, the government and private sectors.

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    P2P Global Health Forum Presents: Autism Spectrum Disorders

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    The Global Health Forum presents "Autism Spectrum Disorders" with guests Leah Seyoum-Tesfa, RN, NP Autism advocate and researcher, and Founder and President of REACh Families, a non-profit organization that supports, educates and empowers families from East Africa raising children with various disabilities; and Cristin Dooley, PhD, LSSP who is currently a professional member of the special needs resource team at Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas. She has worked in various school districts in Dallas and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for Autism and related Disorders. Dr. Dooley has been an invited speaker and presenter in multiple forums and is a co-author of a book in neuro-psychology.

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    P2P Global Health Forum

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    Discussing HIV / AIDS and the nervous system will be: Dr. Avindra Nath, a Senior Investigator at the National Institute of Health, Clinical Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Director of the Translational Neuroscience Center and chief of the section of infections of the nervous system. Tonight's hosts will be Dr. Abebe Haregewoin and Ms. Yabi Marcos.

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    Buyers Meeting Point Weekly Update for March 23rd, 2015

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    I would once again like to welcome from Buyers Meeting Point to share information of this week's events and news from the world of purchasing, Kelly Barner.

    NOTE: This week's recommended events include webinars from Verian (intelligent P2P), the Outsourcing Institute (dysfunctions of the current outsourcing model), and Supply Chain Brain (risk management). In this week's guest audio, Pete Laughlin, Managing Director at Purchasing Insight, will discuss the advantages and realities of supply chain finance. 

    The video can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube:


    Webinar Notes from 'Securing the Future of Procurement' on Buyers Meeting Point




    Share your thought's on what you believe is The Future of Procurement on Twitter using the hashtag #FutureBuy

    Be sure to visit the Buyers Meeting Point website @ http://buyersmeetingpoint.com

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    P2P Presents: Afrizone

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    Topic: Leveraging Volunteer Opportunities in Africa for Professional Development

    Moderator: Nina Oduro

    Founder and president of  www.africandevjobs.com


    Guest: Sheila Kasasa, Public Relations and Communications of Adventure Africa Volunteers.

    Guest: Malaika Walton

    Senior Officer, Programs and Partnerships (US) for Cuso International

    Malika has an MA from American University, School of International Service in Conflict 

    Resolution, an MA from University of California, Berkeley in Journalism, and a BA in 

    International Affairs from Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School Undergraduate 


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    P2P Presents: Taboo No More

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    Moderator: Dr. Mehret Gebretsadik

    Co-Host: Ms. Hiyawkal Gizachew, MSW

    Guest: Dr. Dawit Assefa, Psychiatrist

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    P2P Global Health Forum Welcomes Dr. Salahadin Abdi

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    Dr. Salahadin Abdi, Professor and Chairman, Department of Pain Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas. Host: Lydia Tesfa, PhD

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    P2P Global Health Forum: Cancer Research

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     Cancer Research with guest: Abebe Haregewoin, MD, PhD. Dr. Abebe is Vice President at Myriad Genetics. He is trained both in Immunology and Radiation Oncology and has extensive experience in biotechnological research. He will be discussing his perspectives both as a physician and a researcher and highlight promising innovations in cancer research. Host: Dr. Yabi Marcos

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