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    How to Capture Information...Other Than in Your Brain

    in Self Help

    Do you feel like you have so much information in your brain that it comes spilling out your ears from the overflow? Or maybe your brain feels so stuffed that you can't imagine it holding another piece of data.

    In today's episode, Productivity Coach and Master Organizer, Janice Russell, will highlight a variety of ways to capture support and reference information. She will reveal how capturing data in ways that make sense to you will free your brain for other activities.

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    Do You Want To Connect With Your Loved Ones On The Other Side?

    in Spirituality

    Air date: April 11, 2015

    Description: Lisa will continue to get right to your calls to see if you have any questions about connecting with your loved ones on the Other Side or want to see if they would like to connect with you through Lisa today! Please call in at (646) 929-0732.*

    *Please know this is a mediumship reading and Lisa cannot foresee your future. For more information, please visit: http://messagesfromtheotherside.net

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    "In Other Words…" with Tamera Rush

    in Business

    Breaking barriers might be considered a family tradition for Tamera Rush.  Her grandmother was one of the first female pastors in the Methodist conference.  Tamera herself has broken barriers in the tech arena.  She was the most senior woman at a large tech corporation that contracted with the Department of Defense.  Then she decided to start her own company, Tenax Technologies.  Just barely a year old, she is already turning a profit.

    Tamera will talk with us about what it's like to stand out in a traditionally-male environment and other challenges she faces as a minority contractor (women are put into that category).  She will also talk about her work with SARC, an abuse resource center.

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    The Other Side of Grief

    in Self Help

    The only radio show dedicated to the issues of grief and loss.

    This week's conversation will focus on the "heart" of the issue of grief. 

    We know that loss is an intrinsic part of our lives. Why is our grief different with each loss?

    Why are some losses worse than others? Why do no two people grieve the same?

    We will begin to define relationships, committments, expectations, and perceptions that influence our grief journey.

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    Low voter participation: Have we found other alternatives to voting?

    in Current Events

    Join us today 5:30 CST as we raise the subject:

    Low voter participation: Have we found other alternatives to voting?

    If people are not voting does that reflect voter’s satisfaction or loss of confidence in the political process?

    To have your thoughts views and opinions heard 718-508-9533 Press #1 to have your say

    or click below to listen…..


    Interesting articles:







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    "In Other Words…" with Sinta Jimenez

    in Business

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you know how critical online social media is to the life and health of a business.  Sinta Jimenez has a background in marketing for Fortune 500 companies.  She took what she learned there, combined it with her knack for handling social media, and the result is Social Buzz Pros.  

    When you listen to this show, you'll start to understand why you need companies like Social Buzz Pros!  You have to post this many times here, but don't do more than this many posts there. Unless you're talking about this platform.  Then the rules change completely.  

    Social Buzz Pros can do as little as writing your blog posts for you or they can be your whole marketing department.  You'll get something valuable out of this show.

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    The Other Side of Grief

    in Self Help

    The only radio show dedicatehe issues of grief  and loss.

    This week's conversation will focus on grief and the caregiver.

    We will take a look at the special relationship between the dying and the caregiver and the impact the caregiver role has on grief.

    Listeners are welcome dto call in.



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    "In Other Words…" with Mark Luterman

    in Business

    This is a must-hear from anyone who wants to start their own business.  Or who has a small business, but would to grow it.  Mark Luterman, of SBSW (Small Business Secret Weapon) Companies, shows us some, well, weapons that should be in the arsenal of all entrepreneurs.

    As a successful speaker, author, teacher, and coach, Mark's mission is to help other "small business owners ... prosper and reach their desired goals."  You've heard this before: If you follow the formula, you will be successful.  So why isn't everyone? That's one of the things he'll talk to us about.    

    You'll also walk away from this show with some actionable tips, including how to get a free download of his ebook, 5 Steps to Unlimited Prosperity.  (Hint: Clink on the link.)


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    The Other Side of Grief

    in Self Help

    The only radio show dedicated to the issues of grief and loss.

    This week's conversation will focus on the topic; When someone chooses to die.

    Sometimes when someone is elderly or living with a chronic degenerative or progressive disease, a choice ismade to stop fighting, stop wanting to live, giving up hope and withdraw into dying.

    Often this becomes a painful reality for loved ones and family members and caregivers.

    We will talk about this experience and the impact and implications this could have  on thos concerned.

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    The Other Side of Grief

    in Self Help

    The only radio show dedicated tothe issues of loss and grief.

    This week we will continue the topic of loss grief and trauma. What can be considered a traumatic loss? Is traumatic loss the same for everyone? How does traumatic loss differ from other losses? How do you know you're suffering from traumatic loss?

    If you think this applies to you or someone you know, this will be important information for you to have.

    Listeners are welcomed to call in.


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    Ep. 16: Recovering After an Affair is Over: Journey of "the Other Woman"

    in Women

    Are you contemplating being the other woman? Are you in a relationship with a married man & you do not know how to get out of it? Are you single waiting on your husband yet those who keep showing up are married? Are you a married man who is dating another woman outside of your matrimonial home? Are you a single man dating married women? Are you happily married? Whatever your circumstances are, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE-on-ONE ACCOUNT from awoman who has recovered from the after effect of being the "Other Woman".

    Rev. LaTanya Hayward is a spiritual leader on a mission. While many may think "the other woman" does not need help,' it is important to understand the plight, learn from experiences, to help heal our current relationships. Hayward is a recovery coach, helping women who are suffering from the aftermath of an affair . She helps them recover in a safe, judgment free environment. 
    On today's episode, we will boldly go where many dare go As we usually do here at Princess Fumi & Her Southern Warrior Sister Talk Radio, we will unveil, ask, and answer tough questions: Rev. Hayward will share her own personal journey and why she is on the path of helping other women heal? Lots more....OUR BLOG: www.southernwarriorsistertribe.com
    READ HER GUEST BLOG: http://www.southernwarriorsistertribe.com/how-to-heal-your-life-after-the-affair-is-over-guest-blog-by-rev-latanya-hayward/#more-1475
    JOIN OUR TRIBE: https://www.facebook.com/SouthernWarriorSisterTribe

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