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    Discussion of Eric Worre - Rise of the Entrepreneur Movie

    in Business

    THE definitive documentary film on network marketing.

    Use this film with confidence to build your business attracting new prospects. It’s also a great tool to motivate and inspire your downline.

    The world is changing faster than ever.

    Technology is accelerating, job security is declining and income inequality is increasing. People are overworked and underpaid. With less time and freedom, people are left wondering if there is a better way.

    Our changing economy has led to the rise of the entrepreneur. The fastest, most dependable and controllable way to become wealthy is to own your own business.

    This documentary gathers today’s best experts and thought leaders to forever change how you view work and wealth.

    Your search for a better way is over.

    The answer is here.

    Your future awaits and there are no limits.


    Bob Proctor
    Brian Tracy
    Harry Dent
    Ivan Minser
    Jack Cranfield
    Joseph N. Mariano
    John Assaraf
    Kevin Harrington

    Jordan Adler
    Kevin Thomas
    Les Brown
    Mark Victor Hansen
    Richard Brooke
    Robert Kiyosaki
    Kim Kiyosaki
    Paul Zane Pizer

    Dr. Linda Ferrell
    Dr. OC Ferrell
    Kody Bateman
    Chris Brogan
    Loren Slocum
    Susan Sly
    Sandra Yancey
    Eric Worre

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    The Necessary Culture Shift Inside Media Companies

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    At Jumpwire Media, 90% of our clients are big media companies in television, radio, and publishing sectors.  Many of them are losing their best people as they struggle with issues such as:

    Legacy technology platforms to communicate internally (e.g. internal email servers - no cloud, no open instant messaging platforms)
    Lack of transparency
    Lack of fast and strong wifi in th work place
    Hierarchical organization structures
    Over zealous IT and legal departments that restrict access to basic websites like Facebook
     Desktop PC towers instead of laptops that limit mobility 
    Cubicle working environments

    The people who work at these companies are overworked, frustrated, and struggling to bridge old media values with the transparency and speed of the emerging media industry.  

    What are some of the best practices that both small and largemedia companies can implement right away to eliminate the frustration and retain employees? We will discuss during the show using examples and case studies from past clients.

    Hope you can join us.



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    Be Seen and Heard for your True Potential

    in Lifestyle

    So often we follow career or other paths that people have laid out for us and end up feeling unfulfilled, overworked and not happy. One of the things I loved right away when I connected with my special guest Darlene Hull, is that she encouraged her children to follow a career they are excellent at and enjoy. She learned from  experience how much better life is when we do that. Not only will you feel fulfilled and happy, but using your talents and gifts helps others and makes the world a better place. Join us as we talk about exactly how she did this and how to connect with people so they know you genuinely care. 

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    Making The Screening Process More Effective

    in Business

    It's obvious how overworked, under-resourced and overwhelmed most HR organizations and hiring managers are. HR and talent acquisition professionals have way too many resumes to screen, hiring managers have no time, too many meetings and wish their next hire magically appeared before them . . . but it doesn't work that way.

    On this show, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses some ways you can be far more effective, organized and get better results without taking any more time.


    Hiring staff doesn't have to be hard, difficult, painful, exhausting or take so long.

    For most organizations, the systems you have in place do not facilitate hiring well-enough but does a great job of facilitating "applicant tracking."

    Sometimes you need recruiting help. Contact me at JeffAltman@TheBigGameHunter.us and lets figure out a time to speak.

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    Living in Alignment

    in Spirituality

    Alignment feels good—always!  If you’re feeling stressed, overworked, pressured, etc., you’re out of alignment and won’t attract the good you could. Alignment means you feel in sync with what you’re expecting.


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    Overworked and Overwhelmed? This Show is for You!

    in Women

    Tonight we’ll feature two girls who’ve gotten it together on Get It Together Girl Radio! Ann Marie Bryant went from sitting on a $1 sofa and collecting welfare to earing two Master’s degrees, writing two books and becoming the author of Passion is the Key, a business that helps others get themselves together.

    Elana Anthony is a wife and mother of six daughters from adult to teen to Pre-K. She will be giving tips on how she manages to balance it all. We’ll also discuss how women can move beyond their present circumstances and achieve their dream!

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    Interview w/ Screenwriter, Producer & Director Mike Kravinsky (@GeoDesire)!

    in Movies

    From writer/director Mike Kravinsky, Geographically Desirable is a romantic-comedy about an overworked sleep deprived TV News woman's life is derailed when she inherits a house in a small quirky town.

    When her uncle dies in a small town, Nicole, who works an overnight shift in TV News, finds he left her both his house and dog. While there, the people of this small quirky town grab her and won't let go in their kindness to her.

    Blair Bowers (The Company We Keep), Boardwalk Empire's Rick Kain, Felicia Gonzalez Brown (Killing Kennedy),  Paul Fahrenkopf (The Wire) and newcomer Sarah Allyn Collier star inGeographically Desirable, from Nextnik Films.

    To watch the trailer to "Geographically Desirable" go to our Blog at http://TheSashaMarinaShow.com 

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    Get the Life You Want with Amy Wright!

    in Self Help

    Overworked? Overwhelmed? Out of Time? Does the life that you’re living now look exactly the way you want it to?  My guest this week, Amy Wright will tell you what it takes to find balance and integration in your life!

    Amy Wright is a tamer of time, hirer of great teams, ruler of schedules and systems and an advocate of entrepreneurs all over the world. Her official title is Lifestyle Concierge for Busy Entrepreneurs but she mostly answers to mom. She is the creator of her signature “Sanity Renewal System”, designed with entrepreneurs in mind, where she designs both business and life solutions specifically for her clients.

    She lives in North Carolina with her husband, 4 kids, a stepdaughter and some furry critters. Amy loves 80’s and 90’s music, hot chocolate, and being outside. Her idea of a perfect day is in absolute, freaking silence reading self help books (her addiction).

    Amy’s dream is to continue to change the lives of thousands of stressed out, burned out entrepreneurs who are ready to enjoy a lifestyle, not just a life.

    Your hostess, Bernadette Boas, is a ball of fire who knows what it is like to wreak havoc on the world.... as well, masking her insecurities, fears and negative beliefs of herself (what she now calls Bitches). Now she is helping as many women as possible to NOT succumb to the rat race.

    Each week she and her guests discuss top of mind subjects, as well educates and inspires you to 'stake your claim' to shed your own bitches, so you can shift from Bitch to RICH!

    Call in to her at 1-818-572-2910 to ask advice, debate the topic or simply tell your story. Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU!






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    3 Mistakes That Keep Professional Women Overworked & Underpaid with Kayla Roxas

    in Motivation

    LifeUP Coaching with Isabel welcomes Kayla Roxas on this episode.

    Kayla strongly believes in creating a business to fit your lifestyle… not the other way around. 

    After graduating from the University of British Columbia with an expensive piece of paper (aka her diploma), and entering “the real world”, she realized that working for corporate was not for her. Instead she started her own business so she could apply her marketing and business skills helping other entrepreneurs grow and automate their business. It ispossible to create a life and business that you love.

    She is a professional speaker and teaches entrepreneurship to young people all across the globe including countries such as Nepal and the Philippines. She has traveled to over 20+ countries and has lived on 3 different continents. If not travelling, you might find her in LA or Vancouver with partner, Jeremy, enjoying the beach, sunshine, and hiking in the gorgeous mountains.

    Are you ready to create freedom in your life and business? Kayla is offering  a free 1-on-1 coaching call for 45 minutes to see if there is a good fit.

    Website: www.kaylaroxas.com  

    Twitter: @kaylaroxas

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    Dialysis Talk with Dearly Departed Dialysis Patients Families on Care Problems

    in Health

    A frank discussion with family members of departed Dialysis Patients about the level of care provided to their loved one. Additionally the feeling of a lack of basic information on the care of the family member and how they felt out of the loop during the Dialysis process and care for their loved one will be covered.

    The current problem with overworked and under trained technician’s which has led to patient injury and in some cases patient deaths needs to be addressed and changes legislated.

    There are too many cases of patients being terminated from care for unjust causes; then blackballed from care by other clinics within the same company.

    Listen on line at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates/2014/09/05/dialysis-talk

    To listen by phone or participate call (347) 857-3961

    Thursday evening September 4, 2014

    9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 6:00 Pacific

    Brought to you by Dialysis Advocates: http://www.dialysisadvocates.com


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    Authentic Health (Traci Philips & Rob Payo) Finding Your Passion--Angie Corroo

    in Self Help

    Join us as we talk with Angie Corroo, Certified Nutrition Coach (NAFC) and a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer in the Raleigh, NC.   Three years ago, Angie made significant changes to her health.  Overweight and overworked, Angie began to listen to her body as well as her true passions in life.  In three short years Angie transformed herself, achieving the best financial and physical shape of her life with incremental changes to diet, proper nutrition, mindset, and a regular fitness routine.  Through her journey, Angie now helps others, empowering her clients to find the strength from within to live a life of prosperity and purpose.  In tonight’s show, we’ll focus on finding and listening to your true passions and what gifts lie in store for you through the lessons we can learn from Angie’s story.  For more information on Angie, go to her website: www.AngelinaCorroo.com

    On Authentic Health with Holistic Health Coaches, Traci Philips and Rob Payo, we invite you to tune in and listen to your inner voice for better health on our show, the first and third Thursday of the month.

    Traci Philips, CHHC is the owner of That Certain Way To Wellness, offering Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching, assisting individuals to find the wellness within by GOAL setting, ACTION planning & aligning their CORE VALUES with the daily CHOICES they make.  Traci specializes in nutrition & empowerment training and is also the founder of Wellness of Chatham, a group that meets to discuss topics concerning health and well-being in Chatham County, NC.

    Rob Payo understands the value of small but meaningful changes that people can make in leading healthier lives. As Rob journey has led him to serve others as a Wellness Coach, Educator, Actor, Singer, and Science Geek, his journey opens the door for others to move in their lives with less fear and greater wonder.


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