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    The Other Woman: Pt 2

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    We're going to be continuing our discussion on what it means to be the other woman, unpacking some stereotypes, and taking a closer look at the juxtapositions between wives and mistresses. 

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    SACRED WOMAN CHAT- Sisterly love

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    I love you my sisters, my extention of the Divine family. Let's chat like the Groit (Ancient Khemetic Storyteller) share loving stories of love truth and courage. Lets love on each other through the pain we grew up with . Lets purge together and heal one another!! Lets bring the luggage we have been carring all these years and leave it in the circle to burn. Burn away the tears and fears opening the Gateways into out Sacred Freedom!!!

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    The Urban Woman Radio: Cinderella on Broadway Recap and a Host of Other Things..

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    Last Friday, I had the huge honor and pleasure to see Cinderella on Broadway. The show was spectacular. Keke Palmer played the role  of Cinderella with a refreshing innocence. Her singing voice is unbelievable.  I enjoyed the modern twists on the story of Cinderella. Sherri Shepherd was the runaway hit of the show. She owned the part of the Wicked Stepmother.

    The Holiday Season is fast approaching. In the weeks to come we will be discussing ways you can give back to the community.  We will also discuss Holiday Recipes. Many people are trying to watch their weight. Do you skip your diet during the holiday season ? Do you believe in having a "cheat day". Ive cut back on the amount of sufgar I consume, but I find myself giving into temptation. 

    It is important to remember those who are less fortunate during the Holidays. We will let you know how you can serve meals and donate items to those in need.


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    The Film The Other Woman

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    Dr. Summer talks to the cast of the film, The Other Woman.

    Open 4-25-14!   You are going to love it!

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    The Other Woman

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    Caryn Lee and Marques Lewis talk about being The Other Woman" on a touching topic.

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    Brick Mansions, The Other Woman

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    It's the calm before the storm this week on the Punch Drunk Podcast! With summer movie season mere weeks away and Captain America two weeks past we get to talk about some smaller films that can satiate your cinematic needs until Spider-Man hits, namely the romantic comedy The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton...oh I can't forget about Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who plays the man these three are fighting with/over. Then it's on to an American remake of an amazing french action film with Brick Mansions starring Paul Walker and Rza. 

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    Being The Other Woman!

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    Is your boyfriend married? This might sound like a silly question, but in this day and age, it’s actually not that uncommon. What happens when you meet the love of your life, only to find out that he is already married? Perhaps his marriage was already over by the time you came into the picture… Perhaps it wasn’t. Whether you believe that falling in love with a man who’s already spoken for is right or wrong, it happens! Tune into our episode: The Other Woman! We’ll be hearing first-hand accounts from women who have been the mistress, as well as women who found out about their husbands’ mistresses! Why be #1, when you can be #2... we will be discussing, the new show, 'Being Mary Jane.' We are hear to answer all of your questions and we definitely want to hear both sides!

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    7 Habits of A Successful Woman!

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    January 12th, 2015 Show

    Join host and business success coach Trina Newby as she shares 7 Habits of  A Successful Woman.

    Women around the world are realizing that success is truly a journey and it's all about the positive habits and actions you take that helps to create success along the way.

    Dial in and get ready to have some ah-ha moments as Trina shares positive habits that get results!

    Featured Guest

    Also on the show is featured guest, Krystol Sanders, Insurance Consultant and President of Agents Alliance, LLC.  Krystol will share tips and information on why it's important to get insurance sooner than later!

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    Shelly Nunchucks talking about NRG WOMAN and other topics

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    Feeling super pumped working on a brand new character, NRG WOMAN.

    Think Cheesey late 70's/early 80's cheesey type super hero

    Probably other subjects too

  • The Urban Woman Radio: Brand New Year

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    Welcome to a Brand New Year of the Urban Woman Radio on BlogTalkRadio. We have alot of things to discuss. Did you see the movie Selma ? I had the pleasure of attending a Press Screening as well as Q&A Session with the Producers and Stars of the Movie.  Selma is a powerful movie that is very timely to what is happening now in both Ferguson and NYC. 

    Selma won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song "Glory". Common gave a powerful speech about how Selma changed his views. I think Selma should have won more awards. David Oyelowo was nominated for a Golden Globe but did not win.  I think that is a real injustice. But I am not surprised. David also did very well in The Butler. He has a very unique personality. David is not a Jamie Foxx or a Denzel Washington. I am so happy that Oprah recognizes his talent and genuine spirit.  He is unlike anything we have ever seen.

    I think Ava Devurnay should have won for Best Director. She is the first African American Woman to be nominated for such an honor. Parts of the movie reminded me of Malcolm X. Ava made us explore parts of the character of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr that we had not looked into before. He was much more than "I Have A Dream.." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not without flaws. The movie implied that he was not faithful to Coretta or "Corey" as he lovingly referrred to her. I  never stopped to think about his jealousy of Malcolm X.  Ava did an outstanding job.

    No show would be complete without mentioning Dance Moms. We are in Season 5. Three of the original dancers are gone. Nia will most likely become the newest scapegoat. In order to keep the show relevant and full of controversy, Abby Lee Miller is allowing Maddie to participate in Music Videos that will lead to many discussions. First it was Chandelier and now its Elastic which co stars Shia Lebouf. 

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    Guest:Matthew Barry/Casting Director/The Other Woman

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    After many years of acting, he asked famed director Barry Levinson for a production job and was guided to the casting department. Matthew has since spent the next 19 years directing actors as a casting director, working with Tim Burton on “Ed Wood and “Mars Attacks”, Brett Ratner on “Rush Hour 1 and 2” and “Family Man”, Nick Cassavetes on “Unhook the Stars”, “She’s So Lovely”, “John Q” “The Notebook”, “Alpha Dog” ,“My Sisters Keeper” and  “The Other Woman”, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer on “Crimson Tide” (Tony Scott) and “Con Air” (Simon West). Matthew’s ability to spot and work with talent has allowed him to discover or advance the careers of James Gandolfini and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman (“Money For Nothing”), Ryan Phillipe, Steve Zahn, Danny Nucci and James LeSure (“Crimson Tide”), Don Cheadle (“Devil in a Blue Dress”), Dave Chappelle and Monica Potter (“Con Air”), Lucy Liu (“Shanghai Noon”), Dakota Fanning (“Tomcats”), Roselyn Sanchez (“Rush Hour 2”) Rachel McAdams (“The Notebook”), Katt Williams (“Friday After Next”), and Anton Yelchin, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried (“Alpha Dog”) just to name a few! You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film


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