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    Today Galan and Annique share their experiences from the Solstice ceremony  Form and Formless retreat with Roman Hanis a Shaman from Peru. Loving Earth is part of a loving series on how to live in this new world with all parts of self. Ubuntu- I am because we are. Do your gardening starting with your soil  both inner and outer. How can a seed grow? How modified is your seed of life? understanding the landscape within and so much more is shared today. 

    Music line up by CC white

    and Zayra Yves.

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    And a very Merry Christmas... to All!

    After the Invocation, ZARAYA shared his destination during last Wednesday's call ... he found himself in Zorra's body at Santa's house! Yes, Zorra was visiting Santa at the time he and Zaraya traded bodies!  We remember, last year at Christmas, we learned much about the reality of Santa Claus, and today's call brought more.. We have much to learn about what is really "real" here on our planet! - ZORRA confirmed GCR and debunked the "6 days of darkness NASA hoax."  -  Did Prince William sign the treaty? Zorra hints of a "coming event" when many nations will be freed from the "Commonwealth of Great Britain" as US is still not free from England.  - Can we expect carefree Christmas shopping  yet this Christmas? - How to use pyramid power if unable to build a pyramid home? If living in a long trailer? - Was Santa and his reindeer intercepted by six aircraft? - Can Santa speak this Wednesday and maybe talk to the little ones? - Prime Creator planning great Celebration.  Q & A: Marriage/divorce in Hollow Earth? How long Zorra/Saryya been together? Telepathy brings understanding? - Is there rejection? - British military plane over Reno? - What to do to save their home from auction block? - What she did... and now has a "Joy" - What causes High Blood Pressure? - Is West Coast to have an earthquake and fall into sea? - Help for rheumatoid arthritis? - HEALING PULSE




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    This was our last Wednesday call before Christmas, as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve come on the next two Wednesday's.  UNLESS - Zorra can arrange an interview with Santa Claus!  We will let you know.

    Today's call began with the Invocation - Zaraya spoke about "Giving" with regard to his personal gift to us, and that he would do it again because "You are worth it."  

    ZORRA - talks about Santa and his history. - Confirmation of upcoming RV and our need for supportive agreement and patience.  SARYYA (Zorra's other half) speaks of "giving" amd those who have given so much - Sananda. - "Your true Mission is just beginning now."- A brief message from Prime Creator. - Callers speak of gratitude and why -  Will we need trusts? Will they fit into the new governnance? - What about the strong new Masculine/Feminine energies arriving on the 21st? -  Last week's energies were so high and fast! ...What to do?  

    Next call:  Saturday, December 27th

    Possible call with Santa before Christmas? If so, it will be announced.

    Share and enjoy... THE LOVE!


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    Call begins after several false music starts. Anne's tech problem.

    Invocation / Announcement: Building pyramid homes - www.korvelo.com

    ZORRA: RV Status - St Germaine Trust distributions, and how - Bank workers can participate in RV / Is Nibiru a threat? / Huge mothership Ellenin, almost as big as the Sun, has moved away from Sun - Evelyn took 19 photos of "Ellenin's Dance." For your eyes only! - Why me? Ellenin here to gather Sirians: How select? When? The vast interior of Ellenin, Who ARE these new Sirian babies? Why are they coming? - Will we leave in family groups? What about our pets? / Dog planet; Feline planet. / Healing ships? / Why so much importance on RV? / Will we keep these bodies in 5D? /  WHEN will the IRS...go?  --  Sovereign Citizen "SS#" - Authenticating Mermaids - HEALING PULSE















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    Our planned 1-hour call extended into 2 hours - lots of good news!

    Invocation - ZARAYA explains "everyday magic" in Hollow Earth. - ZORRA: "The floodgates are about to burst open!" Prime Creator sent Emissary in human form to UN - Earth scientists' extraordinary inventions, put on shelf "for good of mankind" will soon be released and used! Examples! - This world belongs to Prime Creator and... US! - Will be pristine after Gathering - and no more reincarnations!  SARYYA: Feel the veils lifting? As RV comes forth, your dreams become reallty.- Russia's Putin also playing a part, as Obama, is a Light worker. - Latest reports from US employee on Mars? Not factual, no conflicts. What are they working on, on Mars? - 3D Copier replaces limbs?? -  Putin's special mission. Our airlines will be replaced with..... ! -  Q & A:- Be prepared for mentors, may receive a message - How to prevent 4-1/2 year old from receiving vaccinations - How to purify water free of charge - He danced with deceased grandmother - Will there be 50% taxes on RV? - They destroyed EVERYTHING on his computer! - Is there any 4D left? - It's a 5D Being trying to take Birth at 25 weeks! - So grateful SOUL cured it! - Has our DNA expanded? - How to activate headband - Coming price of gold? - Should he stop eating all together?












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    This Featured Episode is extremely informative in getting to understand how we made this connection with  Hollow Earth.

    Zaraya (Zorra's son) gives the most detailed recount of his appearing before the Hollow Earth Council, where he and his sister were requested to be relocated on the surface... and why.

    We hear of his early childhood abilities, his induction into the Air Force, stationed at the Pentagon, later in charge of Area 51 where he, on several occasions, took the "bullet vessel" through glassy tunnels to Inner Earth and Hollow Earth. Zaraya tells of the Ramtha years. 

    Zorra's healing pulse. 

    Quazar deftly manages a very interesting interview of Zorra, including, "Who are you and where did you come from? Do you have other children? Where are they? Is Zaraya's anatomy different? How?"  

    Zorra: "You are now at Dimension 5.6 - nothing to stop you from Ascending. Your Higher Self knows when it is time; here is how to learn your departure time.   

    How our discernment works.  Prime Creator speaks: "The dark's days are numbered, but still sending entities to slow your Ascension."  

    Zorra tells of an entity from England, among us, a former warlock from the dark side, asking us to send him energy for his work. "Do not do this, he is trying to trap you. If you already have, free yourself with this statement:__________" 

    Q & A's for this call will be on the Wednesday, June 11th call.

    Telephone Replay:  1 209 255 1099 + 439724#  Ref: 30#


    Thank you for joining us.


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    Wisdom Walk - Transcendence from Validation (Earth)

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    Theme for December: TRANSCENDENCE

    Program Title: Transcendence from Validation (Earth)

    “Transcendence is the power to be born anew, to make a fresh start, to turn over a new leaf, to begin with a clean slate, to enter into a state of Grace, to have a second chance. Transcendence makes no reference to the past, whether your past has been overflowing with victories or filled with defeats. When you enter a state of transcendence, you are able to begin a new life, unburdened by both the victories and defeats of the past.” –Robert Fritz, The Path of Least Resistance

    Tonight, Jojopah presents the third of a five-part teaching on TRANSCENDENCE, the theme for December as we come to the end of 2014—a Mineral Year. With the help of her guest, Dr. Amanda Kemp, PhD, Jojopah will share wisdom on why validating experiences (achieving an important goal, having your dream come true, having a windfall, having a ‘happy ending”) will take you away from who you have known yourself to be and enable you to transcend to a new state of having, doing and being -–from which there is no going back.

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    Tonight's call was extremely informative. 

    Opening with Invocation: Violet Flame and Pillar of White Light of Protection. - ZARAYA tells of shape-shifting into Mer body, swimming with cruise ships; saw Ashtar's crew vacuuming ocean of pollution. QUAZAR tells of huge portal just opening. ZORRA: About dark's intrusion into last week's call by four warlocks - What IS a warlock?  A witch? What is Magic? Druids? Merlin? The Titans?  SARYYA: Maganificent things beginning to happen! Portals! Being trained in our sleep. Hollow Earth commonly uses magic as shape-shifting, manifesting; anything is possible. Use of Containment to stop cabal? "Yes, and..." - ANNE: Interim President of New Republic is now in Oval Office?  ZORRA: Coming Announcements: NESARA; No IRS; No DEBTS - Republic Interim President, St Germain, Ashtar, Prime Creator, Ascended Masters all in 48-hour meeting in White House AS WE SPEAK. Area 51 now "owned" by New Republic Militrary. A-51 tunnels reopened to Hollow Earth. Tunnels to surface now opened by forest fires allowing Emergence.. All International borders: check points coming down - people will just walk from couintry to counmtry in US and Europe - A peek at things to come; worldwide changes - On Mars, joint civilization since 50's: : American, Russian, Chinese. Coming Announcement from White House: "Republic is restored." - At end of 48-hour meeting? Prime Creator's Announcement. - HEALING PULSE, joined by Arcturians, mass healings. Releases from prisons, asylums. Captors awaken, aware: "This is wrong!"


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    Creating Our Own Heaven on Earth with Dr. Bruce Lipton - Part 1

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    Want to live a more successful and happy life, your way, authentic to you?  Click here to get your FREE 5-Day E-Course and be on your way today!

    Why is it that some people can wake up every day and have a positive and optimistic outlook on life?  Why do some people seem to find good fortune more than not?  Why, on the other hand, so some people seem to wake up to more negativity, disappointment, and frustration?  Is this something that is out of our control, or do we have a hand in creating the type of life that we have?

    Join me for this fantastic interview with world-renowned expert Dr. Bruce Lipton, where we discuss why people act the way they do, and why people experience life as they do on a day-by-day basis.  Dr. Lipton also discusses what he calls the "Honeymoon Effect," which has the potential to positively change your life once you know the secrets of how the mind works.  

    Finally, Dr. Lipton will also speak about life coaching, and why he believes that a life coach is a necessity to help create our own "heaven on earth," and enjoy each day to its fullest.

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    ~The return to our connection to Earth, & to her Spirit, Medicine, & Healing~

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    What does Earth Spirit, Earth Medicine, Earth Healing mean? What does it mean to be part of the Earth and, that humanity is returning to its connection with her?  How is connecting with Earth's Spirit, Medicine, and Healing vital for us and our evolution on Earth?  And, what makes humanity's return to this connection, so special to our time, today...

    Join me for a special episode that will answer all of these questions and connect with so much more on this topic of humanity and the return to its deeply rooted connection with La Madre Tierra.   

    Having just returned from the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, I know I'm going to have so much to share on this topic and so much more! 

    So much Love, Peace, and Harmony, siempre~
    <3 <3 <3

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    And how be you, Beloved Masters?  It is I, Zorra, from Hollow Earth.

    Zorra addresses today's most precise questions:


    Violet Flame invoked / White Pillar of Protection - Zorra addresses RV delay: "PTB will not have their "glory" -  Delay opens the door for more Lightworkers to receive their "Blessing." - Understanding "Only seconds away..." -  Healing ships are already here - Your country is always in the rear. - Will Obama act? - Why would you join Admiral's RV Group? - What is protecting us from Yellowstone massive atmospheric contaminants? -  Are chemtrails hurting us? - Will the bees return? - Ebola innoculations? - What areas are safe from IRS RV confiscation? - Which Iraqi currency is now worthless? - Explanation of how a Gratitude Rock works. - Healing Pulse
    Telephone Replay:  1   209-255-1099 + 439724#  Ref  73#




    Scroll down the Home page to BREAKING NEWS.  Events are posted as they happen. Most people check in when they awaken - mid-day - and before bed.  This is the fastest way to be on top of things as they happen.

    May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing, and great, great love be with you.

    What a wondrous, glorious, loving day it is!





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