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  • Have a question about your dog's oral health or hygiene? Ask the Dog Doctor!

    in Pets

    During this week's blogtalkradio show, Dr. Yeager, DVM, will be standing by to answer your questions on your dog's oral health and hygeine, including teeth and gums. The show is question and answer based so be sure to call in with your questions!

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    Got a question about your dog's oral health? Ask the Dog Doctor!

    in Pets

    This week, Dr. Yeager will be answering your questions abour your dog's oral health, including teeth and gums.

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    Oral Health & Technology-Based Health Management

    in Business

    On this week's program, hosts Andrew Dietz and Doug Field welcome special guests from DentaQuest and Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions to the program to talk oral health, dental insurance, digital health, workplace wellness and more.

    The first guest this week will be Steven Pollock, CEO, DentaQuest, the second largest dental benefits administrator in the United States. Even with increased access to medical insurance coverage thanks to the ACA, 83 million Americans face barriers to dental care. And over 50 million Americans live in areas with insufficient dental care. In this segment, Steven will share DentaQuest's commitment and plans to reduce oral health disparities. Oral health is a key component of overall health, and dental disease is almost completely preventable.

    For the second segment, the hosts will talk with Rich Bedrosian, Ph.D., Director, Behavioral Health, and Bobbi Coluni, Head of Strategic Product Management, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions. Technology-based health management is not a trend, but rather, a critical tool in the efforts to improve population health. In this segment, Bobbi, Rich and the hosts will discuss how to define success when engaging consumers through connected health, some best practices in the connected health market and much more.

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    Is oral sex considered sex?

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    Is oral sex considered sex ? don't miss tonight @official2tpmradio like we never left, follow our host @reginaldsaunders aka @2thepointmusic @snatchedbymoi aka Rick Rosa @tammepha Ann Maynard @duchess305  and @larissabarclay each and every , Monday-Friday 9pm eastern standard time dial in from any phone or hear it live from any smart phone or computer 657-383-0307 or www.2tpmradio.com

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    Swallowing the Pill: How to recover after a toxic relationship!

    in LGBT

    Have you ever been in toxic relationship? Was it painful after you broke up? Where are you now mentally? If you answered yes to these questions this show is for you! We will explore toxic relationships, the aftermath, and how to recover! It all goes down on the next episode of Common Ties Live!


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    Join S and M Radio this wensday at 11pm est/8pm pst, for the topic of the male and female sex pills.After two rejections and years of back and forth over its real benefits, the FDA approved the first medication designed to help women distressed about their lack of libido. With the drug Flibanserin A.K.A.Addyi, has a checkered regulatory history. In 2009, an FDA advisory committee unanimously voted against approval, because key clinical trials failed to show that it was significantly better than a placebo at improving women’s sexual desire. The FDA followed the panel’s advice and turned down the drug in 2010.  

    For the men its Erectile dysfunction is when a man has difficulty getting an erection. Or keeping it long enough for sex. It’s also known as ED or impotence. It happens when not enough blood flows to the penis, preventing an erection.It affects about 30 million men in the U.S. Erectile dysfunction is when a man has difficulty getting an erection. Or keeping it long enough for sex. It’s also known as ED or impotence. It happens when not enough blood flows to the penis, preventing an erection. There is the blue 

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    To say don't worry, be happy is a tough pill to swallow today,

    in Christianity

    The rich tells the poor how lucky they are, they have nothing to watch over or no big job with lots of stress.

    The poor tells the rich, if I had your monty I would be happy.

    But in either group we worry, and we ask why, when we have the answers in the Bible, let's look.


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    Which pill would you take?

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    Red pill- Bilionaire but will never enjoy sex

    Blue pill-Millionare but die in 10 years

    Yellow pill- $250,000 a week but will never know what love feel like or how to love.

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    The Morning After!

    in Lifestyle

    What do you feel like when you party too much?  What do you feel like when you said something to someone to hurt them?  What do you feel like when you wake the day after you failed to do something important?  What, what, what?  Yes, what is driving you to do what you do?  Does it drive you crazy to think about waking up the next day to do the same thing over and over again?   What could "The Morning After" look like if you did what you loved to do each day of your life?  What if you could take a magic pill and do what you should have done best in life and you could quit reporting in to the responsibilities of your job?  Can you see a better future?  Let's do that just for you today!

  • The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Sally Ann Melia and Amanda Clemmer

    in Books

    The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. We ask authors the hard questions. You'll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative.  Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass. And remember to take the red pill.

    Today's Guests are Sally Ann Melia and Amanda Clemmer

    Sally Ann Melia

    Guy Erma and the Son of Empire

    Part 1. KIDNAP
    Part 2. HUNTER
    Part 3. EXILE


    Amanda Clemmer


    Mostly Human

    The Exigency


    More information on these authors and links to their novels is at blog.sevantownsend.com

  • Religion and the Placebo Effect

    in Atheism

    This episode of The Forbidden Fruit will look at Religion and The Placebo Effect. Religious people all across the world still believe that God is in the healing and blessing business. Family members and close friends of mine swear that God is working on their behalf. Does God have any power in effecting change or healing, or is God just that big sugar pill in the sky? On the other hand is it really so bad to trick yourself in to believing that there is nothing to worry about because God has your back? Being healed is all that really matters, right?

    What do you think? Do you have a God story? Call in and let us and give us your opinion.

    Call in number is 347-202-0492