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    How Our Dreams Are Possible, Part Two

    in Motivation

    We are growing and changing every day, yet in most cases, we think that we are not changing at all. What has changed in us in the last five years of our lives, of life in general, that reminds us we are always growing and learning and thriving in life? How does what we know now help us to think outside of the boxes we were in and realize as well, that anything is possible once we can see how much we have grown without even noticing! Imagine noticing and using that knowledge to encourage ourselves to live and find our dreams? Tune in and Join in on the conversation today at 5:30 AM, PST! 

  • Accomplishing Your Dreams: Setting Goals

    in Spirituality

     Do you set goals? How often? Do you accomplish them? Discover how to set your goals and accomplish them!

    Join your hosts, Melissa and Grant Virtue, as they discuss how to accomplish your dreams through setting goals. During this episode you will learn the importance of setting goals; how to set goals; and tips on accomplishing them. Melissa and Grant will also offer 'Preventative Medicine' for setting and accomplishing your goals. 

    You can join live on the phone or in the available chat room.

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    Dreams and Visions Interpretations

    in Spirituality

    Connect with me as we discuss different words and actions in our dreams and there meanings.

    It is God's desire to speak to ALL of us through dreams and visions.  Having a relationship with God will help us hear Him more, clearer and more frequently. So once we position ourselves to hear from Him we will know what decisions to make in life. We will have less problems and issues to deal with. Remember God is our creator, we are all created for a purpose.  

     Act2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: 


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    How to Have Lucid/Psychic Dreams Time Travel Dreams&Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    I will be getting more indepth with how to have lucid dreams.  I will also continue with time travel dreams.  Lucid dreams often are psychc dreams. Time travel dreams can also be psychic dreams as well.  In a time travel dream, however, you can go to the past and often you will be in a different era which stems from your past lifetime.  

    Many people developing psychic abilities will have a lucid or psychic dream.  I will tell you how to increase your ability to have these lucid or psychic dreams.  I want you to remember every detail about your dream and write it in a dream journal.  This is how I started getting more psychic.  It will help your own personal life nd also warn you of disasters or tragedies which sometimes can be prevented. 

    I will also do psychic readings.

    Contact me for a detailed reading at mia0899cs@gmail.com.  I only usually ask for a donation of $25.00. This is my way of giving back. 

    Love and Light 




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    PTRN Presents ~ The Soapbox Witch ~ Dreams

    in Spirituality

    Everyone dreams, whether we remember them or not. What are dreams? Let’s talk about dreams in this episode. Such topics as dream symbols, prophetic dreams, and lucid dreaming will be discussed.


  • Dreams: How They Can Provide Answers, Spiritual Messages and Guidance

    in Spirituality

    Our soul offers us guidance through our dreams. Can a dream predict the future? Help with healing? Open the door to communicate with passed loved ones or Divine beings? What is the difference between a waking dream and a lucid dream? What is the importance of nightmares , recurring dreams or dreams of loved ones who have passed? Do you have a hard time remembering your dreams? What is dream exploration? Find answers to these questions and more while learning how our dreams can provide us answers, messages and guidance.

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    Sports Our Way!!!

    in Sports

    Sports talk over the course of the week about really anything and everything. Hollywood and Chaos add what all hosts try to do but they just do a better job of adding some humor, real world takes and some awesome built in. DMAF Weird news and Final thoughts are a staple of the shows, relax and enjoy @Fnchaos @npetrevski

  • Psychic and Time Travel Dreams&Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    I want to discuss psychic and time travel dreams.  I did see my fathers funeral 8 months prior to it happening.  It was exactly the same.  Good things can happen as well.  There was nothing anyone could do to save my father and I will explain. 

    I will explain how you know if it's a psychic, time travel dream, or just a dream based on fears.  

    I will do psychic readings. 

    Love and Light 


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    Sports Our Way - Fantasy Football Preview

    in Sports

    Hollywood and Chaos go through the 2015 Fantasy Football run down, sleepers, busts, draft strategy and with daily fantasy taking over, they bring on Tommy Young a writer on Getrealfootball.com who covers the daily game on FanDuel and Draft Kings. Mixing in some stupid news and a DMAF this will be one of the show you want to catch to get ready for any type of fantasy fottball you want to play this year!!

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    Show #89-Chase your Dreams and Succeed with Sylvia Jade!!

    in Motivation

    Sylvia is a 22-year old YouTuber, marketer, and student. She uses YouTube as her outlet for fashion and beauty, but has turned that into a full-time job, while also working at a creative agency, and on the side, she does marketing consulting for brands looking to reach the digital market -- all while still going to school.

    Amazing show. The theme of today’s show is:  going after our dreams featuring my special guest: Sylvia Jade. Sylvia is a successful 22-year old YouTuber with nearly 180,000 subscribers • 16,950,536 views. She is also a marketer, and student. Sylvia uses YouTube as her outlet for fashion and beauty and has turned that into a full-time job, while also working at a creative agency, and on the side, she does marketing consulting for brands looking to reach the digital market -- all while still going to school. She is here today to share strategies for successful entrepreneurship.


  • The Power of Our Stories Radio

    in Art

    The Power of Our Stories Radio host Mellisa Lambert and co-host Alisa J. Green interviews two sponsors for the #HLICMovie Premiere on August 26, 2015 at The CityPlex 12 Theatre in Newark, NJ

    April L. Ashe founder of IBN Gospel Radio is one of our sponsors for the #HLICMovie Premiere. April is a loving mother and a visionary who loves god, and loves sharing god's words through music and radio. April L. Ashe is all up InUrSpirit Broadcasting Network and she knows how to deliver with love. 

    IBN GOSPEL RADIO provides positive, family-oriented programs that feature music by independent & Main Stream GOSPEL artists. 

    Call US..Go to http://ibngospel.com to learn more about IBN Gospel Radio





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