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    LIVING a Proactive Life with Lady Diane "STUCK" - Day 2

    in Christianity

    How many times have you started something but never finished it?   What is happening that keeps you from being focused? You have something today that needs your attention....no more neglect. No more procrastination. Its time to get UNSTUCK!     Today we will talk about being stuck and moving from doing nothing to being productive. Leets talk about that first lve of when we first started doing what we do. Where did all that zeal go to?   We will have a few special guest as well Lad diane is keeping it 100 and will be transparent as she talks about teh subject matter. "STUCK"

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    Are Excuses Keeping You Stuck?

    in Relationships

    Do you feel that you need to make some changes in your life, but keep using the same excuses for not making the changes you need to make? Do you feel victimized by the actions, decisions and words of those around you?  We use excuses in our daily lives as to prevent ourselves from moving forward. As long as we stay stuck we will not have to experience rejection or failure not have to be accountable for what did not work in our lives. Are excuses keeping you stuck? Ready to blast past them? Let's do it!

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    Don't Get Stuck in the Questions

    in Romance

    Many times we can stay stuck in the biggest questions of our lives because a lack of clarity means we don't have to change anything. We won't have to risk anything. We won't have to become uncomfortable (at least not any more uncomfortable than we already are). 

    Once we have clarity, there's usually some action or step involved that can feel pretty scary: 

    Opening our hearts to love again and risking heartbreak.
    Acknowledging the expiration date on our marriage or relationship and then having to lovingly step away (lots of frightening things on the other side of that decision).
    Even starting our own business or pursuing a passion and possibly "failing."

    But without a decision, we stay stuck in the question. Let's explore it.

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    80 - Why Are You Financially Stuck?

    in Entrepreneur

    What's stopping you from making more money?

    How about living a life of financial freedom?

    Does it seem like it's out of reach?

    Or can you see it but you can't seem to get it?

    Our host, Chris Miles, goes deeper into what might be keeping you from living the life of your dreams. There are at least 6 possible reasons why you are stuck financially. Tune in to find out what they are and what's keeping you from getting different results!

    Chris Miles Bio:

    Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert," is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

    Chris consistently teaches audiences how to do what no other financial advisers can or will - achieve financial prosperity, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE, while spending time doing what they love most!

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    in Relationships

    Are you stuck on your ex?  So many people fantasize about what it would be like to have a life with their first love, or some one else, but if you have moved on, should you still be thinking about that?  Let's talk about it!!

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    Ask A Stuck I

    in Entertainment

    Ask homestuck characters questions..... Ont he radio!
    neXT COMIG:: Sesuon thr3e

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    Stuck in Your Story? Tell It To Transform It!

    in Spirituality

    Learn life coaching through Quantum Conversations: live in-the-moment coaching conversations every week on Quantum Alchemy Broadcasts in the Quantum Alchemy Café and in the QA Café Community on Facebook.

    Join Quantum Alchemy News and get “The Wisdom of Self Love” email mini series free!

    This week is INTUITIVE COACHING live on the show! Call in for coaching on ANY personal or business matter!

    Most of us go through life with our ongoing ‘story of me’ playing like a stuck record inside our heads. It can be so subtle that we may not even notice it is there, yet it ‘runs’ us like a computer virus that operates silently in the background. The problem with that is that our personal ‘story of me’ is often filled with limiting and false beliefs about our self-image and/or abilities which can damage our self-esteem, confidence and prevent us fulfilling our highest potential. This week we explore the power of telling your story, so you get to hear some of the things you may be telling yourself about you, and experience just how empowering and transformative that can be, especially for building self esteem and confidence. Call early, the coaching line could be very busy for this one!

    Call the coaching line (818-495-6930) - between 9.00am and 10.00am MST - on ANY personal or business matter- this is an opportunity to receive masterful coaching in the moment leading to a shift in perspective that can quantum leap your life!

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    in Self Help

    We all from time to time may get in or feel like we are stuck in a rut.  This becomes an issue when it is a permanent condition or a way of life.  The sad reality is most people are Stuck In A Rut!  Join Butterfly Evolution in this discussion.  What is being stuck in a rut?  Are you stuck in a rut?  How does one recognize and overcome the RUT stage?  Tune in Monday June 2nd at 8 pm CST.  Listen by selecting this link or by calling 818-691-7406. Be sure to log on to www.butterflyevolution.org to leaern about Butterfly Evolution, The Turn Off The Lights Women's Confernece and Discovering Your Life Language?  

    Dying To Live-What's Holding You Back?


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    Stuck Up By Shawn Cleveland & Regeneration X

    in Religion

    Join Regeneration X on it's new day Friday 4/10/15 at 12noon(Ohio time). This week teaching is called "Stuck Up". Some think they're so self righteous and perfect. But we know we all are sinners and need to humble ourselves before our Lord. Let's take a look at those who elevate themselves versus those who humble themselves before The Lord.

    Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send us a friend request on facebook!

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    How to Get Unstuck Even if You Cannot Admit Being Stuck

    in Motivation

    Being stuck is something we at times cannot identify, and wonder what is wrong without being able to put our finger on it. We are growing now enough to not have to be stuck or feeling like we cannot see why we are feeling like nothing is going on in our lives. Alot is going on inside when we are stuck. When we are stuck, everything in our lives is at a standstill and as we are figuring out where to start being the biggest challenge to face. Tune in and Join in on the Conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    Got Stuck Energy? Let's Clear that up!

    in Energy

    Dr. Bradley Nelson wrote The Emotion Code, a book that explains how body issues can begin as negativity. If thoughts are energy, negative thoughts the size of a softball can be stuck in your energy system, says Nelson.  And you bod is all energy. Listen in and see if we can't jiggle something free so your good feelings can flow.

    Dailsy Jopling is a ball of positive energy when she picks up her violin and flies free. Listen in and fall in love.

    Thanks for tuning in this week!

    This Health & Happiness Show airs Sunday March 29 at 6:30 am on 100.7 WHUD.

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