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    Hey Sis, I Need A Word! The Enemy is OutNumbered.

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    This is episode 14 of this powerful series. The topic for this discussion is looking at our battles and seeing the massive issues or acessing the many people against you, but realizing that if God Himself is for you..the game is over. The victory will come to the believer in His words. This is a strength prayer message, a bold proclomation of defeat that must be uttered.

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    See You On The High Ground Jarid C. Monti: Author Len Sandler

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    This show is dedicated to: SFC Jared Monti was not the only hero in the battle on Hill 2610. There were 15 other brave American soldiers in the patrol who refused to back down despite the overwhelming odds against them. Jared undoubtedly would have said, "Write about them. There's no need to mention me." At the very least, he would have approved of having this book dedicated to his comrades-in-arms: SSG Chris Cunningham, SSG Patrick Lybert, SGT John Hawes, SPC John Garner, SSG Chris Grzecki, SPC Sean Smith, SPC Franklin Woods, SPC Brian Gonterman, SPC Max Noble, PFC Brian Bradbury, PFC Derek James, SPC Matthew Chambers, SPC Shawn Heistand, SPC Daniel Linnihan, and SSG Josh Renken.

    As John Hawes says, "Jared would have been proud to have this book dedicated to 'his boys.' He would have wanted it known that we fought together as a team."

    "It would be a challenge to find a group of soldiers who better represent the legacy of the 10th Mountain Division than the soldiers who fought so bravely on top of that rocky mountain near Gowardesh, Afghanistan," proclaims 10th Mountain Division Commander Major General Stephen J. Townsend. "Although badly outnumbered and separated from their unit, those soldiers refused to accept defeat."

    Defending the Republic with Annie "The Radio Chick", Kel Fritzi and Dave Milners.

    Special Guest: Len Sandler, author:  Over the past 25 years, Len Sandler has successfully developed and delivered close to 3,000 management and leadership seminars for such organizations as NASA, GEICO, IBM, Siemens, AT&T, Disney, Lockheed-Martin, Citigroup, Liberty Mutual, and General Electric.

    Hi latest work is the biography of SFC Jared Monti    http://www.seeyouonthehighground.com/ 



  • Who U Rock Wit? Cosign or cut off; no fence riding.

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    Who You Rock Wit?

    As life in America becomes more and more perilous, we have to be sure that our village is functioning, and secure. Who You Rock With will set standards against faking. Cosign or cut off; no fence riding. Don't let our only narratives be from the lips of those that hate us. Upset the setup. You are who you rock with.

    Where do you STAND?
    It seems there are now murders of young black men by police officers every 28 hours or so now. Officials however continue to point out that black on black crime has always outnumbered these stats. The solution to this ongoing cycle of hate is not to turn around and murder police officers in my opinion. We have to begin at the source of all the dysfunction; which like it or not America, includes race relations, economic inequality, and thereby slavery. Let's talk about it! Join the rebels of radio and let your voice be heard. 

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    Bronze/Iron Age Films: Troy and The 300

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    In an effort to protect all that one holds dear, one will risk one's life, because it is right and just. There are many truths worth fighting for, and there are underlining truths that seem to blur the lines. What makes men wage war? What are the truths that drive so many to the brink in "Troy and The 300"? 

    Join A Reel Point Of View on blogtalkradio.com Friday, October 31st @ 10:30 pm cst/11:30 pm est

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    The Know Your Rights Hour

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    Join Doctor-Attorney Mayer Eisenstein and Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips as they discuss a Natural News article arguing that ebola is safer than the flu; how unvaccinated kids in school are deemed unsafe unless they have an exemption; how unvaccinated children (who may have natural immunity) are greatly outnumbered by vaccinated children whose vaccines don't work; why some people in healthcare and law are not allowed to be called "doctor" even though they have a doctoral degree; why, when dealing with vaccine exemptions at work, it is highly advisable to work with an attorney knowledgeable about vaccine rights; drug manufacturers' pursuit of international indemnity for harm that may be caused by ebola vaccines; how big pharma has mapped out its business strategy over a period of decades (successful business people don't leave their success to chance); the relationship between progress with individual diseases and overall mortality rates or life expectancy; and more!

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    The Ku Klux Klan was originally organized in the winter of 1865-66 in Pulaski, Tennessee as a social club by six Confederate veterans. In the beginning, the Klan was a secret fraternity club. (Ku Klux was derived from the Greek "kuklos," meaning circle, and the English word clan.) The costume adopted by its members (disguises were quite common) was a mask and white robe and high conical pointed hat.
    According to the founders of the Klan, it had no malicious intent in the beginning.  It attracted former Civil War generals such as Nathan Bedford Forrest, the famed cavalry commander whose soldiers murdered captured black troops at Fort Pillow.The Klan spread beyond Tennessee to every state in the South and included mayors, judges, and sheriffs as well as common criminals. The Klan systematically murdered black politicians and political leaders. It beat, whipped, and murdered thousands, and intimidated tens of thousands of others from voting. Blacks often tried to fight back, but they were outnumbered and out gunned. While the main targets of Klan wrath were the political and social leaders of the black community, blacks could be murdered for almost any reason. Men, women, children, aged and crippled, were victims.In Texas, Governor Edmund Davis organized a crack state police unit, 40 percent of whose officers were black. The police made over 6,000 arrests and stopped the Klan. Armed groups of black and whites fought or threatened Klansman in North and South Carolina. The federal government also exerted its influence, empowering federal authorities with the Enforcement Acts of 1870 and 1871. Klan activity ended by 1872 and disappeared until it was revived again in 1915.

    Dr Muhammad explores tonight - 646 478 4448

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    Today's Show, "Mob Mentality" or "Reason? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Reason!

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    From the moment Governor Nixon arrived on the scene, many were concerned. Governor Nexon is known for his selectiveness when dealing with constituents, and Ferguson has never been a part of that group.

    That being said, this Ferguson incident is a long way from being over. There hasn't been a charge, and if there 'is' a charge, who's gonna pick the jurors? Who will be the jurors in a town where the blacks outnumber the whites to such a extreme that the idea of a "fair" trial is going to be a joke.

    Geraldo Rivera on "Outnumbered"

    I don't like watching the show, it's too much noise for my tastes. But, I have to admit that watching Rivera and Harris go at each other made it interesting. I'll be playing part of their conversation, you decide who's right.


    Alot was going on in 1994, including the fact that I got married in the month of August:)! Now you probably weren't there for that, but if yolu were watching the television that summer, you got to see a white bronco, driven by "The Juice" chased by L.A. cops, followed by a trial that was as boring as any soap opera ever made for daytime television.
    Then the trial was over. The best joke that followed? I can't remember who said it, but it went something like, "Millions of Americans can finally go back to work to see if they still have a  job after following the O.J. Simpson trial.


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    The Chauncey Karls Report

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    Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss Marvel Comics' announcement of a female Thor and female representation in media in general, and how more diverese depictions of women within culture could lead to better social conditions for women in general; the recent kerfuffle over American espionage against Germany, and various tech tactics that the NSA and GCHQ employ; the recent flare-up of Isreali-Palestinian violence; and the continued ideological struggle over the current border/immigration crisis invovling America, Mexico, and Central America.

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    She's Gonna Puke \ Meet StarDust

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    Recorded June 20th, 2014

    Opening Promo- Ric Flair\Mother Nature

    TNA Stuff 
    Slammiversary Recap 
    - Marshall and Ross Von Erich (with Kevin Von Erich) Defeat TheBroMans 
    - Texas Death Match: Ethan Carter III Defeats Bully Ray 
    - Steel Cage Match for TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Eric Young (c) Defeats Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries 
    Impact Recap 
    - EY defends his title 
    - The MVP alliance is too outnumbered somebody needs to turn 
    - Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer face off

    (Somewhere we get off the rails and discuss felony mugshots)

    Wrestling Birthdays 
    Wrestling News 
    - Fans will vote on the return of the 6 sided ring. Austin Aries not happy 
    - Big Show taking some time off. Doing a movie 
    - Matt Hardy to be at TNA NYC taping

    WWE Stuff 
    RAW Recap 
    - Opening segment kind of long 
    - Dolph can’t get a win in his hometown 
    - Kevin Hart on RAW with the Rose Buds 
    - 2 MITB Ladder matches. 
    - Not a fan of puke segments. Disgusting and poor Vickie 
    - Meet Stardust

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    John Boehner says Oboma is taking a nap. Hitler did not want to be awakened on D-DAY.Where is Hillary with her 3:00am answering machine? I said it long before it happened. Obama has lost the Middle East. Iranian troops are in Syria and Iraq. The great red line negotiator is running out of crayons.Obama's staff is stocked with Al Queda. His Irish CIA chief is a moslem and won't tell us if he is Sunni or Shiaa. Cancel the Constitution convention the communists are in control The communists elected Obama twice. Are you going to ammend more freedom. Communists love conventions. They come with nothing and leave with half. We are outnumbered. They have even penetrated MIT with a new no God rule. Walid Shoebat says the video that Obama blamed for Benghazi was made by the US government with top draw knowledge. That is how they knew about the video. They produced it saying it was made by a crazy Christian. Walid says the guy is a moslem. Bergdahl won't speak to his parents. Is that an order?Will he be drugged for his first interview? Five for one? who does that. Surely not kids with marbles. Hillary wants to drop the embargo on Cuba. Is it time to get a paycheck for Elian Gonzalez? Some Sugar, cigar and rum contracts for Chelsea's husband? 

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    American Awakening 6/6

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    Friday, June 6, 2014

    Thought of the Day

    Opening Prayer

    Morning Devotion: "Outnumbered"

    This Day In History

    Morning Headlines

    Lessons In Leadership: Interpersonal Leadership - Communicating Online Conclusion

    American Folklore: Old West Series - "Heckler Extraordinaire"

    Brandon's Memories: "The Worm in the Sandbox"

    Closing Prayer: Prayer for Day of Pentecost (June 8th)