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    Trucking Open Forum- The various perceptions of the trucking industry

    in Current Events

    Saruday 10-17-15 6PM ET 347-826-9170
    AskTheTrucker 'Live' opens its lines to the trucking community to discuss industry topics on your mind.  We’ll open up with the “Perception of the driver shortage” and if there is really  one. 

    The ATA Truck Driver Shortage Report recently state that carriers feel there is a shortage of quality drivers, or in other words, hirable drivers.
      Drivers are saying there’s just a shortage of drivers who are willing to work for low wages.  Who is right?  And what is that definition of a “quality driver”?  You’ll be surprised to learn how carriers determine what a quality driver is.

    Other topics include wages, regulations, jobs, health, lifestyle, and ANYTHING “trucking”

    Call in to listen through your phone or via the show page.
    To be a part of the show, click 1 in your keypad after dialing in.
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    ATA 2015: Meet Randy Parker CEO @MDliveInc

    in Health

    Coverage at American Telemedicine Association Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California was both vibrant and informative talking to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and telemedicine evangelists of all stripes from incoming ATA President Reed Tuckson, MD aka @DrReedTuckson to Ranya Habash, MD @habash2020 Co-founder of@HipaaChat.

    My colleague and co-host reporting on the ground Nick Adkins @NickReelDX catches up with MD Live Founder and CEO Randy Parker

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    ATA 2015: Meet @DrewSchiller Co-founder & CTO @Validic

    in Health

    Our coverage at American Telemedicine Association Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California was both vibrant and informative talking to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and telemedicine evangelists of all stripes from incoming ATA President Reed Tuckson, MD aka @DrReedTuckson to Ranya Habash, MD @habash2020 Co-founder of @HipaaChat.

    My colleague and co-host reporting on the ground Nick Adkins @Nick@ReelDX catches up with Validic co-founder and CTO Drew Schiller @DrewSchiller.

    Produced by Gregg Masters @2healthguru for Health Innovation Media.

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    in Religion

    The MOST HIGH must be wroshipped in ALL THINGS AS HE IS!   NOT as MEN have diversely imagined!   It will by and large be a SHOCK to all the whole world to realize WHAT has been the OBSTACLE to ALL!   For humanity by and large has NOT discerned the truth of the Great Commission nor understand what was is the dispensation of the gospel! The true Messiah came not for the preservation of any manner of worldly deceit; not will He!   In fact, that unto YAH every knee shall bow and every tongue confess unto HIM allegiance, He comes to declare THE STANDARD that will EXPOSE as having been NO COVENANT ATA ALL, every manner of worldly misconceit and defender of the Pretender!    The wisest soul discerns that this world has created a FALSE CHURCH to PRESERVE LAWLESSNESS rather than DESTROY IT!  Indeed!    Rulers of this world have perversely MISadministered the scriptures than men be beguiled to worship SIN! (2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-11 .. Isaiah 11:1-4>-12, 14:1-5)

    So as to preserve every manner of worldliness, world rulers murderously persecuted the believers of the early church.   After having infiltrated to corrupted the knowledge of the faith, a world has been beguiled to preserve mass illusions ever since.  Protestant reformers protested that the Roman Church was a deliberate pretense against the truth, a mystery of iniquity, a strong delusion causing the masses to believe lies, mass status quo worldly misrepresentations.    Nevertheless, the protestant reformation has NOT resulted in a world made true as reconciled wholly untto the will of the One Most High!    A multitude of diverse denominational doctrines whether protestant or Catholic, cannot possibly be the pure and perfect will of the ONE!      MISrepresentation for being NOT true to the Holy Name, is BABYLON!

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    A look at telemedicine adoption from the ATA 2015 Conference

    in Technology

    Ron Emerson, the Global Director of Healthcare at Polycom, a registered nurse and expert in all things telemedicine, joins the program to discuss telemedicine adoption in the US, the 2015 ATA Conference, the technologies and trends getting the most buzz at the show and what he see as the future of telemedicine in the United States.

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    UDL: Imam Mohammed "Jumu'ah Tuskegee '99"; Eid DC

    in Education

    Today we will present around the content of two lectures from Imam Mohammed that speaks to his Strategy and Tactics for the growth of Al-Islam in America.

    We will also underscore some of the ideas from yesterday's Jumu'ah from Masjidul Waritheen in Oakland. "WEalth and Spirituality: Salat and Zakat; Morals and Ethics"

    Aqimu Salat Ata’u Zakat

    Salat:  Spiritual Impurities = Moral Development (Tahara)  HQ 29: 45

    Zakat: Material Impurities = Ethical Development (Zakaha) HQ 91: 7-10

  • Whirl With Merle

    in Travel

    The UNFringed Festival and The Secret Theatre will be presenting  AN INTOLERANT VAUDEVILLE, conceived by Sam Viverito, written by Wendy Biller, Chris Hawthorne and Sam Viverito, with music by Ronnie Lawson and lyrics by Ronnie Lawson, Wendy Biller and Chris Hawthorne. Direction by Sam Viverito.

    AN INTOLERANT VAUDEVILLE was inspired by Sam Viverito's visit to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. Written in the structure of a traditional vaudeville show, An Intolerant Vaudeville cracks open a piñata of slurs, stereotypes and identity politics that will leave the audience gasping from laughter, or maybe from shock.

    Sam Viverito (Co-writer, Director) is an internationally recognized director and choreographer.

    Wendy Biller (Co-writer, Co-lyricist) is the recipient of the Jury Prize for her play The Refrigerator, which premiered in New Mexico this summer, by the Fusion Theatre Company. Wendy began her career in NYC as a choreographer.

    Chris Hawthorne (Co-writer, Co-lyricist) began his career as Assistant Director for the New York Art Theatre, where he worked on and acted in William Burroughs' Naked Lunch and Kenneth Koch's The Red Robins.

    Ronnie Lawson (Composer, Co-lyricist) has long been a presence on the New York music scene.

  • PWN 2015.7.5: Etsy ends witch hunt; sacrifice banned; repeat offender

    in News

    July ends with a bang. Etsy has reversed itself on the ban of selling metaphysical items, according to a blog posting by the ATC. A Hindu celebration is brought to an end due to pressure from animal rights activists. An Orthodox Jew, recently released from prison, repeats his attack of ten years ago and stabs multiple people at an LGBTQ pride event in Jerusalem. All of this and more in this week's edition of the Pagan Weekly News.

    Join RevKess and KaliSara as they give their Pagan perspectives on some of the news and issues facing the world today.

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    Americans Unite to Stop Toll Roads and Save the American Freeways

    in Politics

    Attention American Transportation Leaders - It is Time to Stop Toll Roads and Restore our Freeways!

    Guests: Terri Hall - Texans for Toll-free Highways

    Patrick Hand - Stop  the Tolls

    Americans know there are better ways to fund highways than TOLL TAXES.  We know everyone's cost of living goes up with the cost of transportation. We know everyone benefits from transportation regardless of how many miles they drive on the highways.  We know it is wrong for our local, state and federal representatives and quasi-governmental agencies to sell-off public infrastructure to foreign corporations. We know "Public Private Partnerships" are nothing more than a major source for governmental corruption.  We know these individuals/representatives, quasi-governmental agencies and P3s are NOT working in the best interest of the American people. We know it is up to us to demand changes in transportation. 

    The time is now for Americans to come together to shut-down toll roads across the U.S.A.  We can shut-down the toll roads if we work  together.

    Here are some of the grassroot groups working to stop toll roads:

    Louisiana  http://www.stopthetolls.org/
    Texas http://tollfreehighways.com/author/thall/
    Texas http://www.texasturf.org/about
    Florida http://rollbacktolls.com/
    North Carolina  http://wideni77.org/
    Texas  http://texansagainsttolls.com/
    North Carolina  http://www.stopthetollroad.com/index.html
    Illinois - Indiana  http://www.openlands.org/illiana
    North Carolina http://www.notollsi95.com/position

    If you are ready to take back our country and our freeways, contact these groups and get involved!


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    Episode 255: ATA Championship and NFL Draft Preview

    in Sports

    The 2015 All Things Awesome Tournament has reached its top two. Join us as we determine the winner between #2 Rob Gronkowski and #4 Brock Lesnar

    Our diehard Atlanta Falcons friend Allen Strk joins us to talk NFL Draft and preview the biggest day of the NFL Offseason! Justin and T.O. join as well to talk ATA 2015 and the NFL Draft!

    C-Mac and The Ace will reveal their Mock Drafts. Last year C-Mac nailed Green Bay selecting Haha Clinton-Dix, who is in his crystal ball this year.

    Join us at 7pm/CT!

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    "Help4Men Radio Special " New Orleans Government Exposed

    in Politics

    The ATC comminisioner appointed has at least three known pending racial discrimination lawsuits and this commissioner Troy Hebert has denied a U.S. Major with 24 years of service and a disable Black female veteran a liquor license without reason, without any application errors, without any wrong doings after 22 unannounced inspections. Hebert serves at the pleasure of the businesses in the French Quarters, yet, you have allowed the racially motivated person to continue his deception.

    Less than 2% black business owners in the French Quarters
    50% of young African Americans unemployed
    Black Zip codes…. 70117, 70118, 70122, 70126, 70127, 70128 no help after Katrina
    12 Billion was give after hurricane Rita
    108 Billion was given after hurricane Katrina
    Within 32 years there was ONLY 2 Black Mayors… 1st 1978 and the other was in 2010 and his now in prison.
    For every $1000 Whites make in New Orleans. Blacks ONLY make $35.00
    Why is the state allowing an alleged racist (recently reported to have 3 open federal discrimination lawsuits pending) to remain as the head of one of the top revenue generating offices of the state of Louisiana? It's time to call Gov Bobby Jindal and tell him to put ATC Commissioner, Troy Hebert, on the bench. Bring him in and off the field until after these legal cases are tried... (225)342-0991 or (225) 219-2135.