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    RealitySpirituality Radio - Guest Michael Eastwood

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    RealitySpirituality Radio Welcomes Guest, Michael Eastwood:

    As we move from one evolutionary cycle to another, renowned crystals expert Michael Eastwood explains the birth of the new crystalline oversouls and their importance to each one of us and our world. Michael is the author of the Crystal Oversoul Attunements as well as Unfolding Our Light published by Findhorn Press. Eastwood’s articles have been published around the world and he has been interviewed on the radio across the USA and Europe. Eastwood is considered one of the most respected experts and teachers on crystals and their healing properties.  For more information: www.artistia.co.uk

    RealitySpirituality Radio is hosted by:

    Rebecca L. Norrington
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    #122 Rev. Kari, Creating a New Earth Paradigm

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    Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul ContractsYou will not want to miss this ground breaking new process that is being presented for the first time. There has been a special dispensation GRANTED by God / Creator and the Spiritual Hierarchy to release our pets from taking on human stuff, IF the pet so chooses too ! In fact, the records show it was never supposed to be, release them through their entire linage and all levels of the soul. Learn how to communicate with all animals through their Oversoul and how this New Process can change any pre-existing soul contracts and release the animals from taking on their humans STRESS, karma, disease, psychic hits, anger, fear and environmental dangers and bring new contracts forward. This is the NEW Energy for the New Earth. It is no longer appropriate for us to allow the animals to take on these energies. We need to move OUT of the old paradigm and into the NEW PARADIGM, one that is in harmony with the Divine Plan and New Energy for ALL Species of life on  Earth. Kari will share how this new process came about and the experiences they have had with many animals. Open Q and A. Rev Kari can be reached at: The Namaste Healing Center Of Wisconsin W 7872 Co. Hwy B Lake Mills, WI  53551 920-648-3580  and  920-988-3636 http://www.namaste-wi.com

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    Insights for the Soul's Unfoldment & Spiritual Integration

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    This is a very special time to connect & share the insights, understanding & direction.
    We will also discuss the Lunar-Solar-Lunar Trinity & what this configuration of energy means individually & collectively from now until the end of the year & what it brings in 13 months- Next May-June; which is also another Gateway-Portal of Light.
    Connect to Your Higher Self to receive the Directive of Your Inner Knowing.Know if you are operating from an overly ego/personality based focus.
    Know the difference between "wishful thinking" "Ego based creation" and "Co-Creation." that is guided by the Higher Self.
    Also how to better serve better prepare - what do we need to pay attention to on our path now – How do we know where to go.
    How do you read the spiritual –metaphysical signs from Spirit... What are the signs of the Soul’s Path and being Spirit Led?
    How to tune in and feel the subtle energy guiding you per the Law of Resonance.. How to know & follow the Openings...............................
    It is the 20th year anniversary of the “Harmonic Convergence” A time of Harmonizing. Out of the "Harmonic Convergence" comes the "Converging Flow" Aug. 21, 2009 ushers in a acceleration of the “Converging Flow”

    We are being called into an alignment of “Right Relationship” and “Right Livlihood”

    Insight Readings for the Soul's Unfoldment & Spiritual Integration and Channeled Guidance from the Spiritual Hierarchy & OverSouls

    Call in #347-539-5122