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    CloseUP - 7 Steps to Overcoming Grief (Encore Show)

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    To grieve is to be human, but so often we try to hide our grief out of shame or fear of feeling the pain. Grief Counselor, Mandy Eppley, and the Host of "Finding Hope" on eWNRadioNetwork.com, describes her 7 steps to processing grief. Why it's important to feel sorrow and joy. How grief actually teaches us about ourselves. She will share stories of those who have worked through profound loss, including herself, only to give back and serve others as they continue their journey through grief.

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    Overcoming Loss & Grief as a Parent

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    Join Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder and author of The Baby Signing Book, each week as she shares parenting tips, language development strategies, and the joys of connecting with your baby, toddler and/or preschool child.

    Since 2001, WeeHands has been an industry-leading children's sign language and language development program delivered through interactive, fun classes, as well as a line of tailored products. In 2014, WeeHands became part of Morneau Shepell’s Children's Support Solutions, an organization that provides health-centered and educational services to children with differences to help them reach their potential.

    This week, Sara will chat with Devany LeDrew from Still Playing School. Devany is a mom who has a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and has taught kindergarten in both public and private schools. On this show we'll chat about early childhood education, literacy, homeschooling (starting with preschool) as well as, overcoming loss and grief as a parent.

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    The Other Side of Grief

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    This week's conversation  will be the next in the series "grief and war".

    When soldiers return from serving in an active theater of war it is difficult to return to the life they once had. we will look at issues of PTSD, physical injuries, substance abuse and why dealing with the grief of war and the loss issues of war can be key to healing and rebuilding life.

    What are the losses incurred by war?

    How does understanding your grief help you move on

    We will also be looking at how returing home impacts family and friends.

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    The Other Side of Grief

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    This week's conversation will focus on the reality of war which includes trauma loss and grief

    We will look at why this experience lingers for a lifetime and why we have little success in treating it.

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    Grief Stages with Pet Grief Coach, Judy Helm Wright

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    There are very distinct, yet overlapping, phases of grief.  We go through the stages in various orders and in varying degrees on the road to recovering from any loss.  If we lose a jacket at the ballpark, we may go through all the stages in a few minutes.  If the jacket was one that was given to us by our brother on our birthday, it may take much more time.

    If the animal was a family pet and stayed outside, it may not hit us as hard as if he were our own companion and greeted us each night when we came in the door.  If your pet was a companion and best friend, the mourning will be a deep one.

    1. Shock/Denial/Numbness.  We can not believe this has happened to us.  Our body and emotions numb themselves against the pain.  The mind denies the loss.  Often we will say things like "This can't be true."  One of the valid reasos for memorials and funerals is to acknowledge that death did take place. 

    2. Fear/AngerDepression.  After the numbness wears off and we are once again able to feel, then all of our repressed feelings come roaring back.  Sometimes these feeling ared not rational at first and can seedk someone to blame, either an outsider or ourselves.  "I can't share how sad I am about my dog, because my co-workers will think I am crazy."  "But, on the other hand, I inquire about their child's cold and buy their stupid Girl Scout cookies to support them.  It isn't fair!"  "Oh God, please don't let me start crying at work again.  I heard someone call me a drama queen and say; It's only a dog, not a child." 

    3. Understanding/Acceptance/Moving on.  

    4. New Hurts May Trigger Old Wounds.




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    The Other Side of Grief

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    Today's conversation will be the last in the series of "living with dying" We will wrap up with the rituals of death and mourning.

    In today's culture these rituals become more and more optional. Wakes funerals and memorial services serve a very important function as post death events.

    We will understand the difference between grief and mourning and why both are important in any culture.

    Listeners are welcomed to call in.

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    Grief and Disease done Different.!

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    Grief & Disease Done Different - Wendy Mulder & Liam Phillips .

    We both have experienced Grief and Disease in our own separate ways . Today we will be chatting  together about  our  3 day telecall which is coming up on the 16th/ 17th/ 18th July.  Liam and I  have books  written about these topics and  would love to share with you our combimed knowledge and gifts we have recieved, from the questions and choices we have made.

    Send any questions beforehand to either: 

    Wendy Mulder at swmulder@bigpond.net.au or liam Phillips at liamphillips@yahoo.com

    Hugs & gratitude Liam and Wendy

    In July Wendy and Liam have a telecall series to give the tools and processes to unlocking disease and grief in a totally different way, click HERE 

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    The Other side of Grief

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    This week we will continue our series on "living with dying"

    We began with the diagnosis of a terminal disease and the grief of the dying person.

    This week we will begin to explore the family dynamics when a loved oneis dying.

    Very often families are faced with this event without having any understanding or information about what this experience will be like.

    Emotions and needs run high and often out of control.

    We will look at how you can approach being with the dying in a fulfilling way.

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    The Other Side of Grief

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    Today will begin a series of conversations about the topic "facing the death of a loved one".

    There is a lot to understand about end of life experiences and the difference between living and dying.

    What is the difference between the grief of the living and the dying.

    When should hospice be called?

    We start today with "When we face the final stage of a disease process

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    Dr. Jones, from Beneath the Grief Ministries  will resume the topic of fear.This is a series as there are various types of fears. Listeners will be able to call in and make comments Let;s face it there are fears that we all have. Call in # 646 564-9654, Press #1 for comments,  Want freedom from fear address it as it's "Where the Healing Begins" 

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    Nurturing YOU Beyond Grief

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    Most people define nurturing as self care . What if that is just the start? When there is loss, there are also new possibilities for creating  something different . Something beyond what you knew was possible before your life changed . What if grief could be a catalyst for new choices that create even more for you and your life ? Join me as I interview Lisa Murray, Founder of Creativity Lab about ways we can begin to nuture a new life into being .  What is it that your grief is contributing to you? Lets find out! and have some fun with Lisa .

    A little about Lisa

    Today I've invited Lisa Murray from Creativity lab to join me in an exploration  of the contribution that grief can be to our life if we will allow it .  What could  be different if you would nuture new possibilities into place with ease? Grief often comes from loss. Lisa lost much of her old life within a very short time, including her job, her house, her dog , and her relationship.as she states " She didn't quite lose her mind but it was close ". Lisa plays with people to nuture ideas into reality. She offers events and online adventures which invite you to create your life from a kinder, gentler space . How did we get  so lucky to have the Gift that Lisa is in the world !

    You can find Lisa Murray at www.CreativityLab.tv

    Any Questions please feel free to email me at swmulder@bigpond.net.au