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    Ornamental grass talk with Shannon Currey of Hoffman Nursery

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    I will center the chat around newly introduced ornamental grasses and some personal favorites with Shannon Currey, director of Sales and Marketing at Hoffman Nursery in North Carolina.    

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    All things ornamental grasses with Shannon Currey (Hoffman Nursery)

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    Notebook in hand is a must as I discuss nothing but ornamental grasses with Shannon Currey, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hoffman Nursery in North Carolina.   

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    Gab1930s Footwear

    History of Footwear
    Footwear refers to garments worn on the feet, for fashion, protection against the environment, and adornment. Some cultures chose not to wear footwear, at least in some situations.

    Socks and other hosiery are typically worn between the feet and other footwear, less often with sandals or flip flops (thongs). Footwear is sometimes the subject of sexual fetishism, such as shoe fetishism or boot fetishism.

    Durable shoes are a relatively recent invention, though many ancient civilizations wore ornamental footwear. Many ancient civilizations saw no need for footwear. The Romans saw clothing and footwear as signs of power and status in society, and most Romans wore footwear, while slaves and peasants remained barefoot. The Middle Ages saw the rise of high-heeled shoes, also associated with power, and the desire to look larger than life, and artwork from that period often depicts bare feet as a symbol of poverty. Bare feet are also seen as a sign of humility and respect, and adherents of many religions worship or mourn while barefoot, or remove their shoes as a sign of respect towards someone of higher standing.

    In some cultures, people remove their shoes before entering a home. Some religious communities require people to remove shoes before they enter holy buildings, such as temples.

    Practitioners of the craft of shoemaking are called shoemakers, cobblers, or cordwainers.

    Source: Wikipedia

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    How do you design a garden? Garden Design Series Part 2

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    In this episode we are going to continue to build on the information we gathered in our last braodcast to develop a new garden.  Design considerations will include the key role sun orientation plays in garden design, drainage and walkway surfaces options. As always photos or videos relevant to this broadcast will be available on our website at www.facebook.com/overthehedgerow.  Be sure to tune in live and call in on our toll free number to become part of the conversation or log into the chat room if you are too shy to give us a call and we can discuss your gardening challenges.

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    Sunday Night Old Time Gospel. The old Landmark. The old Time way,

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    Sunday Night Old Time Gospel. The old Landmark. The old Time way,

    Take Me Back to the Old Landmark

    Guide Me O' Thou Great Jehovah

    Before This Time Another Year

    I Love the Lord He Heard My Cry

    Do Lord Remember Me

    I Will Trust in the Lord

    Lord I Would Come to Thee

    Grandmama's Old Prayer Moans

    This May Be My Last Time

    Trouble In My Way

    When I Can Read My Title My Clear

    Take Me Back to the Old Landmark is a tribute to the the old style Call and Response African American spirituals. A number of these spirituals are affectionately labeled within the African-American Church as Old Dr. Watts hymns. Old Dr. Watts hymns are sung in a slow, ornamental style, with each line being lined out by a leader before it is sung by the congregation. Old Dr. Watts refers to Isaac Watts, an early 19th century English composer. Although these type hymns are fading from use in modern church services, Old Dr. Watts hymns enjoy a special place in the hearts of the African-American church. Mourners Bench Records through its upcoming release Take Me Back to the Old Landmark hopes to preserve this part of the African-American heritage for future generations.

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    Green Scene- Carnivorous Plants

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    On Friday January 16th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, join Join us on Natures Talk Show Friday, January 16th for the Green Scene. Host Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman continue their discussion of the carnivorous plants and how to keep them. Their new show, The Green Scene will feature many aspects of plant keeping and horticulture. We will be scheduling interesting guest to discuss many aspects and types of ornamental, garden and other interesting plants. 



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    Jack Spirko "The Survival Podcast" with guest Sam Coffman

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    Jack Spirko with guest Sam Coffman!
    American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Today we are joined by former special forces solider and wilderness survival trainer Sam Coffman of TheHumanPath.com to discuss survival training, permaculture, rebuilding after collapse and more.

    The Human Path is an ecology-based, wilderness-survival and wilderness-living school offering a huge variety of outdoor, bushcraft classes (outdoor fitness, wilderness and primitive living skills, wilderness medicine, herbology, self defense, teamwork and leadership, primitive engineering, permaculture certification, aquaponics, green building and much more) in both the San Antonio and Austin areas of Texas.

    Read More HERE!

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    Sam Garcia Jr. Talk About Fish Art!

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    Professionsl Artist Sam Garcia Jr. discusses his fish art during an episode of Aquatics Euphoria. On Saturday the 25th of October Sam will take us into the realm of art as it pertains to ornamental fish found in the fish keeping hobby. Sam has been an artist for many years and is a professional artist. His artistical abilities began when he was just a youngster in school. Come join us live October 25th at 3 PM EST. Call inlive at 1-347-677-1837 if you wish to ask artist Sam Garcia Jr. any questions about his art.

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with master engraver David Guilietti

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    Our guest on Metalsmith Benchtalk on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 3:00 PDT/ 6:00 PDT is David Guilietti, jewelry designer, metalsmith and master engraver.

    We welcome you to participate in this live interview by creating a free account on Blogtalkradio and logging into the chatroom with questions and comments. We also monitor the Whaley Studio's Facebook Page for questions and comments before and during the show.

    David Giulietti Designs is dedicated to making richly beautiful jewels. Using a quiver of medieval techniques and a fine arts background David pairs antique ornamental styles with a contemporary sensibility. The end results often feel as if they were liberated from an Italian palazzo or a medieval treasure horde.
         David Giulietti Hand Engraver produces museum quality engraving for discerning clients around the world. Embellishing silver cups, gold watches,picture frames, knives, jewelry and the occasional Harley Davidson. An expert in decorative styles and hand cut lettering he takes time to carefully consider all the details of the job whether it is a centuries old silver trophy cup or a simple wedding band.

    John Mayer, Katy Perry, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Jackson Browne and David Grisman all have David's work in their collections. He has worked on the Millionth Martin Guitar with world class inlay artist Larry Robinson and has had his work exhibited at The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California. His work  appears in the Lark Books publication Showcase 500 Art Necklaces which is available in bookstores as of July 2013.

    For more about David, visit his website and Facebook Page.

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    Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show

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    On Sunday August 31st 2014 at 11 PM Europe time, 10 PM UK Time, 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST, 2 PM PST The Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show will present an episode of the Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show dealing with some of the topics that affect fish breeding in the tropical fish hobby, from the aspect of public aquariums, and governments. Such topics such as species maintenance programs from public aquariums and zoos to specific species maintenance programs done in the aquarium hobby. Other topics for discussion will be line-breeding, population genetics, hybridization and other issues that get into the equation of dealing with tropical fish in the ornamental fish hobby. Check out this discussion between Biologist and Chemist Jungle Jim Carmark, Marine Biologist John Brandyberry and Willy The Beast Forrest discuss some interesting points about these topics. Whether you are into the ornamental strains of guppies that are a part or the aquarium hobby to even extinct species in the wild will be discussed on this program from the aspect of learning about several of these issues that are discussed in the hobby today! Make sure you tune into the Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show and all of the other great programs on the Wacko Radio Network!


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    Talking About Puffer Fish With Jeff Hiser!

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    We will be talking with Jeff Hiser in a live broadcast about the Puffer Fish. Jeff will discuss what all is involved with keeping these fish as an ornamental addition to your fish hobby. These fish, not for the beginner, are a wonderful species with special needs. We will discuss these special needs in this episode of "TALKING ABOUT PUFFER FISH WITH JEFF HISER" Call in live at 1-347-677-1837 to add your two cents about these wonderful fish. Come One Come All!

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