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    Oy vey ist mir!!! What is the Hillsong Church???

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    The Rebellious Rev and The Doc have done their best to combine their limited knowledge of both Yiddish and Christianity in writing the title of today's show!  The Yiddish, "Oy vey ist mir!!!" simply translated means "Oh woe is me!!!" The second half deals with the new trend in Christianity called The Hillsong Church. It originated in Australia, and it is spreading like wildfire across our great country. Listen to our show to get all the details. You may call us at 646-595-3275.

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    Hezekiah prays for Deliverance

    in Christianity

    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT:Isaiah 37:1-38:22, NT: Galatians 6:1-18, Psalm: 65:1-13, Proverbs: 23:24-25

    King Hezekiah heard that Syria was going to attack their nation. He tore his robes and wound himself in coarse cloth used for making sacks, as a sign of humility and mourning, and went into the Temple to pray. He also asked the priest, Isaiah to pray for the country because war was coming and the opposing country, Syria boasted about destroying the people of Israel. King Hezekiah humbled himself and called out to God!. You are the Lord Almighty God who is enthroned in Heaven and you alone are God of all the kingdoms of the earth! When he humbled himself and prayed for help, GOD HEARD HIS PRAYER AND TURNED THE SYRIANS BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY! FRIENDS, GOD WILL NOT ALLOW HIS PEOPLE TO BE DESTROYED. GOD WILL FIGHT FOR HIS PEOPLE! CALL OUT TO GOD TODAY!

    El rey Ezequías oyó que Siria iba a atacar a su nación. Rasgó sus vestiduras y las heridas a sí mismo en tela gruesa utilizada para la fabricación de sacos, en señal de humildad y luto, y fue al templo a orar. También pidió al sacerdote, Isaías para orar por el país porque la guerra se acercaba y el país oponiéndose, Siria se jactó de destruir al pueblo de Israel. El rey Ezequías se humilló y llama a Dios !. Tú eres el Señor Todopoderoso Dios que está entronizado en el cielo y sólo tú eres Dios de todos los reinos de la tierra! Cuando se humilló a sí mismo y oró por ayuda, Dios escuchó su oración y se volvió a los sirios VOLVER A SU PROPIO PAÍS! AMIGOS, DIOS no permitirá que su pueblo sea destruido. Dios peleará por SU PUEBLO! Llamar a Dios HOY!

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    Pauls Visit to Heaven

    in Christianity

    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT:Isaiah 8:1-9:21, NT: 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Psalm: 55:1-23, Proverbs: 23:4-5

    In today's NT scripture, Paul said, 14 years ago, He was taken up to visit Heaven. When he was in Heaven, He heard things so astounding that He could not describe what he heard. FRIENDS, ONLY GOD KNOWS THE PLANS HE HAS FOR US! FOR GOOD AND NOT EVIL! Jeremiah 29:11-13 says For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. SEEK GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART!

    En la actualidad NT escritura, Pablo dijo, hace 14 años, fue recibido arriba para visitar el Cielo. Cuando estaba en el Cielo, Él oyó cosas tan sorprendentes que no podía describir lo que escuchó. AMIGOS, sólo Dios sabe los planes que tiene para nosotros! PARA bien y no mal! Jeremías 29:11-13. Porque yo sé los pensamientos que tengo acerca de vosotros, dice Jehová, pensamientos de paz y no de mal, para daros el fin que esperáis. Entonces me invocaréis. Vendréis y oraréis a mí, y yo os escucharé. Me buscaréis y me hallaréis, porque me buscaréis de todo vuestro corazón.

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    Oy To The World

    in Politics Progressive

    On the December 3rd, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    It is after Thanksgiving and you know what that means right? Sales? No. Holiday decorations? No. It is the annual war on Christmas. This year the war will likely be no different than the last with no holiday casualties in its wake. 

    The death of Eric Garner as if now will go unpunished and one more black man killed by the police will continue to heighten the problems between police departments and black communities across this nation. I will be speaking a little bit about this issue. 

    Finally, I will have Orleans Parish School Board member Leslie Ellison on the show to discuss a proposed change to a millage 

    Those issues, headlines, tweet of the week, words of redneck wisdom and more Wednesday at 8pm central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right.

    If you are listening to the show after the live broadcast and you want to comment, please go to LiberalDan.com. 

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    Paranormal phenomena: Believers or non- Believers

    in Spirituality

    Today I will discuss experiences I've had with the paranormal.  I encourage people to listen and also call in with their own experiences.  

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    Humor is the best medicine. Comedy and fun stories

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    Maya Angelou has died....Oy vey!!!

    in Politics

    Tonight, join your Observer for a somber, respectful show in tribute of the late, great poet. We will also discuss a couple of news articles. As always, your calls are welcome and encouraged!



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    Old and New Romantic Relationships: How to make them work

    in Relationships

    This episode focuses on communication and behavior when in a Romantic relationship and keeping it new, fun and healthy

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    Recognizing and healing mental health issues

    in Relationships

    Today I will be discussing mental health issues and how it has effected me and my family and friends directly.   This is a very important issue and to some people their reality and it should be brought out into the open to assist people who may not be aware that there is help out there for them.  There are so many resources to get the help you need.  You do not have to suffer alone.   If you or someone you know may be in danger of committing suicide please call the following number: 

    Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


    Also the number below is for people dealing with substance abuse.  

    Need Drug/Alcohol Rehab?Call Our 24/7 Referral Helpline1-877-682-9195



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    Living With Mood Disorders: Treatment and medications

    in Relationships

    I candidly discuss my visit with my new Doctor and how the visit went and the medications and treatment that we decided on. 


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