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    Outsourcing spousal duties. Can it save your marrige?

    in Relationships

    Outsourcing duties that are usually your spouse's has been done since the beginning of time. Sexual duties, cooking and peace and quite are a few of the duties that are outsourced. Some have said outsourcing saved their relationship. is that possible?
    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.

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    US Bringing in H1B Workers & Outsourcing US Jobs is America's Biggest Problem

    in Politics Progressive

    American you are blindly allowing corrupt politicians and corrupt CEO's to destroy what generations have worked, bleed and died for over generations. We should be totally discouraged in our lack of efforts since 911 and especially since we elected our first Black President which seem to have let the cat out of the bag. The Black cat at that. I have witnessed absolutely no passion in we the people since 911 and Bin Ladin. From 911 through 2008 our directive from government was keep spending and stay the course, and all we got in return has been joblessness, apathy, racism, hatred, revenge, and a divided nation.  This time the nation is divided not by Black and White, but by Green money and green envy. All because corrupt politicians and corrupt CEO's are in control.

    US bringing in H1B workers and outsourcing US jobs is America's biggest problem and we the people have to find the guts, the passion to fix this for now and for generations to come. What say you?

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    Outsourcing/Offshoring Information and Resources

    in Internet

    This program will feature the Subject Tracer titled Outsourcing/Offshoring Information and Resources and is available from the Subject Tracer gateway at the Virtual Private Library.http://www.virtualprivatelibrary.org/ . These resources will be your navigator through the ever changing environment of Outsourcing and Offshoring. Change is the collective word that best descibes this subject! We will also be reviewing the latest happenings from my blog during the last week.  We will be also discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V11N5 May 2013 featuring the New Economy Resources 2013 as well as my freely available May 2013  Zillman Column discussing Journalism Resources. 

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    Outsourcing Technical Business Skills for Effectiveness

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Lori Wilk interviews CEO of Done For You Solutions, Ric Thompson, about what it takes to be an effective small business owner. Ric shares with the audience practical tips and advice for how to expand your business by being effective and efficient. Ric explains to the audience how too many small business owners are wasting their precious time trying to do tasks they shoud avoid and delegate . This show is about effective "digital delegation" as I call it.
    Our phone lines will be open and we'd love to have you join the conversation and ask questions about outsourcing, SEO, data entry, website development strategies, customer relationship management systems, email and newsletters, and overall small business best practices and success strategies.
    Talk to Lori and Ric at 347-237-5638.

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    The P.R.F. Table: Commodities and Outsourcing

    in Finance

    Episode 11: Stewardship "at" the Church - Part 2
    This show will go deeper into Episode 10: Stewardship "at" the Church - a conversation about RESOURCES.  What is your understanding of Commodities and Outsourcing?  How can these concepts be beneficial to you, your community or religious organizations?  What are some benefits?  Remember, the answer to many people's financial conflicts and challenges are not always solved by actual dollar$.
    We promote transformative discussions about how people think and treat their Possession, Resources, and Finances. These three critical areas of society affect every person, household, business, and community.
    Hosting: N. Dunlap, Jr., Adia Sanders, and Warren Feaster   Please "LIKE" us and join the discussion on Facebook at Possessions.Resources.Finances

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Outsourcing The War On Terror

    in Politics Conservative

    Obama Regime to enact racial segregation in Hawaii by unconstitutional Executive diktat; The Isla Vista shooting is a peculiar one for the white-privilege crowd to have latched onto; Michelle Obama scolds families who aren’t happy with her food Nazism; Democrats blame big government for their multiplicity of failures and scandals, and insist the solution is even bigger government; Denial of the clash of civilizations with Islam is guaranteeing Western defeat; Obama's tired refrains at West Point: a sad, half-hearted address to the wrong audience.

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    Your Life, Your Choice - An Interview With Rachel Rofé

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts interivews Rachel Rofé.

    Rachel Rofé is a multiple bestselling author that's been featured in Entrepreneur, Woman's World, and Fox News.

    Since she began internet marketing in 2006, she's developed over 30 products, 40 Kindle books, and bought and sold companies with as many as 120+ employees. She speaks nationwide about copywriting, book creation, outsourcing, and product creation.

    And her favorite part: she does all of this while living the "internet lifestyle", traveling the world and having fun.

    Rachel is also the host of A Better Life w/ Rachel Rofe - Personal Growth And Inspiration To Create An Amazing Life where she interviews amazing people on inspiration, motivation, self confidence, and personal growth every week.

    Find Rachel's books on Amazon:

    Take Control of Your Life - A 2 hour plan to help you set and reach your goals

    Make Life Easier: 23 Life-Changing Tools To Help With Your Productivity, Healthiness, And Overall Happiness

    The 30 Minute Happiness Formula: How to become more fulfilled in every area of your life with a 30 minute morning routine

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    Franchise Sales Outsourcing - Opportunities & Pitfalls

    in Business

    In the fifth week of the 4th Annual Franchise Legal Series on Franchise Today, host, Paul Segreto is joined by Mark Kirsch, a returning guest to the legal series. Mark is a principal at Gray Plant Mooty and a member of its Franchise & Distribution practice group. Paul and Mark discuss outsourcing of franchise sales with a look at various opportunities and pitfalls that may be encountered along the way. The discussions moves from franchise brokers to legal compliance requirements to digital age issues and many points in between.
    About Our Guest
    Mark A. Kirsch is a principal at Gray Plant Mooty and a member of its Franchise & Distribution practice group. He focuses his practice on domestic and international franchising and distribution matters. He represents and counsels clients on various corporate, commercial, licensing, franchise, and business development matters, across a wide range of industries including restaurants and food service, hotels and the hospitality industry, health care, equipment manufacturing and distribution, educational and training businesses, technology and telecommunications, car rental and automotive services, employment and personnel agencies, convenience stores, real estate, publishing, cosmetics and hair care, and various retail product and service businesses.

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    Outsourcing Success Secrets

    in Business

    Outsourcing tasks to freelance contractors is one of the best lifestyle design strategies for growing your online business. But have you found finding, hiring, and managing freelance help to be confusing? 
    Or, are you worried that if you do it wrong it could be expensive, difficult, or even get you in legal trouble?
    How to Outsource to Grow Your Business
    I've worked with freelance contractors to get my projects done for years.  During this episode of the Click Millionaires Show, I'll share the strategies I've developed personally to help build my online businesses.
    It can be difficult (and expensive) if you make mistakes hiring people, though, so join us to get my best tips on:
    Where to find qualified freelance contractors The kinds of personal characteristics I recommend looking for to find people you can trust The secrets for successful interviewing, hiring, managing, and firing of freelancers How to limit projects and their scope to keep costs down What different types of freelancers cost Legal strategies to protect yourself and your business Websites that can help you find good project workers and ease their administration How to keep your projects on track and on budget, even working remotely with people you've never met "Outsourcing" can be a key strategy to help you make more money online. 
    In fact, it's Lifestyle Business Design Success Principle #4 from my book, Click Millionaires, and it's also key to some of the other principles like #6 "Scalability", too.
    Listen to learn how outsourcing can help you, too.

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    Reasons for Outsource Marketing

    in Marketing

    Bill and Rick explore the connection between business growth and the selection of resources available to assist the business owner in the management of his or her marketing plan. Various forms of outsourcing are examined as well as which types might be best suited for the particular marketing goal the business owner has in mind.

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    NYT, Forbes, Huff Post Small Biz Journalist Gene Marks Shares Positive Surveys

    in Business

    Gene Marks is an opinionated small business management columnist, author, speaker, and business owner. He writes weekly online columns for The New York Times, Forbes, The Huffington Post and Philadelphia Magazine.

    We discuss his article highlighting several current surveys that share some very positive, good news for small business at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gene-marks/.

    Gene's books include In God We Trust: Everyone Else Pays Cash (CreateSpace, 2011), the #1 Amazon Small Business Best Seller The Streetwise Small Business Book of Lists (Adams Media, 2006), The Small Business Desk Reference (Alpha Books, 2004), Outfoxing The Small Business Owner - Crafty Techniques for Creating a Profitable Relationship (Adams Media, 2005) and The Complete Idiot's Guide To Successful Outsourcing (Alpha Books, 2005).

    Gene is a CPA and regular guest on national radio and TV talk shows including FOX News, FOX Business Channel, MSNBC and CNBC. He has authored dozens of articles for major media publications and is quoted frequently in the national media including the Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, and USA Today.

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