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    OP! OMG! With Erin Giddings!

    in Hobbies

    Join us as we chat with Erin Giddings about the recently concluded 2015 OP season, the upcoming 2016 OP season, and what to expect on the horizon of the game.

  • The Co-op Calvary Gives Community Broadband Major Boost!

    in Internet

    Some creative thinking saved the broadband dreams of 10 cities in two Minnesota counties. Could cooperatives (co-ops) provide the magic bullet for municipalities encumbered with funding and political hurdles?

    Communities in Renville and Sibley Counties created the RS Fiber Cooperative to address rural communication needs. Recently the communities decided to lend the co-op funds they need to build a fiber and wireless infrastructure to cover the towns and farmlands in the co-op's service area. The arrangement resolves several challenges that a number of communities face:

    it was easier for cities to pass a bond to pay the co-op to build the network rather then have the cities build it;
    co-ops’ existing community relationships translate into faster network take rates;
    Minnesota is one of the 21 states with a law restricting public broadband.

    Mark Erickson, Winthrop, MN EDA Director and a key contributor to the project joins us to talk us through the complexities of the financial arrangement and the benefits of having the co-op take the lead on the network buildout. He also discusses the role of co-ops in the bigger broadband picture as they take aggressive action in deploying networks.

    My new book, Building the Gigabit City, Vol 2, devotes significant coverage to co-ops and their increasing impact on broadband.   

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    Why Op/Pop Text Portrait of Yummy Sandifer- Everett C. Williams Speaks Out

    in Visual Arts

    My work is about using portraiture, language and symbols as devices for identity, political and social commentary.
    Appropriated or original photographic and graphic images are combined to produce “OP/POP Art” portraits and images. The digital medium was used in away where chance combinations of layers and blending programs were discovered & used like painting. I digitally dripped layers of images through each other producing one of a kind chance combination. Colors & images become available in ways not seen before, altering the visual perceptions of the images as they play with the senses.
    The “Yummy” series is about the high rate of unprecedented murders in Chicago. It is centered around the image of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer, an 11yr. old killed by the very gang he had killed for. In this series the central figure of Yummy is composed of names of other children who have been killed over the years.

    The American flag reminds us of the glorious history of the United States. My turning the flag upside down, and through the nontraditional use of the U.S. flag we're reminded of the historic imperfections which are a part of its history, and since the great majority of these youth are nonwhite we seem unable or unwilling to solve the problem.


  • #OP-Expose CPS

    in US Government

    We are concerned and loving parents, partnered with Anonymous, and Safer Ohio PAC, to expose the injustices of CPS and family court. You should have expected us! We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are legion. We are Anonymous!

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    FTH #124 "RED ALERT, Spec Op incoming "

    in Video Games

    The anticipation builds as we wait the imminent arrival of Red She Hulk & Winter Soldier in Special Operations 32 Hellcat is arriving soon as the next PvP hero all this & more, From The Helicarrier" the #1 unofficial news source.

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    Spec Ops Arrives and brings a whole bunch of goodness

    Patch notes

    Red She Hulk, Winter Soldier


    Segment #4 - All Hail the King

    PokeProf MAA: Micro-Analysis

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    Jamiel Shaw II 17, Executed by illegal #44-15: #Trump2016; Jamiel's Op-Ed; GOP;&

    in Politics Conservative

    Jamiel Shaw, Sr., On #JamielsLaw Radio Weekly Broadcast Tonight, talking about the murder of his beloved son http://JamielsLaw.com; Donald Trump's immigration plan https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/immigration-reform; Jamiel Sr's OpEd in USA Today http://usat.ly/1Hy7ALw; The Bad & the Ugly side of illegal immigration http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp; http://www.immigrationcounters.com/ ; LAPD; #Trump2016; Plus much more. If you can, listen in or join in the chatroom.

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    #OP-Expose CPS A Parents Worst Nightmare

    in US Government

    In this Episode we will talk with parents who are currently, or have been in the past, abused by CPS. We are going to give instructions on how to organize a protest in your city. How to find people that believe in your cause and want to help. I will be co-hosting with Patsy Grant who is unable to speak on her own case due to current court regulations, but who has the knowledge and experience to help others in their journey to find justice and peace for their families. 7pm Eastern Time. Feel free to call in and tell your story, ask for advice, give advice, or help connect people with resources. Remember that it takes time and money to keep the radio show on so any Donations are always appreciated.

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    Interview with L- Smooth, Deezy Da Paperboy, and Southern Illinois Music Co Op

    in Music

    DJ Damo interviews several artists who performed at the Midwest Best competing for that $1000 cash.

    Book Hot Hitz Radio to do live interviews at your event

    DJ Damo 


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    Live Broadcast From Attala County’s 1st Saving Rural America Conference

    in Self Help

    Attala County Self Help Cooperative will host their first Saving Rural America Conference on this Friday, January 29, 2016. This conference will illuminant from Co-op’s Research and Administration Center 2033 CR 4116 Sallis, MS 39160. United States Department of Agriculture, Alcorn & Mississippi State Extension Service, and community-based organizations will present on how to generate income from your farmland and forestland. If you cannot attend in person, then WCSHC will afford you an opportunity to listen in on the wrap up session by calling 323-580-5735 at 11:30 am. Please share this show with others and help Attala County Self Help Cooperative Kick-off their first Saving Rural America Conference with a boom. 

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    Get Your Broadband Plan, Stan - Courtesy of the EPA

    in Internet

    The Obama Administration was deadly serious in September when they called for all Federal hands on deck to meet the challenges of deploying broadband everywhere. The EPA – yes, that EPA – along with the USDA’s Rural Utilities Services is rolling out a pilot program to offer communities broadband strategy planning assistance.

    Ed Fendley lays out plans for Cool & Connected, the service he heads for the EPA. The program targets communities interested in using broadband to help revitalize small-town promote economic development. Cool & Connected is recruiting experts to assist communities with network buildouts and tactics that enable networks to deliver their promised benefits.

    In today’s interview, Fendley provides details on eligibility requirements, rules and due dates. Participants also are encouraged to bring partnership to the table.

    With the heavy focus on helping communities afford the cost of building broadband networks, we sometimes forget about the cost of planning for networks, particularly in small and midsize towns. The EPA believes its resources can be best brought to bear by pursuing this planning role.