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    A Truthful Look At Our Nation and Our Government Today

    in Politics Conservative

    Obviously a pretty straightforward title for today's show.  Today I want to just take a look at a few stories that either have come to the forefront this week or maybe have flown a little under the radar this week.  Either way, they came to my attention during the course of the week and I wanted to share them with you and of course comment on them.  It may get a little political though not in a "rah rah" go team or go party sense by any means.  I think anyone who has listened to this show for any time hopefully knows where my stance is when it comes to that.  But I wanted to address some issues without getting into a bunch of hype to stir anyone up or rile anyone up necessarily.  It will just be straightforward stories, information, and commentary- and while you'll hear my opinion, you'll also hopefully be able to make up your own mind as well, if you haven't already.  But I'll cover what I can, from Obama's comments at the prayer breakfast, to net neutrality, some of the real numbers and trends going on with our economy, maybe even some IRS shenanigans yet again.  Our government and this administration is certainly trying to put burden after burden on us, and it likely won't ease up very much any time soon.  That's the show today at 4:30 Eastern time, archived after that.

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    It May Be Time To Talk About Christianphobia

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    Certainly not the only issue I'll try to tackle today.  But it is the main one as I'll be sharing a story and a study that caught my eye a couple of days ago as a book has come out from a couple of sociologists called So Many Christians, So Few Lions: Is There Christianophobia in the United States?  I'll share a little bit from an interview done with one of these authors and sociologists on the powerful elite in this country who could perhaps be called "Christianphobes".  Also I'll touch on a couple of stories on again take your pick- antichristian bias or, maybe even and, the consequences of government regulations up the ying yang.  I'll try to get a little bit of something in about Russia, and actually I may even discuss some "climate change" stuff at the top of the show.  That's on today's show, starting at 4:30 PM Eastern time and archived afterward.

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    Irate, Tireless Minority-Drug shortages and Treasury Bonds

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    Drug shortages for the essential treatment of certain cancers continue. Today takes a look at the shortage of methotrexate.
    What I want to hear from congressional candidates.
    What is going on with all these billions of dollars of US Bonds that are being brought to light? Stolen bonds, counterfeit bonds, why all the bond news all of a sudden?
    Politics, Religion and Doing What's Right. One Mom's perspective. Perhaps the Lord would be kind enough to set a few brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men while I'm at it.

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    The Conservative Blues Show

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    Tonight, we get more regulatory intrusion from the Obama Administration. You'll never guess what they want to regulate NOW? Let's just say it's Baaaaaaaaad! Next up, have you seen the rebels in Lybia celebrating by shooting into the air? Ever wonder what happens to all those bullets? What happens when they come back down? We'll take a look! While we are up in the air, we hear what the fringe kooks from the Church of Global Warming are saying about ALIENS! Speaking of fringe kooks and aliens we'll talk about some of the support on of the GOP Candidates for President is garnering lately. No, not Ron Paul this time, it's Jon Huntsman! For our Featured Blues Artist, we'll have a few selections from our good friend, Rickie Fox! So join us tonight for the weird and whacky world of Progressives in politics and LET'S JAM!!! CAUTION: Air Guitars are in use on this show!

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    Is overregulation killing the pharmaceutical industry?

    in Business

    Two pharmaceutical industry executives discuss the effects of government regulation.