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  • #OP-Expose CPS

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    We are concerned and loving parents, partnered with Anonymous, and Safer Ohio PAC, to expose the injustices of CPS and family court. You should have expected us! We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are legion. We are Anonymous!

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    #OP-Expose CPS A Parents Worst Nightmare

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    In this Episode we will talk with parents who are currently, or have been in the past, abused by CPS. We are going to give instructions on how to organize a protest in your city. How to find people that believe in your cause and want to help. I will be co-hosting with Patsy Grant who is unable to speak on her own case due to current court regulations, but who has the knowledge and experience to help others in their journey to find justice and peace for their families. 7pm Eastern Time. Feel free to call in and tell your story, ask for advice, give advice, or help connect people with resources. Remember that it takes time and money to keep the radio show on so any Donations are always appreciated.

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    op we don't love u heauxs

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    Peeps be scandalous

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    Rescheduled Event: #OP-Expose CPS A Parents Worst Nightmare

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    A rescheduled event. Stories of families going thru the nightmare of CPS , Family Courts, and the Foster Hell system. Feel free to call in and tell your story!! Get or give resources. Get advice. Or even if u have an idea on how to fix this system that is so broken.

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    Indy Film Wisconsin Film Co-op

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    Ysterday I talked a bit about the Indy Film Wisconsin Film Co-op going to go into a bit more detail on how is going to work the goals and perhaps a project or two to kick off the idea

    Part of the idea that action leads to oppertunties

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    Co-op Multiplayer Live # 104- The Doctor's Video Game Delay City

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    This week, it has been delay after delay notifications received from some big games. Namely Persona 5 and Star Fox Zero to name a few that are not coming out until 2016 at the earliest.

    However, don't fret because it isn't all bad news we are discussing today. Some Nintendo patent leaked and the internet went wild with speculation, Final Fantasy XII Remaster may have been accidentally leaked along with a Bioshock Collection, and Michael Pachter predicts the death of gaming consoles again.

    Marc discusses his trip to a used video game store and Sean discusses a retrospective he's writing that should debut soon.

    Did you know there is a W2M Network Facebook Page? If you "like" the page, you will get any announcements about the podcast, anything the guys write, or other various things as well.

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    Military Monday with John D. Gresham With Author George Galdorisi – OP CENTER

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    Almost 20 years ago, Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik created a new "techno-thriller" book series called OP CENTER. Designed to be shorter reads than Mr. Clancy's often nmassive Jack Ryan novels. So using ideas from the fertile minds of Mr. Clancy and Mr. Pieczenik, and employing the writing skills of some of the best action/adventure authors of the day, the OP CENTER book series was born. And for almost a decade until 2006, the OP CENTER books provided readers a timely and topical place to look at the developing an ongoing crisis situations around the world. Nearly a decade later however, the world and its paradigms have changed a great deal, and so St. Martin's Press and the Clancy state decided to restart the OP CENTER book series in 2005, with the release of OUT OF THE ASHES.  Written by the impressive military history team of Dick Couch (@dickcouch) and George Galdorisi (@GeorgeGaldorisi), the new book was a critical and sales success, debuting to excellent reviews. Now, for 2006, Couch and Galdorisi have produced a second book in the new OP Center series, INTO THE FIRE.

     So on this Memorial Day 2015, join best-selling author, journalist, historian, and documentary filmmaker John D. Gresham (@gresham) on Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on the Writestream Radio Network (@Writestream)) at 1 PM EDT. Mr. Galdorisi will be his guest today, and together they will discuss both INTO THE FIRE and the OP CENTER series as well. So tune in today, and enjoy an eclectic hour on this Memorial Day 2015!

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    SEASON 2 EPISODE 6: Peak Performance, Matter of Honor OP, I.R.W. HAAKONA, DS9

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    We will talk about the Star Trek Attack Wing episode OP events Peak Performance and A Matter of Honor  and Romulan I.R.W. HAAKONA. During our second hour we will talk about Star Trek Deep Space Nine season one episodes Move Along Home, The Nagus, Vortex, Battle Lines, The Storyteller and Progress. 

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    John Trudel Author of Raven's Redemption Supports 100% Healthcare Now CO-OP

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    The fight is on when quiet Author and friend of Breaking News Journal. He doesn't like to fight, but when he has to he will. John will talk about his books, God's House, Privacy Wars, Raven's Revenge, Raven's Redemption, Soft Target and more.

    John will tell you he discovered on his latest flights. He will talk about what is happening with the birds who are dying and tehir feathers are being burned off when they fly near any solar systems and how the rangers of America are losing their property to the Government so they can put up Solar Syatems, but he has really rolled up his sleave on something very close to home and that is the Healthcare problem. The Affordable Healtchare Act people have been hitting teh grounds of Las Vegas signing people up for this awful program.

    The Government has been giving start up exchanges upwards of $1.1 Billion Dollars like Cover California who charged $6K upfront and $714.00 a month for premiums. That is the Tax Payers Money that is in someone else's pockets now. This exchange has closed it's doors , failed as a company and took off with the money. We can fight back now with www.100percenthealthcarenow.com which is a CO-OP Savings not an Insurance Company.

    CO-OP is calling for AARP and AMAC Members and their families to sign up now. Companies who had to layoff or cut back hours or who had to close their doors need this to revitalize at $25 a month per adult, $10 per month for each child under 18 year sand even $8 a month for household pets, you cannot beat this and it's a stress reliever. Everyone gets a memebrship Card when they sign up. John is going to lay iit all on the line for you  Please go to John's Page and purchase his books, read  his blogs and more. http://johntrudel.com/ and browse.



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    How to Argue and Win Every Time

    in Spirituality

    Conflict typically boils down to crucial conversations—moments when the stakes are high, emotions run strong and op­­­­­­­inions differ. And you cannot master crucial conversations without a high degree of emotional intelligence. 

    In this episode, KEEN Advisor Persian Medium I Am Power breaks down everything you need to know to win an argument --  every time.

    Everyone gets into arguments. This is just a fact of life. Now learn what you need to know to handle your situation and always come out on the winning end. 


    Sign up today to get 3 Free Minutes towards your first conversation with an intuitive advisor! 

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    Give Hunger The Boot Dave Emanuel Talks

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    SNELLVILLE – During the past three years, Give Hunger the Boot has helped raise more than $10,000 in food and financial donations for the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-Operative.

    Created by Snellville Council Member Dave Emanuel and his wife Kathy, Give Hunger the Boot, which serves the area’s needy, has worked primarily through promotions involving Snellville area businesses.

    That’s about to change - in a big way.

    Grayson Mayor Allison Wilkerson and the Grayson City Council and staff have challenged the City of Snellville to a donation-raising contest. 

    “I was thinking about ways to raise canned and dried food donations for the Co-Op and I thought, ‘Why not a good old-fashioned challenge?’” Wilkerson said. “Snellville has the Give Hunger the Boot program and that’s perfect, so let’s see which city can give hunger the biggest boot.”

    Snellville Council Member Emanuel welcomed the challenge.

    “Mayor Wilkerson has come up with a great idea that’s a win for everybody,” he said. “The Co-Op will receive a huge increase in donations at a time when they’re needed most and win or lose, both Snellville and Grayson will have helped a great local cause.

    The Co-Op does an outstanding job helping families in the Snellville, Grayson and Loganville area Give Hunger the Boot.”