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    Jaided Jones has #madeIT with a LIVE Xclusiview on Smooches RADIO!

    in Poetry

    We found the amazing poetry of Jaided Jones @jaided4eva amongst the overabundance of talent on the web. What we found has helped us give our listeners more of the rawest and realest words that this genre of new talent has promised. Born into a military family, Ms. Jones is a world traveler and a survivor of life! She also uses her creativity to write, sing, and create beautiful hair designs. A #naturalbueti from Chicago IL and a soulful driven spirit help us as we give Jaided Jones a special space to #smooch her #purpose with "An Introduction" and take an intimate look into all of the joy, sorrow and pain that keeps her fans and followers listening again and again. Tune in live at 11pm EST 626-213-5635

    Check out @jaided4eva on twitter  IG:jaided4eva or soundcloud...smooches!

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    American Sheeple

    in Politics

    Most Americans are not thinking people.

    Many of the people who still think barely do so, often allowing others to dictate their thoughts or to simply think for them.

    And because they do not think for themselves, they are easily led down a road to diminishing sophistication and the deterioration of socialization and civility.

    It’s not a very long road either. People who have little thought processing typically move from thought to action without any filters or hesitation. This is why knee-jerk reaction is the order of the day.

    And because we are no longer demanding that our citizens be thinking people, they react like children, wanting instant gratification and throwing tantrums when it doesn’t come. It is the reason why adults are overly sexual with no attention to consequences and the reason why simple-minded reality shows fare well with the overabundance of simple-minded people.

    We’re headed to a third world existence. While people can’t conceive of it happening here, it can and it will. People can’t see it because they are so focused on pretending to better than the next person.

    Discuss American Food Issues with Host Darryl James and Co-Hosts, Tracy Powell, Marcus Legall III, Dr. John Hamilton & DJ Gates.

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    MBS Food: Holiday Gratitude: Avoid 6 Traps of Overabundance

    in Spirituality

    Are you dreading it, already?
    You know… the whole shopping-gifting-cooking-cleaning-eating-drinking socializing-relatives-traveling season just ahead?
    Instead, what if you could create holidays that were a time of true relaxation and joy? What if the traditions you chose filled you with gratitude at the deepest level? What if this approach continued long past the holidays, so that you could live in a state of joy—not just some of the time, but always?
    You can, says author Sara Wiseman, when you choose to Avoid the Six Traps of Overabundance, and create a whole new kind of holiday.
    Far from being bah-humbug, Sara Wiseman pulls from her book, Living a Life of Gratitude: Your Journey to Grace, Joy & Healing, and shares how to create holidays filled with joy and connection. She will help us to first become aware of the six traps of overabundance, then learn how to opt out of the stress fest—and celebrate the holidays with true relaxation, appreciation and connection to the ones you love.
    Sara is an author of six books, spiritual teacher, and intuitive who has taught thousands of students to create a direct connection to the divine through her many books, courses, Ask Sara radio show, podcasts, and private sessions. You may know her from her contributions to DailyOM. For more information, visit her website at www.sarawiseman.com.

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    Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook It's Showtime

    in Sports

    On today's show we will break down and debate Porter vs Brook. Unbeaten IBF Welterweight World Champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter,undefeated contender Kell Brook and seven other boxers who will compete on this Saturday’s stacked Golden Boy Promotions’ fight card at StubHub Center in Carson, Calif., 

    Kell Brook 32(22)-0 has been assuring his UK faithful that it’s “his time” for a while now. Our patience has inevitably thinned a little within this waiting period. Alongside evidence tipping toward proof, teasing the potential within that fans have been promised, were also levels of competition not befitting of a man demonstrating his arsenal of skills.

    The injuries smudging the potential meeting with Alexander, setbacks both men were guilty of introducing, genuine or otherwise. What seemed like an overabundance of filler bouts and title eliminators, alongside questions surrounding Brooks love for the sport. All the above had us quietly musing to ourselves, (lest we were accused of insidious unpatriotic tendencies) if the said proclaimed “time” Kell continuously warned opponents of, would ever come around. We will with out a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can voice your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Victor Salazar at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Blogtalk in order to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay up to date on the sport you love by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice for the most recent news in the boxing world. 

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    DC RealTalk w/Darryl Cherry - "IS IT EASIER FOR A MAN TO GET A WOMAN?"

    in Relationships

    DC REAL TALK LIVE RADIO SHOW TOPIC: “IS IT EASIER FOR A MAN TO GET A WOMAN THAN IT IS FOR A WOMAN TO GET A MAN, AND IF SO, WHY?” – There's an overabundance of women seemingly looking for a man to be in their lives and to possibly settle down with. It seems like some men have very little trouble finding someone else right after they break up with someone. Is this true? What’s up with that? There are even some women who are desperate enough to settle for a man who has another woman. What’s up with that? Don’t miss this show this coming Saturday, April 5th from 8:00am to 10am (EST). You can listen to my show anywhere in the world by phone at (646) 721-9565 or by internet.

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    Re-Imagining the Holidays with Sara Wiseman

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. Pat as she interviews Sara Wiseman Re-Imagining the Holidays: How to Escape the Six Traps of Overabundance, and Create New Traditions Brimming with Gratitude.
    Are you dreading it already? You know… the whole shopping-gifting-cooking-cleaning-eating-drinking socializing-relatives-traveling season just ahead? Instead, what if you could create holidays that were a time of true relaxation and joy? What if the traditions you chose filled you with gratitude at the deepest level? You can, says author Sara Wiseman, when you choose to escape the Six Traps of Overabundance, and create a whole new kind of holiday.

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    What is YOUR "inner psychic" trying to telling you? Tap into it Today

    in Spirituality

    Today's show is about our "inner psychic" and what it is trying to tell you. Each and everyone of us has messages that are given to us daily. Actually, we have an overabundance of messages at any one time. 

    By tuning into the messages that are sent, peace proseperity and happiness are easily accessed. 

    Are you feeling that your life direction is unclear? Do you have a nagging feeling that something in your life can easily be changed but the answer is just out of reach?

    Don't let another precious message go unheard.

    Todays discussion will help you get tuned into your "inner psychic" and a free reading will be made available to a few lucky callers.

    Paid Readings Available@ www.oasis.psychics.com 

    February Promotion!  

    $1.00/min For First 3 minutes & Additional Minutes  $2.99/min

     All Major Credit & Debit Cards Accepted

    Current Conversion: $2.99 US Dollar = 2.2171 Euro

    *Add money via phone OR on our Secure Website 

    US Toll Free: (1-800-321-6767) (1-800-321-OPOP)

    Outside of US: 001-678-303-1511

    Hours:   Mon-Fri   (6pm-Midnight) Eastern Standard Time Zone

    Sat & Sun Varied Hours.... "Check Web Site for "Green Availabilty Button"








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    Hard Starboard Radio: Who REALLY Runs MSNBCCCP

    in Politics Conservative

    Morning Jolt headlines; Mitt Romney caves and accepts Melissa Harris-Perry's non-apology, which will only encourage MSNBCCCP's abusive, racist, misogynist, Christophobic antics; Who's really running that asylum; "Climate change" fraudsters trapped in Jotunheim (i.e. Antarctica) by an overabundance of polar ice that officially doesn't exist, no matter how much the Frost Giants beat them with the Casket of Ancient Winters; and the APB continues on the elusive two Roman consuls.

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    The Programme w/ Matt & Ben - Big Show's Failed Investments

    in Wrestling

    This Week on The Programme w/ Matt & Ben
    *Matt & Ben welcome WrestleJam promoter Michael Banks to the show to discuss his 10th annual WrestleJam event taking place this weekend in Meriden, CT featuring former WWE Superstar DH Smith vs. previous guest Eddie Kingston, plus Chikara favorites Gran Akuma, Hallowicked, Kobald and lots more! Visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wrestlejam1!
    *The guys will talk about the latest happenings of Monday Night Raw, including Big Show's financial woes, Cody Rhodes' firing, the war between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton and lots more.
    *WCW's Monday Nitro launched 18 years ago this week. Matt & Ben go over the overall significance of Monday Nitry and their favorite matches and memories. Chances are Silver King and Horace Hogan will get an overabundance of love.
    *Kyle O'Reilly won the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle of Los Angeles, but the only thing on everyone's mind was the formation of Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestling featuring Adam Cole, Kevin Steen & the Young Bucks. The guys will talk about the history of stables in indy wrestling and debate where Mount Rushmore could rank among them.   All of this plus the Dungeon of Doom and YOUR phone calls on the Shaksa Whatley Hotline at 646-727-2364! Make sure to tweet us using the hashtag #Programme as well!    The Programme w/ Matt & Ben airs every Tuesday night at 7pm on CSTCNetwork.com with podcasts on demand at BlogTalkRadio.com/CSTC, Stitcher Radio & iTunes!

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    Opening a Franchise: American Dream or a Landlord Nightmare?

    in Real Estate

    View show notes, guest bios, and share your thoughts at our website show page: http://creradio.com/shows/opening-a-franchise-american-dream-or-a-landlord-nightmare
    Show Description
    Franchise leasing has changed significantly over the last decade. With the change in economy came a change in space availability, going from an overabundance of retail space in the early 90's to the non-existence of available space at the beginning of the millennium. Now as the economy begins to improve, the lease strategies of franchisors, franchisees and landlords again change to the times. Compounding the changes in the economy are laws unique to the franchise relationship which often affect lease terms.
    Featured Guests
    Perry Roshan-Zamir Vice President and General Counsel at Baja Fresh Sole Proprietor at Law Offices of Perry Roshan-Zamir   Robin Day Glenn Managing Attorney at Franchise Law Team   Robert Purvin Chairman and CEO of American Association of Franchisees & Dealers

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    in Politics

    1. In the News   2. Steven Harper, adjunct professor at Northwestern University School of Law, argues that that law profession is in need of reform.  The author reports that there is an overabundance of lawyers, according to estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 45,000 law students graduate each year and 73,600 legal jobs will be created this decade.  Mr. Harper contends that to remedy the situation law schools need to be more transparent about the realities of students securing employment and law firms need to devise a plan to better accommodate young lawyers.   3. Book Talk  4. Listener Calls

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