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    Onionhead: Peal it, Deal with it, Heal it! Addressing Feelings of Children, Teens & Adults!

    in Women

    Emotions, feelings, attitude – are all a part of our lives from the womb until death. The challenge lies within identifying feelings and with children or teens; the challenge is greater.

    Adults who were traumatized or have a mental diagnosis also struggle with addressing feelings.
    Please join Denise Bolds, MSW social worker, advocate, educator and author with today’s guest Lane Michael of Onionhead, a company that addresses feelings in user friendly tools for children, teens & adults.

    If you want to learn how to reach those you work with, care for and love through their feelings, this show is for you.

    Get Ready to be EMPOWERED!!

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    Emotional and Spiritual Education for Kids and Youth

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Anseloni interviews Lane Michel, owner of Onionhead Company on the incredible educational tools for emotional education. Also, Nahur and Gaby will be interviewed on the Spiritist tools for education of children and youth.
    Onionhead & Company is a pioneering program on emotional development for children and adults. Their motto is "Peel the feelings, Deal with the feelings, Heal the Feelings.” Lane Michel and the Onionhead team are dedicated to teaching people how to appropriately manage their emotions in a heartfelt and truthful way. Their Harnessing Happiness workshops and programs help youth and adults source their true power and potential. Read more
    Nahur Fonseca, PhD and Gaby Ferreira, MS are a sweet and experienced couple who, though  young, are very active in the Spiritist practice. Together they have been coordinating the youth group in the AKSS-MA in Boston, as well as the yearly Family Spiritist Retreat in CT with Eduardo Guimaraes from IESS, NY. Nahur Fonseca is also one of the editors of The Spiritist Magazine. Fernanda Ferreira has professional experience with education for children.