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    Andy Peacher Reflects on his Life as a Dad @ Husband @ Freedom Talk Radio Host

    in Dads and Family

    Hosts Neelu Chaudhari & Ruby Akhtar  with Andy Peacher who reflects on his journey which led him to host Freedom Talk Radio shows on topics covered up by mainstream media - topics such as kidnaps by the State, Forced Adoptions, Child Abuse, false prosecutions of parents and cover-ups of Satanic Ritual Abuse are still being covered up by Police, CPS & Courts.  2015 was the year when the silence on social media broke out and took over the mainstream media.  Andy Peacher also reflects on his own personal journey of living with his wife, a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, with PTSD, which has landed her in prison without there being any insight or intent with her threats to blow up Police Stations.  She has been imprisoned several times this year and is currently in remand in prison.  We hope and pray for her release tomorrow and an acknowledgement and apology from the State rather than repeated punishment.  Andy also reflects on his two children, damaged by vaccines, forced into care and his efforts to keep the family as together as is possible given the hostilities by the State.  Andy is organising a conference in Fife Scotland on 5th May 2016 with speakers from all over the world so that mass remedies for millions of parents separated from much loved children can occur in 2016.

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    PSHRadio Speak To Sean Cadman & Vivien Powell

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we speak to Sean Cadman & Vivien Powell who shall be bringing you a Paranormal Convention to Galleries Of Justice In Nottingham in the UK "PARAFORCE UK 2016) we shall be asking them both what shall be happening at the event how to get tickets as well as which special guests shall be attending.

    Vivien & Sean both run there own teams, RAPS & Past Hauntings, they have been investigating together for 5 years now and have built up a close friendship, between them they have nearly 50 years of experience in the paranormal field, they decided to start Paraforce UK after being involved in the organising of Paracon 2014 when it became apparent that there wasnt going to be a Paracon 2015 that was the birth of Paraforce UK, an event that it is hoped will bring the UK paranormal community together to hear some fantastic talks and learn from each other, Viv & Sean aim to show this community that it is possible to work together and above all enjoy yourselves whilst doing it.


    Purchase Tickets Via: http://www.paraforceuk.com/events---booking.html

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    From Europe to the USA'S GOP presidential race, so many things not as they seem

    in Politics Conservative

    Update: Join us today as we celebrate Mr. Boehner's announced departure from Congress. Wo'll also give a tip o' the hat to Donald Trump for his part in making it happen. 


    Muslims, self labeled as migrants or refugees, continue to make their way ouf of the Middle East and into Europe. 

    Muslim advocates push for more resettlement in the European nations, while socialst leaning nations continue to take them in.

    History is full of stories about Islamic forces that tried and failed to conquer Europe. It seems this invasion, undertaken using the Left's rules for social justice and communty organising, appears to be going deeper and farther than the militaries of the past.


    American politics continues to be a muddled mess. Poltical party establishment seem to remain dazed and confused by the likes of Trump on the GOP side, and Sanders pitching open Socialism as a Democrat. Political elites seem shocked and dismayed that their dreams of pre-determined primary races, without the consent of voters, aren't working out. 


    Speaking of the presidential race, this time last week, Carly Fiorina had emerged a new superstar after the CNN debate. Maybe she now wishes she hadn't come on so strong. Once Fiornina's campaign seemed to get traction, some pretty damning stories about her began to surface. We'll recap some of the events prompting a new nick-name: Carly FioRINO.


    Join the conversation. Program starts at one o'clock on Friday.


    Program note: We plan to recharge our proverbial batteries, do some preps, and spend extra time with our famlies the next couple weeks. After this Friday's show, expect the next Don and Doug sometime around October 15. 



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    'Listen To The Voice That Doesn't Use Words'. IC4TS with Dr Dicken Bettinger

    in Spirituality

    This week Mark talks with Dr Dicken Bettinger about 'Truth' & 'Silence' and the connection between the two.

    Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., received his undergraduate degree from St. Lawrence University and began his career teaching high school students.  Many students came to Dicken with problems that they were experiencing.  This began his search for something to teach people that would increase their well-being.  He received his Master’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and his Doctoral degree in counseling psychology from Boston University.  He became licensed as a clinical psychologist in 1983 and retired his psychotherapy practice after working as a psychologist for 31 years. Twenty-eight years ago he met Sydney Banks who had an enlightenment experience where he realized the Three Principles that underlie all human experience. Dicken had finally found universal principles that he could teach anyone.  He was grateful to find something that was simple in nature yet had the profound effect of raising the quality of a person’s life.  He feels fortunate that for 23 years he was able to learn directly from Sydney Banks. 

    Connect with Dicken on facebook or email dicken.bettinger@gmail.com

    Mark the Ice Cream host is part of a team organising  'TheViva 3 Principles Event' In albir Spain in November  http://thevivaevent.com/

    "And truly this interview is beyond words and so deeply moving. I recommend it with all my heart. Thank you, Yoga Mark, for making this available to all of us." Clytee Mills

    "This is one of the most wonderful conversations I have ever heard. Thank you YogaMark and Dicken Bettinger" Lise Dandanell




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    Organising your time

    in Moms and Family

    In today's show I will be talking about how you can orgainise your time better and also why every family should have a calender and every woman should use a diary.

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    Get Your Life On Track: Downsizing and Organising with Moreen Torpy

    in Health


    Discover the positives of moving forwards in life by downsizing possessions and becoming organised. Uncover the happiness it CAN bring you.

    Guest: Moreen Torpy

    Downsizing and moving are among Moreen’s specialties along with facilitating teleclasses on different aspects of organising. She believes it’s her life’s mission to share her knowledge of downsizing and organising.

    Moreen Torpy is a Professional Organizer and author of several books, most recently Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In. 

    Host: Lucinda Curran

    Join us to learn how to embrace this time of life-change.


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    HCMx Radio 09: The Whole World Wants Simplicity-What's the Value of Complexity?

    in Business

    My guest on this episode is Jay Shaw, the CEO and Managing Director of NetDimensions. Jay co-founded NetDimensions after more than a decade with NASDAQ-listed The Princeton Review (TPR). Jay's experience includes running TPR operations in the US and Asia, in which capacity he held executive responsibility for organising and delivering both academic and corporate training programs on a commercial basis. Jay taught English in China in 1984 and 1985. Jay is responsible for general Group management and sales.

    I talked with Jay about the move that the world is taking toward continued simplicity. From the way we schedule our time, the way we make purchases, to the way we interact with our technology at home or at work.  He gives his views on the role simplicity plays in the technology space and describes whether it is better in terms of meeting what customers want or need. He also speaks to the variance in the needs different organizations have as they purchase and use technology.



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    Positively Autistic - Jeanette's Autism Show

    in Lifestyle

    This is Jeanette Purkis's radio show where she and invited guests talk about all things Autism. Jeanette is an Autistic author, advocate and public speaker and is passionate about empowering people on the Autism spectrum to live fulfilled and positive lives. Jeanette is a keen advocate for inclusion and appropriate support for people with Autism spectrum conditions in such areas as employment, education, parenting and access to health services.

    This week Jeanette will be speaking with Autism advocate, parent, radio show host and founder of the Bendigo Autism Resource Centre, Beck Kelly.  Beck has a wide range of itneresting things to say about Autism and life in general. The radio program she hosts, Real People Talk Autism, has a wide following and covers a lot of different topics. Here's a link to the Facebook page for the show: https://www.facebook.com/RealPeopleTalkAutism 

    Jeanette and Beck will have a conversation about their thoughts from diagnosis to advocacy, media representations and more. I beleive that if we're lucky, Beck might discuss an excellent conference which she is organising for later in the year.


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    Chrohn's how we fight the disease with Amy Hermon-Taylor and Jennifer Klobassa

    in Motivation

    Dr. Amy Hermon-Taylor grew up not with Crohn's but with a father that has been working on a cure for Crohn's, She began to understand her father's research properly in light of her medical training, taking the decision to get personally involved with fundraising/awareness campaigning... and building a team of people from the Crohn's community (across 3 continents) who are working together to support the research that could lead to a Crohn's cure.

    One person that is accutely aware of this research is Jennifer Klobassa. Jenny has Crohn's and is member of this team, a Crohn's patient from Minneapolis. She speaks about her experience with anti-MAP antibiotic therapy (AMAT). She contacted Amy's father in 2008 having read several of his scientific papers and he gave her some advice about AMAT. As a result of this treatment, she has been in profound remission from her Crohn's for the last 6 years. She is now helping to fundraise by organising a benefit in April 2015.

    With Dr. Hermon Taylor in England, Jenny in Minneapolis and I am in New York we are thousands of miles apart but with one goal, to further the idea that a cure can be found.

    Link to Clinical Trials in the US.

    Strategies of Success
    Host Brian A Cohen DTM




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    Podcaster, Do Different !

    in Management

    Brilliant work from Mike and Izabela Russel from Music Radio Creative in organising this event. 

    In this show I share my thoughts and feedback. 

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    INTERnational Week for Nonviolence

    in Books

    I am privileged to be a member of the Summit Council of the INTERnational Week for Nonviolence, which will be held 16th-23rd August 2014.

    If you are organising an event during that week, please post the details in the comments section below. I shall list as many of these events as I can on the Master Calendar, which will help you get publicity.

    I have also posted some NVC events - not just events for that week – here.

    One of my guests on my recent show about Black parents and nonviolence was saying, "You CAN'T teach young people nonviolence because they have to fight”.

    This got me thinking about the first time I met Marshall Rosenberg, author of Nonviolent Communication. I asked him about his work with Black gang leaders.

    I am also inspired by the example of Malcolm X. He was alienated and disaffected, and he became involved in petty crime and ended up in prison. But the right support and encouragement, and given the right inspiration, he became a leader.

    Help me celebrate the Week for Nonviolence this coming August.

    I have written about Nonviolent Communication in Success Strategies for Black People and my new ebook, Affirmations for Parents.