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    Overcoming Failure

    in Education

    We will discuss how to overcome temporary failure in the negotiation process and strategies for ultimate success.
    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Vegetarian Eggplant Stew, and the "adventure" recipe will be Sweet and Sour Pork.

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    Overcoming the Taboo of Failure, with Cass Phillipps of FailCon

    in Entrepreneur

    Cass Phillipps, global producer of FailCon, joins guest host Mary McKenna to discuss FailCon, a conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and designers to study their own and others' failures and prepare for success. FailCon is produced in more than a dozen cities on six continents. The next conference is in San Francisco on October 24, 2014.

    FailCon was started in San Francisco in 2009 as a response to events repeatedly highlighting only success, while providing no guidance or safe spaces for failure.

    Cass Phillips joins Smart Companies Radio as part of a lineup of entrepreneurs and experts celebrating Women's Small Business Month in October.


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    Tom Loegering - Success or Failure

    in Lifestyle

    Tom discusses the precepts of his book, "Success or Failure, The Choice is Yours".

    Tom Has been nominated for the NON-PROFIT OF THE YEAR award. This award is presented to a West Valley based Non-Profit that offers outstanding contributions to the community by providing valuable services.The nominee demonstrates excellence in five areas - role in society, financial stability, fundraising, marketing and strategic alliances - all in the pursuit of its mission. 

    Sun City Country Club(SCCC), managed by Tom Loegering, is a non-profit corporation which has consistently supported the Peoria community. For example, a new, free Golf Program in Schools(GPS) was recently instituted at Peoria High School, which had 73 freshman students introduced to the game of golf. Over the next two years, all of approximately 3300 freshman, in all of Peoria's high schools, will be included, with an emphasis on motor skills, life lessons and adding opportunities for college and career scholarships. SCCC also supports the Spectrum Open, a fundraising golf event for Tom's free class for autistic children to develop motor and social skills, through golf. Tom is a member of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Peoria Education Foundation Board, and Founding Board member of the Golf Program in Schools. Tom also supports a weekly class for Eve's Place, teaching victims of domestic violence how to put their lives back together. Tom is a certified SCORE Mentor and has assisted many local small businesses in organization, development, and attaining success! And, he does ALL of this for FREE?! 

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    Overcoming the Fear of Failure

    in Self Help

    Has the fear of failure ever kept you from doing something that you wanted to do?  Did you feel like you would look stupid?  Or people would laugh at you for even thinking you could do it?

    The fear of failure and the fear of rejection are intertwined. If I fail, I will be criticized and I'll look like a fool. When we have this thinking, we go to extremes in our attempts to make others like us or approve of us. This basic fear is real and it can rule our lives. We let other people's opinions and disapproval rob us of our enthusiasm and so much more. Join Choices host, Judi Moreo, author of You Are More Than Enough as she talks about how to overcome these fears, learn to balance your thinking and bring more happiness and success into your life.

    Get over the fear.  It's time to live the life of your dreams!

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    Failure To Obey = A Criminal Offense

    in Real Estate

    Recently there  has been a number of African American men who have been killed or "alledgely" killed by the local Police. Many think that there was no just cause for the killing...........many thing these men (were doing nothing) wrong.  However in many of these cases these men did not observe the local "Failure To Obey" Laws that are ON THE BOOKS !.

    Failure to obey a police orders is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

    Not following the (in most cases) the SIMPLE request of the Police can end up in a very negative result. If you want a very short meeting with the local Police and be on your way quick, fast, and in a hurry AFTER you have completed your business with the police then this podcast is for you.

    We shall use the FIRAC method to analze some legal cases as a law study aid. plus give U the four componant points of a crime. 

    FIRAC is a LEGAL WRITING tool.



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    Tom Leogering - Success or Failure

    in Lifestyle

    Tom discusses the precepts of his book Success or Failure on life and business decisions.

  • 01:59

    Overcoming Crisis Bible Study

    in Religion

    Greetings T.L.O. Ministries Family,

    You are invited to join us as we continue our anointed discussion based off of Dr. Myles Munroe’s Book overcoming crisis which we can all agree our world today is in desperate need of because if there was ever a time we are in crisis it is now.

    The nuggets of wisdom and principles found in this book are sure to be a welcomed addition coupled with our hosts commentary and dialogue your life will be truly blessed and ministered to as you listen to each anointed lesson prepared. Call your friends, Post on Your pages and even send an invite to your enemies because this promises to be the best 2 hours you have ever spent in your life.

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    Bhyy - Battling and Overcoming Fear

    in Culture

    Shalom Ladies and welcome to another Bhyy Radio Show. Tonight's topic is: Battling and Overcoming Fear

    What is Fear?
    What are some ways in which one can operate under the spirit of fear?
    How do we recognize it in our lives?
    How does it get in the way of our service to Yah?
    What skills are needed to defeat fear?
    How and why is it important to overcome fear?

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    Overcoming the Fear of Failure/Fear of Success with Matrix Reimprinting

    in Self Help

    Does YOUR business suffer because of these top 2 fears of business owners? You won't want to miss this show IF:

    You’re deeply afraid of failure because of experiences in your past
    You cower in fear at the thought of being extremely successful
    You are terrified of being humiliated if things don't work out, so you stay stuck and stagnated
    You worry that if you DO make a success of it, it's not going to last

    Judy will demonstrate Matrix Reimprinting with a volunteer "client". You will learn the value of reprograming your limiting fears and beliefs around success. Once you recognize what has been holding you back, you'll stop sabotaging your results. 

    Getting over these 2 basic fears can be just the thing to help your business SOAR.


    Business Success Coach Judy Wolvington shows you how to build a thriving and joyful business, with all the clients and income you desire, based on your unique gifts. As a Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Judy skillfully helps you remove your blocks to success, so you can make REAL money doing what you love. Judy would love to hear from you. If you’re ready to Unleash YOUR Dream Business, Judy has a FREE GIFT for you. To claim it, simply visit http://www.unleashyourdreambiz.com.

    Click here to listen to archived episodes of Unleash Your Dream Business



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    Overcoming the Fear of Failure

    in Christianity

    What is failure, and what is it that causes people to fail? Is it something that is instilled in us from societal pressures or is it connected to some other physical or spiritual opposition? Join us as we examine the cause and affect of the spirit of failure and how to overcome its affect on our lives. If you would like more information concerning the ministry, desire to book Prophet Douglas for your upcoming event or to simply sow a financial gift of support visit our website at kogwoc.org

  • Failure is not and Option

    in Christianity

    Dr James Thompson speaks on various subjects and his book "Failure Is Not An Option", he also has guests who are powerful men and women of god. His shows are produced from his relationship and personal experience with God in his life.