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  • Control Brain Disorders with a Switch

    in Caregiving

    Daniel Zwilling, PhD discusses unimaginable opportunities that could become reality in helping to cure psychiatric disorders and nuerodegenerative disease including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

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    in Science

    What if digital communication felt as real as being touched? World Wide Mind proposes a bold future of brain-to-brain communication. I read Michael’s article the “World Wide Mind” in the FUTURIST magazine. I was interested at how he applied it to our basic understanding of how our minds work - not always in just an individual way, but in concert. In THE COMPLETE TEACHER I wrote about my concept of the Class as an Organism. I had learned that it was not just individual students working independently or against one another, but at times it was like a marching band, a chorus, a crowd at a sports event. The more I studied it the easier it was to flow with it when necessary and to move it in healthier directions when that was what was needed. Digital communication has impacted our lives in many ways, some good, some bad. Dr.Michael Nuccetilli’s concepts in his iPredator site explains how cyberspce is being misused and abused. I believe Michael Chorost will help us understand how we can utilize it for our own and species benefits.www.michaelchorost.com