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    2 Guys and a Topic Ep.3: Pro Wrestling

    in Entertainment

    Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people love it and don't want to admit it. We're talking about Professional Wrestling.

    What is it about the world of "sports entertainment" that makes people's eyes light up, or make their eyes roll?

    In the 3rd installment of Two Guys and a Topic hosts Alan & Rusty, two unapologetic wrestling fans in their own right,  invite all of you to call in at (347) 850-8682 to join us Tuesday, June 2nd, at 6:00 pm to share your thoughts, memories, opinions, and pretty much anything you got involving the crazy world of Professional Wrestling!

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    Are you open-minded, and like to learn new things & Intuitive mini readings

    in Spirituality

    Are you open minded, curious when trying something new?

    Are you eager to learn new things.

    you will need paper & pen. 

    Two kinds of vibrations. At every moment.

    Three words to eliminate from your vocabulary or reduce using them. breifly mentioned these on last weeks show.

    Three step process in attracting or manifesting what you want.

    Intuitive Readings - Are you going in the right direction for you?(job, career, finances or relationships)

    What is one things that you would like to know?

    - your relationships?

    - your career?

    - your finances?

    The readings I do on my show are only a small part of what is coming up for you. If you would like a full reading you can do so through my website, you can also sign up for my newsletter which comes out monthly, this next one for July is a great one, I will give you a hint- listen during the show..







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    1st Ever Offensive Minded Pub Crawl!

    in Football

    Nothing but a live show of us bar hopping with the contest winners.

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    Open Mic Night 2: No-Topic is Off-Limits

    in Sports

    Broad Street Breakdown is back, with a special episode!   Tonight is the 2nd edition of "Open Mic Night".  You call in, you name the subject, and we will discuss it.   Host Ryan Waterman will be joined by special guests Robert Waterman and Marc Milano, as they accept calls from listeners on a wide array of topics. Any topic from the NBA Draft to Tom Brady's appeal hearing to Kevin Love opting out of Cleveland, nothing is off-limits.  Call-in tonight, live at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST, on BlogTalkRadio. 

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    2 Guys and a Topic: Ep. 4 "201 Great Questions"

    in Entertainment

    If you were in charge of Heaven, what would it be like?

    If you didn't have to work for a living, what would you do with your life?

    These are a couple of the fun, interesting, and throught probing questions that will be discussed in the 4th installment of 2 Guys and a Topic. In this episode Alan and Rusty's topic, "201 Great Questions", will be based on 201 Great Questions by Jerry D. Jones which is sure to make you really think.

    We look to make this the most interactive show yet. So, be sure to tune in this Thursday, June 11, at 6:30pm and give us a listen, then give us a call  at (347) 850-8682 to give us your answers to "201 Great Questions".

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    2 Guys and a Topic Ep.2: Ghosts

    in Entertainment

    If there's something strange in your neighborhood, give us a call and talk about it!

    In episode 2, of 2 Guys and a Topic, hosts Alan & Rusty venture off into the paranormal and share our opinions of ghosts. Do they exist? Are they a hoax? Are they real? We have our opinions. What are yours?

    Maybe you have a story or an experence you would like to share with us by calling (347) 850-8682 this Tuesday, May 26th, at 6:00 pm.

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    Ideal Network with Darlene Sartore - Open Topic Today

    in Business

    Ideal Network with Darlene Sartore - Open Topic Today.

    Is brought to you by Peter Mingils with Building Fortunes Radio Network.

    Darlene Sartore is the founder of IdealNetwork.biz

    Since March 2011, I dedicated most of my time to developing "website creating skills" to make it easy to show others how to have Ideal Lifestyles, Families, Communities and Civilization in both Virtual and Physical Realities...

    This project is about DOING ACTIONS that create these desired results...

    Darlene Sartore living in southern Indiana...  "is a very active online 67 year young honest integrated thinking and acting libertarian humanist."...  she founded the Ideal Network to "focus on the practical life skills that anyone can benefit from, regardless of their beliefs. "...











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    2 Guys & a Topic

    in Entertainment

    When you are young dreams are abundant and nothing stopped you from dreaming the impossible dream (and I'm not talkin' Man of La Mancha). No matter how far fetched our imaginary dream jobs might have been, at that moment in time, we were going to acheive them.

    In this first ever episode of 2 Guys & a Topic, hosts Alan & Rusty fast forward to adulthood and look back on all of their dreams and invite all of you to call in at (347) 850-8682 to join us this Sunday April 26th at 6:00 pm and let us know what you wanted to be when you "growed up" and how things panned out for you.

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    Open Door Ministries Radio Broadcast

    in Christianity

    Open Door Ministries Radio Broadcast where the door is open to receive wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

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    Dharma Talk With Jaya Julienne Ashmore Of Open Dharma

    in Spirituality

    Jaya Julienne Ashmore speaks on freedom and transformation -- with the help of poetry and her own decades of experience meditating and teaching meditation. The relief of letting go, the power and nourishment of presence, and the gentle birthing of life all come about through loving life in meditation.

      To listen to other talks and meditations by Jaya and other Open Dharma teachers, please visit:www.opendharma.org. 

    To donate to Open Dharma via bank transfer or secure PayPal credit card donation--to help cover costs of internet and website, accounts and blogtalkradio costs--please click here.

    To donate towards the teachings, click here.

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    Open Door Radio Broadcast

    in Christianity

    Open door radio broadcast where the door is open for you to receive wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

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