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    Denver Bronco Star Orson Mobley

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Just 2 Choices author Rico Racosky will interview NFL star Orson Mobley.

    Orson Odell Mobley is a former professional American football player who played tight end for five seasons for the Denver Broncos after being drafted in the sixth round. He played in three Super Bowls, and started in two of them

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    The Big Perm Show #47 - Orson Welles-War Of The Worlds-Original 1938 Broadcast

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we are taking the night off. We happily bring to you the 1938 radio broadcast of Orson Welles' " War Of The Worlds " !! 

    The historic October 30, 1938 Halloween episode of the "The Mercury Theatre on the Air" CBS series by Orson Welles, based on H. G. Wells's novel "The War of the Worlds" (1898), which caused much panic and even more debates on the influence of the mass media.

    We'll be back next Sunday night to celebrate our one year anniversary !!

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    Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

    in Paranormal

    Tis the season and Merry Christmas to you all. Join us as we play the Campbells Playhouse 1939 version of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol featuring Orson Welles and Lionel Barrymore.

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    Mork Calling Orson: Talking to The Great Beyond ~ Lynne Sutherland Olson

    in Motivation

    Mediumship involves talking to a broad range of those in spirit, human, animal and otherwise.  With a decade of experience in working with the public Medium Lynne Sutherland Olson offers a chance to talk with your beloved family and friends in spirit, sort out complicated haunting's or check in with your guides to see what you most need to know at this point in your life. With Archangel Michael as her primary guide Lynne is well equipped to deal with a broad range of paranormal situations. Do you have questions about murky circumstances surrounding a death? Are you worried about how your late friends and family are faring in spirit? Want to know where Grandma hid the silver? Lynne has answered many such questions and more.

    As a Psychic Medium Lynne can help you resolve unfinished business between the living and the dead. From talking to the dearly departed to figuring out what your haunting problem is she sees, hears, talks to and communicates with spirits and entities of all kinds. Lynne's tool box of skills includes remote viewing and medical intuitive abilities.

    Questions about yourself, your life, work, loves and health Lynne talks to your higher self, sort of a soul to soul communication. Another great source of information are your angels or guides who are issued to each person when they come into the world. Their job is to help us learn our life lessons, celebrate our successes, help keep us out of trouble and assist us in enduring tough times. They are usually delighted to have a chance to directly tell each of us what we need to know, to comfort, console or inspire. 

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--William Howard Taft--Former US President then Chief Justice US Supreme Court

    ***Hillary Clinton proposing Obama for the US Supreme Court!----Another Clinton Con?

    ***William Randolph Hearst--Publisher & Political Candidate---Historical audio extracts

    Hearst on taxes--Citizen  Kane--Orson Welles film fictionizing Hearst as a crusading publisher

    ***Princess Diana--affair with Mohamed Fayed---Was Diana's death an accident?

    ***French Marshall Alphonse Juin--Algerian born defender of Keeping Algeria " French"

    Juin was also involved in French Indo China War

    ***SUPERBOWL 50---Personal Safety & Property protection tips--Northern California's worsening epidemic of Reckless bicycling-motor vehicle driving and motor cycle driving


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    Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" 1939 Radio Special on Mystic Moon Cafe

    in Paranormal

    We will be playing Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" from 1939 starring Lionel Barrymore and Orson Wells. 

    1939 Radio Play, Lets join everyone in the parlor and have a listen,
    The forward of the book reads.
    "I have endeavored in this ghostly little book to raise the Ghost of an Idea which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves,
    with each other, with the season, or with me. May it haunt their houses pleasantly and no one wish to lay it."
    Signed  'Their Faithful Friend and Servant, Charles Dickens December 1843'

    Maybe play some Christmas tunes as well.

    So please join Wendy for some relaxing Christmas Eve Entertainment!  No Hustle or Bustle, just a Christmas Classic.

    Chat will be up and runnung - hopefully...
    If you have trouble listening on the Internet, you can always call in to listen at 646-716-6207
    Contact us on Facebook: Mystic Moon Cafe
    Email: MysticLands@kc.rr.com

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    Orson Wells War of the Worlds

    in Radio

    74 years ago tonight, Orson Wells air his classic rasio version of War of the Worlds.  In keeping with our Halloween Tradition, PSI-FI Radio will air War of the Worlds in its entirety tonight, taking our listeners back to a time when radio was the kind of home enteratinment, and fear was a dial-turn away.
    On Sunday, October 30, 1938, millions of radio listeners were shocked when radio news alerts announced the arrival of Martians. They panicked when they learned of the Martians' ferocious and seemingly unstoppable attack on Earth. Many ran out of their homes screaming while others packed up their cars and fled.
    The panic that ensued lasted for weeks, involving not only the listeners, but law enforcement agencies and emergency systems.
    Sit back, relax, and listen to this classic airing of Orson Wells War of the Worls, as though it were happening for the first time,,,,to you!

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    The Quest 7. Stories Of The Paranormal

    in Paranormal

    There is a light & dark side to the paranormal, & Quest discusses & shares some true acounts.  The Quest roundtable comes together to share experiences, so kick back and enjoy some great stories.

    We also take a look back at the 1938 radio broadcast that sent thousands of Americans running through the streets in fear!  What caused the panic?  Who was responsible?  We'll take a look at it.

    Thanks to everyone who has supported The Quest.  Although we are a babe in this arena, we look forward to growing and sprouting wings in the upcoming months.    Shout out to DJ Jreydilla for his behind the scenes work. Congratulations to Lucy Lu for a mind blowiing EP, & we look forward to you joining the Quest team.  Big Ups to Young Bully & Chico Manolo!  Shonda & Desi (Love)

    Thanks everyone!

    Roy Washington

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    FRANKENSTEIN! Old Time Radio on Prepper Broadcasting

    in Education

    Old Time Radio
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    After you take the kids out for the tricks and treats tonight sit down and share some old time radio with them. On this special Halloween broadcast we have 5 short stories for you... Frankenstein!

    The Australian production of FRANKENSTEIN starring George Edwards in many of the roles (people often made fun of the way Orson Welles would play two roles on Mercury Theater radio productions but George plays seven in this and about as many in DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE—not so much because of his ego but because there just wasn’t enough money to hire all the actors they needed for these full length adaptations). This easrned him the title of “The Man with a Thousand Voices”.
    The show was originally broadcast on 2GB in Sydney in 1931.

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    If We Picked the Oscar Winners: 1940 - 1949

    in Movies

    The Movie Geeks review the Best Picture Oscar winners throughout the 1940s, and reveal their personal picks for the films they believe should have picked up the big prize. 

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    Sitting Around Talking Movies with Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy & Bill Bregoli

    in Film

    In this fifth episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli discuss the quirky little independent film "The Sleepover," the apocalyptic "Z for Zaharia," and the latest Alex Gibney documentary "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine." The guys also go over the summer of 2015's hits and misses and wonder why some so-so movies became mega-hits while some movies thought of as "flops" weren't really all that bad. They also digress now and then and tell some stories about the legendary director (and wine salesman) Orson Welles.