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    It's a HyperSloth Oyster Party!

    in Comedy

    For some reason we're both going to eat oysters for the first time ever... Don't worry, they're smoked, not raw. We're not animals for cryin' out loud!

    Also...OTHER STUFF! Stuff like:

    3 Dog Night
    Government Cheese
    The Sword and the STone
    Austin, Texas
    And more!

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    Happy Hour Radio: A Toast to Diversity

    in Culture

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa D. Smith, mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Happy Hour variety show, that airs live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona.
    On This Episode:
    - The Committee - Best-selling author Terry E. Hill discusses his fourth novel ‘The Committee’, a beguiling tale that twirls Illuminati conspiracy, New Orleans voodoo, American politics and a subplot gay affair in a delicious twist of turbulence and turmoil.
    - National Part for Stonewall – Chad Lord from the National Parks Conservation Association, talks about the campaign to preserve the area around Stonewall Inn in New York City, as the first LGBT-themed national park site.
    - Colonel Charles Young – Dana Dierkes of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, explains how Col. Charles Young, who was appointed acting superintendent of Sequoia and General Grant national parks in 1903, became the first black superintendent of a national park.
    - Oysters for Valentine’s Day with Chef Jeremy Manley ‘San Diego’s Sustainable Chef’, Jeremy’s on the Hill California Style Bistro in Julian, CA.
    - Love Potion cocktail recipe with mixologist Tyler Johnston, Yuma Landing Bar & Grill.
    - Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts & Treats in Yuma with Donna George of The Peanut Patch, and Debra Mansheim of Basket Creations & More.

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    Walking with Urban Oysters

    in Health

    Curious about where to get the best food around NYC? On today’s show we are talking with Urban Oysters who have revealed all the hidden pearls around the neighborhoods. They have created a series of walking tours that give you the experience of New York City beyond the hot dog carts. Discover the people and places that make our neighborhoods vibrant, diverse, and sustainable

  • 00:30

    Walking with Urban Oysters

    in Health

    Curious about where to get the best food around NYC? On today’s show we are talking with Urban Oysters who have revealed all the hidden pearls around the neighborhoods. They have created a series of walking tours that give you the experience of New York City beyond the hot dog carts. Discover the people and places that make our neighborhoods vibrant, diverse, and sustainable.

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    Plum Luv Foods Season 3 Episode 2 Steve Green CEO #Foodiechats

    in Food

    On this episode we talk to the awesome Steve Green the man behind the incredibly popular monday night worldwide phenomenom on twitter #foodiechats. Steve made a hashtag a household term in the food world as well as a thriving business. check out Foodiechats.com and as always #foodiechats 

    Hello and welcome to #Foodiechats, I am Steve Green, Founder and CEO. I’ll start by sharing that I’m born and raised in Downtown Chicago! One of the best foodie towns in the world! So if you’re ever in Chicago, send me a Tweet, so we can Eat, Instagram and Meet

    The three core values of #Foodiechats for me are the following:

    My Love of Food and being a Social Foodie
    Building Communities, Live and Online
    The Power of the Hashtag

    My love of food began as a young child. My family always had different theme dinner nights, such as Taco Night, which was my favorite. A tradition that I still love to this day! Growing up, I was introduced to very eclectic food such as Sushi, Oysters, Caviar, Pig Ears, Seafood and much more. We equally had dinner at home, as well as, dined out at the hottest restaurants. As a teenager, I worked at the Taste of Chicago, and at my Grandfathers Hot Dog Restaurant.

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    S and M Radio: Erotic foods in and out of the bedroom

    in Entertainment

    The erotic power of food has been celebrated for centuries. Casanova was said to share oysters with his paramours to whet their sexual appetites. Greek and Roman cultures enjoyed a parade of ripe fruits and exotic dishes before engaging in sensual pleasures. It has even been said that a delicious meal is the quickest way to a man (or woman's) heart. Afterall, what courtship would be complete without a romantic dinner?

    Nutrition plays a vital role in love and lovemaking. The quality of our diet has a great deal to do with the quality of our sex. Many nutritious foods can stir libido, revive sexual function and enhance overall health, especially when served up in a sensual way.

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    The Make or Break of Fulfilling Relationships - Oysters, Focus & Nuance!

    in Self Help

    RELATIONSHIPS are all about oysters, but not how you're thinking!! 

    In the fast-moving chaos of our everyday worlds, so often we inadvertantly turn relationships into a 'process of relating'. We polish the shell, and forget about the oyster! We lose our focus on what actually matters, and gradually erode the precious connection that holds two people together - the deep dynamic of being together in some personally fulfilling and meaningful way.

    Relationships are not merely about walking in parallel with another someone. Nor are they just about hooking up regularly & touching base. The bonds that really hold people together are more about a deep commitment to moving forwards, facing pretty much the same way. It's all about a magic glue that comes from deep inside. About nuances of precious intention that escape most people as they fight their way through their day.

    To grab hold of that glue takes FOCUS! Love is almost nothing to do with an accrual of shared day-to-day experiences. If it were, why would we have an epidemic of divorce?! It's about what is 'in' those experiences that matters - the deep things that characterize the world that you hold between you... the magic, the quality of love, the calibre of the thoughts that you care to share, the profoundness & clarity of your positive intention towards another human being that tells them: YOU're My Special!

    Yes, it's all about infusion. Of something intangible that comes from inside. An infusion of gluesomeness that takes focus of a different kind & is full of NUANCE of the essence of you.

    Contact DrAlex for Transformational Programs, Coaching & Speaking!

  • Emma Nutt Tuesday

    in Fun

    September is here and unless you live in S. Texas, the dog-days of summer are past. So let's celebrate Emma Nutt and the first day of spring (in Australia and New Zealand), the 1st Aero Squadren,  and the start of oyster season, plus dozens of other anniversaries and birthdays.

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    in Politics




    The milkman sells dream books

    And nickel bets once a week.

      Never pay much mind 

       never pay much mind.


    Chicken wire fences

    keeps out stray cats and kids.

    Pecan tree brunches hold clothesline,

    Wrinkled sheds, and army blankets

    that shade the sun from

    big galvanized tubs of shrimp,

    Oysters, and crayfish.

     Never pay much mind


    Louisiana red clay 

    Track every living room floor each summer

    'til it smokes in red clouds,

    When air never cools,

    but lights up with fireflies dancing,

    Never pay much mind.


    On my block,

    the heat stick throat

    and streams off the banquette

     if you spill a hucklebuck

    or a snowball cone

     Never pay much mind.


    Smiling faces from coconut mills

    to copper to coffee say,

    "Hey now," or "What'cha know?"

    Never pay much mind

    Never pay much mind.

  • 01:50

    Southern California Restaurants & Seafood Recipes

    in Food

    Join Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith – publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine for Big Blend Radio’s Champagne Sundays variety show, airing live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona, headquarters for the Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 407+ National Park units.
    On This Episode:
    - Mary Lansing, author of the popular blog ‘Along Comes Mary’ discusses blogging and the recent IFWTWA luncheon at Mexicano LA!
    - Chef Ivan Flowers talks Shellfish and shares his recipe for Fried Oysters.
    - Chef Jeremy Manley ‘San Diego’s Sustainable Chef’ of Jeremys on the Hill in Julian, CA explains how to make his Crispy Brussel Sprouts!

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    The Neonicotinoid View: Larry Warnberg Discusses Oyster Farming & Neonics

    in Environment

    In this special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, host June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald will talk to oyster farmer, Larry Warnberg about the recent decision to grant oyster farmers in Washington’s Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor area to use the water soluble toxic chemical imidacloprid. Stay tuned! 

    Do you like FREE stuff? Tune in to The Organic View Radio Show, Monday through Friday @6pm Eastern and visit our contest section at www.theorganicview.com/contests to win one of our monthly prizes!

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