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    '' TESTIFY Tuesdays II ''

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    '' TESTIFY Tuesdays II ''

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    Are You A Lightworker? Part II - And Answering Your Psychic Questions

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    I am continuing with yesterday's show on, "Are you a lightworker?"  I feel as the world is in turmoil more people are awakening to their mission in life as a lightworker. I will continue the show and also explain the traits of a lightworker. 

    I will also take your psychic questions about anything. So call in and ask a question or leave a comment.  

    If you would like a detailed reading you can contact me personally

    at http://www.Kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs











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    Lou Babinga and KL II interview

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    Lou Babinga and  Worlds Best Band KL II will be my guest . We will talk music and play current and vintage Lou songs. 

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    Burnell Paul II law& Politics

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    Burnell Paul II law& Politics

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    Success At The Spiritual Level: Rebuilding Our Spiritual Foundations Part II

    in Self Help

    Join Tia as she discuss how we can have spiritual success by rebuilding our spiritual foundations. 

    It's easy to become overwhelmed and become off course from our spirituality. 

    In Part II, Tia will discuss the importance of the following:


     Be passionate
    Show gratitude
    Greet people
    Knowing world events
    Don't compare; admire
    Mindset makeover
     Become a bard
    Promote the people in your life
    Read, read, read

    Based in Philadlephia, Tia is an author, speaker, spiritual mentor. Tia focuses on helping women to ignite their spirituality and empower their quality of life. Tia's book, To Be Goddess: Every Woman Is A Goddess Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme was #30 Amazon best-seller for Women's Personal Growth. Currently, Tia is an Organizational Dynamics graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. You can visit Tia's website at www.violetsanctuaryspa.com.

    Do you have a topic you would like Tia to address on the show or would like to be a guest on the show? Please email Tia at Tia.Johnson@violetsanctuaryspa.com

    Time Zone of the show is 7pm eastern. Please visit www.timeanddate.com/worldclock to know what time the show airs in your area.

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    "Law & Politics" with Burnell Paul, II, including co-host Sharleen & Suzette

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    "Law & Politics" with Burnell Paul, II,  including co-host Sharleen & Suzette 

    "Get Fired Up" every Tuesday Night 8:30pm 626-226-1448 or soul1radio.com

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    Life After World War II with Alice Wisler & Donn Taylor on CD Speak UP!

    in Christianity

    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! when award winning authors Alice Wisler and Donn Taylor return to chat about their new books and testimonies.

    Alice J. Wisler was born and raised in Japan as a missionary kid. She is the author of Getting Out of Bed in the Morning, and five novels. Rain Song and How Sweet It Is were Christy finalists. Ever since the cancer death of her four-year-old son Daniel in 1997, she has found solace in writing from heartache and teaches “Writing the Heartache” workshops across the country. She lives in Durham, NC with her husband and children where they have a wood carving business, Carved By Heart. Her latest book is published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolina’s and is titled, Under the Silk Hibiscus. Visit her website at www.alicewisler.com.

    Donn Taylor led an Infantry rifle platoon in the Korean War, served with Army aviation in Vietnam, and worked with air reconnaissance in Europe and Asia. Afterwards, he completed a PhD at The University of Texas and taught English literature at two liberal arts colleges. Now retired from college teaching, he writes suspense and mystery fiction as well as literary poetry designed for the ordinary reader. He is a frequent speaker at writers' conferences and study groups. He lives near Houston, TX, where he continues to write fiction, poetry, and essays on ethics and U.S. foreign policy. His latest book is also released through Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolina’s and is called, Lightning on a Quiet Night. Discover more about Donn at www.donntaylor.com.

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    4Runner Steve Lightle, author, 'Exodus II'

    in Lifestyle

    4Runner - General Description:

    '4Runner' is the term we use to describe the Biblical concept of how 'church' is done properly.  There are four or five (depending on how you interpret Ephesians 4:11) kinds of ministers the Lord has sent into world and set in the church to provide the training all believers need to grow into His corporate expression.  Today's pastoral oriented religious system devalues this bigger picture.  The result is a Christian world with diminishing impact in a day which requires just the opposite.  Listen to true '5-Fold' ministry voices here and become a forerunner yourself to the Lord's return!


    4RUNNER  Steve Lightle, author, 'Exodus II' 

    This is a DO NOT MISS episode!  Steve recounts the story of how the Lord miraculously called him and, through progressively learned obedience, used him to help bring release to over 140,000 Jewish people in the past 40 years.  Listen as Steve talks about how prophetic preparation and prayer played a key role in the disintegration of the former Soviet Union so God's Word concerning the last days would be able to come to pass in Israel.  If you are serious about learning to answer your heavenly call, this program is just for you.  A true elder in the Body of Christ, Steve Lightle's message will touch Jew and Gentile alike!

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    The Building Wealth Series II

    in Business

    Yesterday, we unveil a strategic plan to build Wealth through Real Estate investing.

    Now one of the investment that our host, Elijah’Isaiah X mentioned on the show came back to him 360. What we mean by this? We had a potential business associate today saying she need a distribution network for her hair line.

    So as you can see, our host is correct in his assessment and goals for the FUND. He will expand on the potential of the investment fund today. 

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