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    It's Black Friday. What are police facing today? LESMA with Ken Dye

    in Current Events

    Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving, while many did so in fear. Today there are many protests planned in major shopping areas. What effect do these protests have on the general population and our police? Does the distraction that they create in a crowded mall provide for a perfect oppotunity for terrorists? Fox News is reporting that the FBI have 48 ISIS subjects under constant surveillance in an effort to twart a 'Paris style' attack.
    How is all of this behavior affecting our police officers and policies today? Join in our discussion with author of 'Micheal Brown Jr. Didn't Have to Die', Ken Dye.
    Call in or join our chat room. 347-850-8154

  • PTRN Presents - Nature Magic w/Selena Fox & Circle Talk

    in Spirituality

    7 PM CST - Nature Magic with Selena Fox: Labyrinth Rituals:  Join Selena Fox for a discussion on sacred ways of working with various types of Labyrinths for healing, guidance, commemorations, inner peace, and spiritual growth.  Also, she will discuss various approaches to creating and facilitating personal and group Labyrinth ceremonies.

    8 PM CST - Circle Talk:  PSG Workshop Presenters - Laura Gonzalez:  Join us as we continue the timed release series on the presenters of Pagan Spirit Gathering.  An oppotunity for those who were scheduled to present at PSG to share their information with the community.  Tonight, Circle Minister Deb Rose is joined by Laura Gonzalez to discuss her workshop "Tarot as a Healing Tool".


    Music for PTRN open and close provided by SJ Tucker, For more music and information, please visit http://sjtucker.com/

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    Pete and Jared Preview Montreal and Review Washington and Kitzbuhel

    in Sports

    Pete Ziebron and Jared Pine preview the Montreal Masters 1000 as defending Champion Jo-Wilfried Tsonga faces a tough task right out of the gate against Borna Coric.  Meanwhile, John Isner fell a bit short in his bid to win consecutive events yesterday in Washington and Dominic Thiem also missed an oppotunity to win tournaments 3 weeks in a row in Kitzbuhel.  Tommy Haas returns to action this week at the Aptos Challenger, which will be watched carefully by tennis aficionados, concurrent to the Montreal Masters.  Join Pete and Jared on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network.

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    The Mystery Of Babylon, The Harlot of the Church of God

    in Christianity

                                                                   Revelation 17:5

    Babylon was & is a City along with it's creator Nimrod, who desired to make a name for his-self, which sums up to Fame. Genesis 11: 4 It is Fame & it's Authority that the mystical religious entity wants to impower those that seek the same things that it brings to the table such as, secrecy, power & authority through use of Divination, Observing the Times, Enchanters, Witches, Charmers, Consutlers, Wizzards, & Necromancers. These instraments will the Babylonian Harlot Religious System use to give it's followers the best oppotunity to succed in this life. While it is currently being a Mystery to the Church of God and will penetrating the very core of it's Doctrine decieving it's followers with The Doctrine of Devil's. 1 Timothy 4: 1 God Bless You.

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    The Ladies Room: EP16- Will you be my bridesmaid?

    in Women

    Most women will have the oppotunity to partake in one of the happiest and joyous occassions, a wedding. From bachelorettes to bridal showers and from wedding planning to dress shopping, these milestones make the union journey more merry. But when happy moments turn ugly and friendships are tested, will everyone pass? Tune in as The Ladies Room discusses the joys and pains of being a bridesmaid.

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    What Happened to The GOP ( Growth and Opportunity Project)?

    in Politics Conservative

    Today we ask the question, what happened ti the Republican Party's Growth and Opportunity Project?  When is was anounce we had a guarded optimisim about it, but the reality of the leader in the Republican party showed their true colors and we have not heard or seen any benefit or effect from the GOP especially in the urban community.  Will Republicans ever get it right?  Will there ever listen to Urban conservatives and heed our instructions? 

    The answer, today on the Willie Lawson Show.

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    New Music Monday w/ Shay Star: Interview with Wanted LLC & Drumma Boy

    in Entertainment

    Guess who's bizzzzzaack!!!! Aye!!! Did you miss me or nah??? HA!! It feels soooooooooooo good to be back!!! Y'all already know how I get down... It's Monday and ain't a damn thing changed!!! I will be debuting a few new records from some of your favorite independent artists along with an few mainstream acts!! Shout out to my supplier MP3WAXX.com for always keeping me abreast on the HOT, new music that you probably haven't even heard yet!! Not to mention, we got that sexy R&B mix with my offcial mixer DJ Shoeshine!!!

    And of course in typical Shay Star fashion I will giving you ALL the tea honey!!! It's been a while, so you know I got some ish to say!! TONIGHT, we are also super excited to have Wanted LLC's CEO Kimberly C. and Industry cast member, super producer Drumma Boy LIVE on the line to give us the exclusive details on their brand new reality show entitled "The Industry". You dedinitely don't want to miss this! We may even give you the oppotunity to call in and ask questions!!!

    TOPIC OF THE NIGHT: How do you feel about the influence reality TV has over our communities??

    Would you like to sponsor an episode or be featured on Shay Star Radio??? Please send all inquiries to ShayStarRadio@gmail.com


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    Looking Honestly at Ourselves

    in Spirituality

    For any spiritual practice we need to start by looking honestly at ourselves. What are we doing? What are we thinking? What are we feeling? How are we living? Why? Only once we take this first step can we truly start a spiritual practice, until then living spiritually will remain a concept in the head.

    Many of us have already begun this process and this program looks to deepen the awareness there that has already been generated. Others perhaps haven't taken very much time to look at themselves and hopefully listening to this program will be an oppotunity for them to open up to the awareness that is in them. 


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    Hey, Did You Know!

    in The Bible

    This will be Hey, Did You Know Radio Show's last broadcast on the Kingdom Kid's Radio Network/KKRN. We will be moving to the Set Apart Living Radio Network/KSAL. We want to give a great big thank you to Jeff Morton for giving us the oppotunity to be a part of KKRN. 

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    Taos Experience Radio Show - featuring reed blue

    in Music

    Our 30th episode! This episode features "44 cats," Parts 1 and most of Part 2 by reed blue of Tessin, Switzerland.   This music comes via the Free Music Archive Taos Experience Radio is hosted by Melwell Romancito and is produced by Romancito House Media for Taos Experience and sponsored by Burning Star Design.
    If you're interested in hearing your music featured on Taos Experience, send a query to taosexperience@gmail.com
    If you'd like to sponsor an episode of this show, contact taosexperience@gmail.com. Our episodes are listened to by thousands of people all over the world. Many of our listeners look to Taos, New Mexico as a beacon of creativity and progressive thinking. If that describes your business' target market, this could be a good oppotunity to reach a niche market with lots of potency.

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    Discussing advertising/business options with the owner of thatsmycommercial.com Mitchell Tindal