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    Spiritusl Wickedness Series: The Illuminati

    in Spirituality

    In this series about Spiritual wickedness in high places based off of Ephesians 6, we will be discussing the Illuminati and their influence on society today. We will be addressing a number of issues from their associations, their history, their influence, and a plethora of topics that also feed into this subject matter. You do NOT want to miss this series! Call your friends and neighbors because this subject affects us all!!!

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    G14 Classified Persents: The Smokin Man Files PT.3 9/11 ORDO AB CHAO

    in Radio

    Tune in for the 3 episode of the The Smokin Man Files 9/11 This week we discuss the Pentagon and the evidience surrounding it or lack thereof tune in for this in depth breakdown on one of the greatest crimes ever perputrated.

    Tune In and Drop Out.

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    The CHS/OTA Mission Statement

    in Radio

    On Thursday December 18th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the Mission Statement of the Church of the Hermetic Sciences and the Ordo Templi Astartes. This is one of the topics that was discussed at our last Board of Director's Meeting as especially important with our membership increasing and new lodges begin opening around the country. In the magical community we are known as the folks that know how to make ritual magick work, but that in itself is not enough of a reason for people to join us unless they simply want to learn our techniques and methods to use for their own purposes. Frankly, that is not what we are here for and we are not teaching magick so that it can be misused. We consider magick to be a system of mental and spiritual development that leads to what we refer to as enlightenment -- which we define as a close personal relationship with God. We follow a pattern of hermetic mytho-philosophy born in Alexandria in the first century and perfected by the Renaissance neo-platonic/hermetic magi in 14th-15th-16th century Europe culminating in the Rosicrucian tradition. We combine paganisn, Qabalah, astrology and alchemy in line with Jungian psychology in a neo-romantic Quest for the Holy Grail based on a linage of eternal goddesses and dying gods from the time of Melchizedek to the beginnings of Christianity. So, if you have wondered just why we do what we do and where we are going with it, tune in and be enlightened.

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    Ordo Templi Orientis on Freedom's Wings Thursday

    in Politics Conservative

    Ordo Templi Orientis is a Satanic religious cult that is catching on in Hollywood. Why should we care that Hollywood is pursuing such a path? Because they inspire and influence your children and the next generation. What is this group, when did it start and who is following the path? Remember Aleister Crowley whom we talked about on a previous show? He was a major player in this. That and the news of the day! Conservative libertarian irreverent commentary on the current events in news and politics! Your home for common sense.

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    The O.T.A. does SOMA in Austin and 4th Degrees in Atlanta

    in Radio

    On Thursday November 6th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon
    will report on our visit to Austin Texas' Avalon Lodge and participation
    in the recent S.O.M.A. magical conference there along with initiations
    and our Mot Mass.  The next week we were off to visit Atlantis Lodge
    in Atlanta Georgia there to deliver a lecture at the Atlanta Masonic
    Center, do another Mot Mass (our Halloween cermony honoring our
    ancestors) and confer fourth degree Ordo Rosae Crucis initiations on
    our Texas and Georgia Lodge Masters. Very. Honored. Fraters Heracles
    Avalon and Osiris Atlantis will both be our call-in guests. Their
    hospitality in Texas and Georgia was wonderful and for V.H. Sor. Zandria
    and myself it was more like an extended vacation than a fraternal
    business trip although we all worked hard to make all these events
    successful and rewarding. Members came from all over the United States
    to help and participate. We thank you all and consider ourselves honored
    by your support. It was a magical adventure we will remember always, so
    if you want to catch up on our nation-wide progress be sure to tune in
    and be informed.

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    The Jesuit Brothers of the Pyramid shaping events in 2014. Part Three

    in History

                                    Rome & World Dominion
                    "...Rome will begin her march to glory, to world
                          wide rule, to spirit that rivals heaven....Roman,
                            remember: Govern! Rule the world!"
    -                               -Virgil, The Aeneid
    The above quote from the ancient poet Virgil probably has more influence on the covert powers at work in the founding of the United States than most Christians would like to admit, or that most citizens of this country have and idea of. Even among conspiracy theorists, they fail to recognize the ancient lust for power that has emanated steadily from Rome.  The Latin phrase novus ordo seclorum–currently found on the back of our dollar bill, and often translated "new world order"–comes from the writings of Virgil, along with the prophecy that Rome is destined to rule the world. From Virgil's fourth Eclogues, we read:

    "Now comes the last age of the Cumaean song; the Great Order of the Ages rises anew. Now the Virgin returns, and Saturn's reign returns; now a new generation is sent don from high heaven....and a golden age will arise in all the world...

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    Horror and the Occult: Spooky Stories & Hidden Truths with Lon Milo DuQuette

    in Paranormal

    Are you ready to hear the spookiest of all stories that contain hidden truths?  Get ready to listen to the Master himself, Lon Milo DuQuette spin esoteric tales of occult mysteries and magical initiations.  DuQuette will speak to us on many types of secret rituals, hauntings and even encountering the Devil himself!  These stories will haunt you and bite at your heels from the shadows for all eternity.... Don't say we didn't warn you!  Join us for another great episode during Spooky October!

    Lon Milo DuQuette is a bestselling author and lecturer on such topics as magick, tarot and the Western mystery traditions.  He is currently U.S. Deputy Grand Master of Ordo Templi Orientis and is on the faculty of the Omega institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  He lives in Costa Mesa, CA, with his beautiful wife Constance.  Visit Lon online at:  www.lonmiloduquette.com


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    nWo's Impending Revelation Radio Show "Novus Ordo Seclorum"

    in Politics

    Join me tonight as we go in and through all the most relevant topics this "Great Nation" has to offer.

    The New World Order is in all of us, Join me tonight, call-ins are welcome, show respect for all guests.

    -/nd welcome back to my side Mrs. Carla V. from Ladies Night also here on NWO Trutth Radio.

    805-830-8329 is the number, New Media Giant NWO TRUTH RADIO is the network, and The Coalition is the Revolution!

    JOIN US!

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    Black Nobility 101: UnHoly Trinity of Cush, Semiramis, Nimrod

    in Entertainment

    To night we continue looking at Cush=Chaos who begat Nimrod=Order and Semiramis=Sumeria who created the Mystery Religion that IS the Root of ALL Organized Religions on the Earth today.

    Nimrod was the REAL Root of the Oedipus mythos and the Freudian Oedipus Complex where the the term denotes the emotions and ideas that the mind keeps in the subconscious, via repression, that concentrates upon a child's desire to sexually possess the parent of the opposite sex (e.g. males attracted to their mothers, whereas females are attracted to their fathers). Freud deprecated the term "Electra complex", introduced by Carl Gustav Jung in regard to Oedipus complex young girls.

    Oedipus refers to a 5th-century BC Greek mythlogic character Oedipus, who unwittingly kills his father, Laius, and marries his mother, Jocasta. Oedipus Rex, was written by Sophocles, ca. 429 BC. but the REAL Root was with Nimrod, Cush, Semiramis.


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    Black Nobility 101: Post Flood Black Nobility - Hunger Games

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we have sad news of a tragic event that took place in California today. Yet it deals with the Elites' world when it comes to naught.















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    Black Nobility 101: The First In The New Testament

    in Entertainment

    Last night we discussed Satan in the Old Testament disproving liars who seek to discredit God and show proof that Satan was NOT just a New Testament invention and that he was mentioned by that name and title several times in the Old Testament.

    Tonight we will touch on Satan briefly on the New testament and go to the next infamous Black Nobility whose effect is felt globally to this day 2014.

    Starting from Satan to Ham, then Cush who begat Nimrod.

    Cush = Chaos begat Nimrod = Order.

    Ordo ab Chao