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    Athens, Lindale TX Hot Tubs For Sale ☎ 903-238-8021

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    Athens, Lindale TX Hot Tubs For Sale, Visit http://www.ILoveMySpa.com or call 903-238-8021, New and Used Portable Spas and Hot Tubs For Sale, Best Service, Lowest Prices on Hottubs, Portable Spas, Swim Spas and Saunas in Texas. 75751, 75752, 75771

    Reap The Benefits Of Healing From The Hot Tub

    Soaking in a hot tub is a fantastic experience, but there’s more than meets the eye to the modern spa. Here’s how to reap the benefits of a hot tub.

    Hot Tub Hydrotherapy – A Proven Solution
    A long, relaxing soak can reduce muscle spasms, loosen stiff, overworked joints, even increase flexibility. As body temperature rises blood vessels dilate improving circulation and delivering important nutrients to tissue.

    Repair, Refresh and Restore Youth and Vitality
    Soaking in hot water aids cardiovascular health – the heart works a little harder while you soak. Elevated heat increases blood flow, which improves oxygen delivery to damaged cells.

    Pain Free Recovery and Rehabilitation
    Heat loosens and relaxes, setting the stage for stretching and strengthening exercise. A regular dip in the hot tub is the perfect environment for pain-free recovery and habilitation.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Myths Revealed” or visit the company website at http://www.ILoveMySpa.com or call 903-238-8021

    4428 Old Jacksonville Hwy, Tyler, TX 75703, 903-561-7565

    414 W Loop 281 #1, Longview, TX 75605, 903-238-8021

    Athens, Lindale TX Hot Tubs For Sale

  • Ep 125: Janeen Latini on Finding Career Growth and Happiness

    in Books

    Join Dr. Angela Lauria as she interviews Janeen Latini on the publishing of  Love to Lead. Lead to Love.: The Overworked Leader's Guide to Career Growth & Personal Happiness.

    Meditation was pivotal for Janeen in writing this book. It allowed her to focus on what she really wanted the book to be and what symbols to use to be able to deliver her message across to her readers. She only wrote when she felt it was right which allowed her to dive wholeheartedly into the role of author. This same dedication is what she applies to her role as a management coach.

    Janeen's professional specialization working with leaders and managers in the corporate setting during times of change is what gives the book authenticity, having contents that came right out of her heart. 

    Read more and download the transcript here: Janeen Latini on The Author Incubator


  • Difficult Patients and Difficult Decisions: Give Me A Break

    in Health


    Are you a therapist, nurse or other Health Care Professional feeling overworked and underappreciated?    
     Do you sometimes have difficulty setting boundaries with patients or their families?  
    Are you frustrated by patients who cannot or will not follow through with recommendations?      

    If  you answered "yes" to the above questions, you will want to join me and my guest, Clinical Pscyhologist,     Dr. Angelo Domingo.

    Over the course of his clinical career, Dr. Domingo has gained an awareness for the ways in which mental and physical illness, and environmental stressors combine to impact an entire family. Individualized treatment plans may include: stress management, psycho-education, relaxation, meditation, and traditional talk therapy based on each patient or family's individual needs.

    With an active psychology practice at Parkinson Place, in Sarasota, Florida, Dr. Domingo has also developed a skill for helping other health care professionals set healthy boundaries with patients and families. When memory problems or dementia impact a patient's participation in treatment, he can help therapists develop behavior modification strategies which may improve patient adherence.  

    Face it, we wouldn’t be working in health care if we didn’t care about people, but, sometimes,we need a little self-care. 

    So, grab your lunch, and join the discussion.  

    Call in toll free number, send a confidential email: info@voiceaerobicsdvd.com or tweet @voiceaerobics #givemeabreak


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    Issues in the Work Place!

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    Are you being harassed, insulted, belittled by your co-workers?  Do you feel you are overworked and underpaid, taken advantage of just because you need a paycheck?  Are you being "Bullied by the Boss"  Call the K Smilez show and let's talk about it. Just simply dial (516)387-1714, Press #1 to speak to the host or you can just call and listen to the great topic and comments.  

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    Solutions for Police Officers in Danger and Managing being a SuperWoman

    in Self Help

    Gene Hirschel works with police officer and seeks to help them provide the benign public services and also face seriously dangerous situations and remain civil servants without endangering others nor themselves.  Hirschel states: "An officer may know, even be trained, to approach these situations with restraint. But when certain events trigger our primitive brain, calm restraint can be nearly or actually impossible to achieve normally. With Hirschel’s special techniques and keen insight to this primitive reaction, an officer can approach conflict in a way that is far safer for everyone. This technique can even lead to a high level of compliance with potential adversaries and gain valuable information leading to actually apprehending the guilty parties." “Not only is there a better chance that everyone will live through the confrontation, but it builds better community relations as well,” Hirschel said. 


    At 20 minutes in to the program, tune into Dr. Kulaga's tips for not being stressed while pursuing a super life.  What woman today doesn't feel over-worked, over-tired, stress-out and pushed to her limit? We all feel we aren't DOING ENOUGH, we don't have enough time and we are lost to ourselves, awash in commitments that never allow for our own moments of self-care, personal enjoyment and individual reward. As Dr. Jaime Kulaga puts it, we are on the Ferris Wheel that keeps us stuck going round and round.   Kulaga, a nationally known mental health expert, has distilled the step-by-step strategies to get there. The SuperWoman's Guide to Super Fulfillment is the essential quick-start guide to getting your life back on track.

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    Why Do People Procrastinate???

    in Finance

    Overwhelmed? Why? Is it because something got pushed off and then something else did, then one more thing, until 'all of the sudden' everything needs to be handled right now!? Time management can be an investment and a life saver, but only if you let it. Learn how to handle EVERYTHING by conquering disorganization, bad habits and fear in this episode of 'The Taxanista' we are joined by Nicole Bandes, Time Management Expert. She's helping busy entrepreneurs and small business owners find more time for what matters MOST! 

    Time Management is about making choices on how you spend your time so you never have to miss the important things in life.

    Are you making the choices you will never regret?

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    Make Money, Not Excuses! (Part 2)

    in Real Estate

    More sales, more listings, more money - your real estate career is taking off! You should feel "on top of the world", but instead you find yourself feeling overworked & worried about all the little responsibilities that go along with higher production. Today, award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discussing how to effectively manage the stress of your success - and how to structure your schedule & your business to actually enjoy that success!

    Schedule A Free Coaching Call
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    Make Money, Not Excuses!

    in Real Estate

    More sales, more listings, more money - your real estate career is taking off! You should feel "on top of the world", but instead you find yourself feeling overworked & worried about all the little responsibilities that go along with higher production. Today, award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discussing how to effectively manage the stress of your success - and how to structure your schedule & your business to actually enjoy that success!

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Awareness; Sometimes...

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    Brain Injury Awareness.  Personally, my gig.  Along with doctors, therapists, radio and this chair.  Well, I get out.  Told a lot.  With the change of life, it seems getting out was massive amount of hours, and now this chair and wall has replaced it.  Its ok, I enjoy my thoughts.  I am AWARE of my TBI.  All the time.  Most human beings are aware from toddler that you don't play around and hit your head.  We grow, we overlook situations that will cause trauma.  Sometimes, we are reminded, sometimes never.  Hang out with me and I'd bore you with awareness talk.  Well, I'd probably bore ya anyway.   But tonights guests never will.  The LEGEND from Austraila now Las Vegas Miss Deborah Berry starts us off, talking about Awareness to get us going.  Be AWARE Mr. Sam Way is a happy man, and he returns to tell us why.  Sue Root is scheduled to call in, any time she wants.  She's currently overworked, yet still overjoyed with the move from Florida to Colorado for Amy Sue's Medical Marijuana.  Daniel Mollino is closing in on his target, but just entered the deserts of Nevada.  Hopefully he's able to give us an update on his Ride for TBI Awareness Across America.  You calll me, you be a guest.  I don't care - its summer time!  

    Chuck Manson brought his guitar with him on special furlough, we just dont what's so special about the Downtown Milton Studio.  I just gotta see what's up.  

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    Friday Open Mic: False Forensic Crime Lab Reports: Esleezy Sickntierd 05/01/2015

    in Politics Progressive

    Esleezy Sickntierd says, "Please pause for a real cause people #‎FJCG2K15 Friday, May 1, 2015, at 9pmEST. Big thanks to MaryLovesJustice. Please call (818)572-2947."

    University of Mich. Innocence Clinic reveals primary reasons for wrongful convictions as: 
    Eyewitness Misidentification ~ Eyewitness misidentification is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions nationwide. 
    Junk Science ~ Many forensic testing methods have been applied with little or no scientific validation and inadequate assessments of their significance or reliability.
    False Confessions ~ Innocent defendants make incriminating statements, deliver outright confessions, or plead guilty. 
    Government Misconduct ~ Government officials take steps to ensure that a defendant is convicted despite weak evidence or proof of innocence.
    Lying Snitches ~ Particularly incentives for witnesses may not be disclosed to the jury, but statements may be the central evidence in convicting an innocent person.
    Bad Lawyering ~ The failure of overworked lawyers to investigate, call witnesses, or prepare for trial has led to the conviction of innocent people.

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    Are you dealing with…

    in Business

    Overwhelm? Anxiety? Lack of focus?
    At the edge of burnout all the time?
    Working like mad but never getting what or where you want? 
    Do you have high performers about to break?
    Or underperformers dragging down a team?
    Or is everything awesome and you know you’re ready to take it to the next level?  

    Sarah Laughton – Personal and Team Productivity Trainer

    10 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry
    3 years experience performance improvement coaching
    Trained in:

    Toyota’s Lean systems,
    Project Management,
    Steven Covey’s 7 Habits,
    David Allen’s Getting Things Done,
    Landmark Worldwide transformational leadership courses and
    y training starts with listening. You are the expert on you and your world. Once I get your world, we attack inner barriers that you may be blind to which interfere with your ability to be productive, balanced and happy. Next we’ll create how to stay connected to what really matters and what really work for you. Then I will set you up with robust practices and systems that will get you there, and keep you there. On a team and organizational level, the results can be astounding! Imagine a complaint-free, focused, high-performing team, operating with respect and gratitude.Diversity and Inclusion facilitation training.