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    Episode 49 Part. II Straight Talk With Stan Maclin: Education and the link to jails with Carol Quint

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    Join us for this episode of Straight Talk with Stan Maclin. Based out of Harrisonburg, VA, Stan provides up to date commentary, thought, and inspiration on today's current events, pop culture, and spirituality for today's complicated world.

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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame, Final Reflect Entertainment

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    Orlando Presentz is going to be live this Sunday thats right this Sunday with Special Geuss Final Reflect Entertainment,

    We have CEO, Doctrinn in the building Brotha Minista, Echo, John Thomas, get ready for a packed show.

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    Orlando Presentz...Before the Fame: RavO

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    I'm very multitalented an overachiever, unconditional lover,loves success, and loves being surrounded by positive people. There are no friends or family like the ones i got. love yall. 

    Just a little bit about the person named RavO she is a very talented producer but a even more talented person and we will have a chance to speak with her today hope you enjoy be blessed.

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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame: Brittany Franklin, "IDENTITY"

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    Brittany Franklin is a 29 year old singer,songwriter, and musician from Pasadena CA. By the grace of God,she is preparing to bring a new sound by studying music full-time, and her debut EP is out NOW! Follow her on Twitter,Facebook,and Instagram @brittis2nd!

    All inquiries:brittis2ndmusic@gmail.com

    Feature Artist of the Day:

    Danyelle': Founder and CEO of Denoted Poetry Ministries Inc. began over 12 years ago with just saying yes! Yes to the call of ministry God had for her life.


    Instagram: Denoted poetry Ministries

    Facebook: Denoted Poetry Ministries




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    Orlando Presentz......Before the Fame: Various Artist

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    Thats right its another Monday with another Monday Motivation with Latrice Dailey of Call to Encourage. We really hope you enjoy her segment's.

    Also we  have Doctrinn and Echo of Final Reflect Entertainment, on the show for a special announcement cant wait to see what they have cooking up. 

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    Final Reflect Focus: Whats the Point

    in Indie Music

    Final Reflect Focus :What's the point

    Final Reflect Focus is a platform by Orlando Presentz and Final Reflect Entertainment, which focuses on bringing you live weekly sessions to talk about the message behind christian music, the business aspects of making your music, styles, genres, and HOW TO's on various aspects within indie music development. From Special Guest Stars to biblical references, we strive to bring you a fun, but smooth Thursday mornings. We are bringing New and smooth music for your ears. See you there!

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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame:

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    Surprise call in from Thee Shelia Evett, great testimony.

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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame: Diandra Smith-Hall

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    Today im honored to have a fellow host come to the show today, she has been through a lot in her life and has given me the pleasure of hearing her testimony first hand so i hope you are ready for my guess today. Diandra Smith- Hall, Also we have are Feature Artist, Son of Will, Until He Comes so tune in and i hope you are encouraged. peace and love

    Diandra Smith-Hall's Bio


    Diandra Smith-Hall is CEO, Founder, Host of SpiritSoul Radio Network affectionately

    known as SPSN, Entrepreneur, 

    Manager  of SPSN Management, Motivator 

    is a Wife, and 

    Mother of two. Though she wears many hats she always says “I

    cannot do anything without the LORD”.


    Many say she is an online “Self-help, Preacher-Evangelist” that is real and can be related to.

    She will tell you she is just a “Daughter of God” that just chose to obey. A reachologist she

    has touched many in the span of  3 1/2 years of airing 


    Thank you, 

    Be encouraged, Be inspired, and Be forever changed!
    Diandra Smith-Hall [CEO]

    Kelvin Hall [COO]

    SpiritSoul Radio Network [SPSN]


    (347) 897-6671










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    PTRN Presents - Nature Magic w/Selena Fox & Circle Talk

    in Spirituality

    7 PM CST - Nature Magic with Selena Fox: Community Practice

    Examine ways to practice Pagan Spirituality through participation in Pagan church communities, centers, online networks, festivals, projects, and other organizations.

    8 PM CST - Circle Talk with Deb Rose:  PSG Workshop Presenters - Tarot with Gina:  Join Circle Minister Deb Rose as we continue our series on the presenters of Pagan Spirit Gathering.  An opportunity for those who were scheduld to present at PSG to share their information with the community.  Tonight, Deb Rose is joined by Mama Gina who will share the Tarot workshop information she was scheduled to present at PSG.


    Music for PTRN open and close provided by SJ Tucker, For more music and information, please visit http://sjtucker.com/

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    Orlando Presentz.....Before the Fame: Justin Shaw Sr.

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    Ok today is Monday you know what that means Motivation Monday with Latrice Dailey of Call to Encourage aslo we have Mr. Justin Shaw Sr. in the building. 

             J us t i n J e r me l l Sha w wa s bor n t o J ohn & L y nn Sha w on J une 21 , 1 984. He wa s bor n i n For e s t c i t y , Ar k a ns a s . Hi s s i ngi ng c a r e e r be ga n a t t he t e nde r a ge ?v e a nd ha s c ont i nue d t i l l t hi s t oda y . Hi s l ov e a nd pa s s i on f or gos pe l mus i c be ga n  a s a me mbe r of  “ Gr e a t e r Fa i t h T a be r na c l e of De l i v e r a nc e ” whe r e hi s gr a ndf a t he r a nd f ounde r of t he c hur c h, pa s t or Le v i Conl e y he l pe d pr e pa r e hi m f or l i f e ' s ups a nd downs . Si nc e t hos e da y s gr owi ng up i n t he c hur c h, J us t i n ha s gr own i nt o l ov i ng a nd c a r i ng hus ba nd a nd f a t he r .      



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