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    " LIVE " with "Dr. Angela D. Stanley " hosted by Apostle Natalie Young

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    Join Apostle Natalie Young hosting  " Dr Angela D. Stanley"  a native of Dublin, Georgia and youngest of 14 siblings.  She is an Internationally Certified Chaplain of Dr. Mynor Vargas' International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc in Rhode Island and holds a doctorate of Christian Counseling from Dr. Kim & Ardell Daniels' Word Bible College in Jacksonsville, FL.  She holds a Bachelors in Sociology & a Masters in Entertainment Business. Dr. Angela received extensive ministry and music training in Los Angeles, California for seven years, where she later obtained her ministerial ordination.  She has been honored to lead worship for and share the stage with recording artists Pastors Sandra and Andrae Crouch, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Hammer, Vickie Winans, Stellar Award Winner Kenny Smith, Mali Music, Dr. Claudette Copeland and renowned praise and worship veteran Ron Kenoly.In March 2005, Dr. Angela had her national debut appearance for the Bobby Jones Gospel New Artist Showcase, recorded live in Nashville, TN @ Mt. Zion Baptist Church, on the Word Network with the cut, "Fill This Place".  In September 2005, Dr. Angela was chosen to compete in the GMWA Gospel Treasure Search and sang with the GMWA Worship Team in Milwaukee, WI.  She has also made numerous appearances on WATC TV 57 “Atlanta Live” and has appeared on the Dorinda Show with host Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole in Detroit , MI. http://www.adsministries.com


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    Special Guest Genise R White

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    I have been a very active Magickal force in the Occult world since October 1993. I am tarot card reader, a Usui and Sacred Flame Master-Teacher for 14 years in total, an Isian, a Witch, a practitioner of the Haitian Voudoun religion and I am presently learning more about color therapy. I am also studying Umbanda for the past 4 years thorough The Temple of Guaracy of Washington D.C. (in Kensington, MD). I am presently in active ordination studies with the Fellowship of Isis under the tutelege of the late Rev. Deena Hartray Butta, FOI Archbishop of the Lyceum of Eleusis in Chicago before she passed away January 27, 2013. I was the previous Godchild of Papa Max Beauvoir; Hougan Elder, biologist and scientist from Mariani, Haiti from 1996 to 2002. 


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    St. Fidelis

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    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. Fidelis - A former lawyer who left his profession to become a Capuchin Franciscan priest, Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen has his liturgical memorial on April 24.

    Leaving his legal practice behind, Mark decided to give his life directly to the service of Christ and the Church. In short order he received ordination as a priest, and joined the Capuchin Franciscans in Freiburg.

    During 1614 a Swiss Catholic bishop had sought help from the Capuchins, to restore the faith and counteract the spread of Calvinist Protestantism. In 1621, Fidelis was sent on the mission. He brought just four items: a Bible, a prayer book, a crucifix and a copy of the Capuchin rule.

    The winter of 1621-22 was a busy period of preaching, instruction and theological disputation for the Franciscan priest. He preached not only in the pulpits of Catholic churches, but also in public places, and even in the meeting-places of the Calvinists themselves. Some Swiss Protestants responded with hostility, but many others were also brought back to the Church.

    Like many cases of religious persecution during this time, Fidelis’ treatment at the hands of the Calvinists did not stem exclusively from doctrinal disagreement. National and cultural tensions also contributed, with many Swiss Protestants suspecting that the Catholic mission was part of an Austrian plot against their nation.

    Fidelis' life bridged the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a time of religious conflict in Western Europe. He died at the hands of a mob while preaching in Switzerland, where he had gone to combat the Calvinist heresy.

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    My Testimony

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    Before my birth, my Father prayed a servant of the Lord be born to him.  The Lord answered his prayer.  Parents dedicated me when an infant also, but the day before I was born the Adversary tried to destroy me. A car plunged down a mountainside, my Grandmother was pinned under the car and was killed, my Mother was the only one of eight passengers not to be thrown out of the car and I was born the next day. Account of my first vision experience and then the Lord brought me to a certain knowledge of the Book of Mormon, delivered from a 3-pack-a-day smoking habit in an instant, baptism, and then audible voice speaking three times in the presence of soldiers at Ft. Sam Houston, and an angel casting a Green-Beret on his back to defend me as I was preaching, etc.  Many other miraculous events explained in a continuous stream, receiving some four hundred revelations written, and many now published. Ordination to the Apostleship, cultural Mormons tried to destroy me when I presented two to the Priesthood, in a murderous rage.  Casting out devils once, healing the sick, but so many afflictions, living in the Rocky Mountains in a tent for more than a decade, and finally being warned by the Lord to flee to Mexico, where I broadcast today.  Lived to see the "Great division amongst the people" come to pass and the beginnings of the breakup of civil society currently in fulfillment of the revelations I received...

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    Activating Compassion Radio - Wellness In Harmony

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Linda Diffenbach – founder of the Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival, an annual fundraising event for the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County in PA; and focuses on building community and honoring our inner goddess.  Linda began her healing work in 2002 and continues to expand her knowledge, expertise, and experience.  She has certifications in Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Life Coaching, Bachelor of Social Work, Ordination to the Order of Melchezidek, Angel Reading, Divine Connection Attunement, Divine Mother’s Heart Healing, and Munay Ki Rites.  The core of Linda’s work is to facilitate deep Inner Transformation through identifying and clearing core issues within the consciousness.  We will be discussing her work with goddess energy, the Sacred Feminine and how men fit into that, and her work in healing trauma.  You can learn more about Linda’s work at www.wellnessinharmony.com and www.autumngoddessretreat.com


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jesseann.nicholsgeorge

    Twitter:  www.twitter.com/#!/JesseNicholsGeo

    LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/spiritualadvisorjesse

    Clare Hedin:  www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    In Defense of Female Catholic Priests

    in Christianity

    A Lady Priest? A Lady Bishop?!!

    Of course! Why not?

    Join Kristina Rake, M.A. (theology and scripture) for this detailed and riveting answer to the Roman Catholic Church's objections against female ordination to Holy Orders. Kristina will explore the 4 reasons why the Roman Church claims it can never ordain women, while examining the historical, theological, biblical, spiritual, and psychological reasons why that position is untenable and why a female priesthood is not just possible, it's valid and necessary. 

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    Kingdom Citizens With Kingdom Power

    in Christianity

    In this episode of Hope For Today Apostle Tony Brown Faire deals with the idea of being a citizen of the Kingdom.  We are citizens of God's Kingdom even though we are still on earth as Ambassadors of Christ here with Heanvenly Kingdom power while on earth.

    Learn how to use your Kindom power while on earth.  Call your friends and tell them to join Tony Brown Faire of Word of Hope International Fellowship and learn how to use your Kingdom Power Together.

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    Christian Hatred Increases in America and more Last Days News

    in News

    Join me as we explore the increasing Christian hatred happening right now on American soil and how it is being used as a wake-up call for the rest of the world.

    Evangelist Anita Website: http://www.emoaf.org Is your name in that Book? http://www.emoaf.org/Is-Your-Name-Written-in-the-Lambs-Book-of-Life-.html Your donation helps keep these broadcast going strong! http://www.emoaf.org/Donate.html Join me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/openyoureyespeople.emoaf Do you have a call on your life? http://www.emoaf.org/Ordination-Services.html

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    Sunday Church Service Chris D'Amico Ministries Catch The Mantle

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    Chris D'Amico Ministries Catch The Mantle 
    Chris D'Amico is a 1985 graduate of the University of Buffalo in Business Administration. He was a four-year starter and a two-year All-American at wide-receiver, setting several school records Chris was recently inducted into the University of Buffalo Football Hall of Fame.

    Upon graduation, he received professional invitation from the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. Turning down the opportunity to play professional football, Chris answered the call to full-time ministry. he attended Rhema Bible Training Center, Kenneth E. Hagin Ministries, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Graduating in 1987 in Pastoral Studies, Chris presently holds his licensing and ordination credentials through Rhema Ministerial Association.


    Sunday Worship Service give Praise unto the Lord

    Sundays 11:00 am

    Bible Study - Be Free In Christ, Bible Study Live Question & Answers Friday 1:30 pm

    Wednesday 1:30 pm and Thursday 8:30 pm

    Let's go through the Bible together and discover the rich treasure he has promised for our lives.


    Meet me Evangelist, Preacher Peter Kelleher on the streets of Bronx every Wednesday 1:30 pm 161st Street

    Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Join us as God reveals to us the scriptures in the Gospel of John together. Allow the love of God to transform and bless your life.


    Got Questions give us a call, life in the Spirit. Let the Word of God change and transform your life.


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    How To Develop A Prayer Life That Gets Results with Prophetess Cindy Jordan

    in Christianity

    Congradulations Prophetess Cindy Jordan on your ordination at the The Worship Place Jacksonville, Florida!!(GICMP)  Prophetic Convocation 2014

    As a minister of the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ, Cindy recognized her calling at an early age growing up in Columbus, Ohio.  She has always desired to have a personal relationship with the Lord.  She was baptised by water at the age of 10 and baptised of the Holy Spirit shortly after.  She has spent a career in the United States Air Force, now retired after 25 years of service.  Cindy is being used as a vessel of God wherever and whenever the Lord has need of her.  She has studied by way of the Ministerial Internship Training at The Tree of Life Christian Ministries over the past year as well as Prophetic in Training tutelage at the Global Institute of Church & Marketplace Prophets (GICMP) over the past two years.  She is now very active in Intercessory Prayer, Church Prophetics and Marketplace Prophetics.

    Jn 6:35 KJV - And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

     Thursdays @ 12noon Declaring The Finished Work with Sister Pat Randall ; "Friday Night Joy" With Rev Ray @ 7pm; and Sunday Evening,  "Bread of Life" with Rev. Ray @ 5 pm.



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