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    One Billion Rising Talk Show

    in News

    Now is the time to show unity and love for one billion females that will be abused at one time of their lives. One Billion Rising, represents a change in the mindset of female victims, and the abusers. 

    Mary Jane, one of the organization's leaders in Georgia, who will be the co host on the show.

    She will explain the international issues about abuse against women. She will also describe the combined solution for women, corporations, community leaders, and volunteers, can become members, and contributors for Feb. 14, Flash Dance, and also how that can continue to make a change, one zip code at a time.

    Ms. Tricia Bailey, CEO of MT Innovation, will host the show. Please share this info with your friends and family members, ,and have them call in on Feb. 12, at 9:00 pm. Simply call 1-646-478-0188.



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    Poetry Month, Fantasy Faire & One Billion Rising in Second Life

    in Current Events

    Join me on this special segment to learn about all the events celebrating poetry and the spoken words. My guests are Saffia Widdenshins and Aisling Sinclair who were part of the 2015 One Billion Rising Organizing team in Second Life. Listen in to learn about their work and ways to get involved.

    Fantasy Fair

    Prim Perfect Magazine

    Prim Perfect magazine was established in 2007, with a threefold aim:

    • To promote the work of Second Life home and garden designers
    • To provide examples of the best and most beautiful design in Second Life
    • To help new residents find the best ways to create their home and garden experience in a virtual world.

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    Ice Billion Berg Interview

    in Hip Hop Music

    Ice Billion Berg Interview

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    One Billion Rising

    in Politics Progressive

    A discussion of religion and politics through a progressive Christian filter.  We will be discussing current events including President Obama's State of the Union address, the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and One Billion Rising. 

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    One Billion Rising Special

    in Self Help

    Ennufff joins One Billion Rising this V-Day to end sexual abuse and violence. We are rising! Valentine's Day, particularly, in the Western World, symbolizes love. Yet, to so many (women and men) around the world, V-Day may also be a day of dread, symbolizing instead abuse and torment. We'll talk about what this day could mean to victims/survivors and look at ways to RISE! We'll talk about other One Billion Rising activities, particularly around the Caribbean and in the Diaspora.

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    Stop Domestic Violence-One Billion Rising

    in News

    Stop Domestic Violence is a phrase that has been thrown around way too much in our society. From the NFL, corporate office, school and home will be the topic of today's talk show with Mrs. Lisa Parsons of One Billion Rising ! Co-hosted by national host and CEO of www.getoffndrive.com



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    The 8 billion of us myth My view

    in Entrepreneur

    More and more I reed that with 8 billion estamated population, We (read Americans) will need to do more perhaps even be mandated to use tech that some Farmers may not feel well happy with. 

    Will we see 8 billion on Earth? Why might we be reading this?  Is the rest of the world unable to grow food? My view

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    Episode 94, The Rising Apple Report: Camp Bravado is open for business

    in Sports

    The caleder still says February, the temperature in the northeast is still below freezing, and for many the winter snow has been relentless.  However, nothing advertises a changing of the season quite like Spring Training.

    Port St. Lucie is finally open for business.  All position players were due by Tuesday, and today marked the first day of full squad workouts.

    Over the winter, the Mets contracted a strong case of confidence.  Tonight's 94th episode of the Rising Apple Report will swing the gates open to Camp Bravado, and debate the merits of their words.

    If the Mets indeed seem emboldened to you, perhaps the return of Matt Harvey is one reason why.  On March 6th, he will tentatively take the mound and face live competition for the first time since 2013.

    Also up for discussion are the potential crowding of the bullpen and a lack of another lefty, Lucas Duda's injury, the never ending quest to rectify shortstop, the 1994 regular season, and much more.

    Rising Apple staff writer Rich Sparago will host this evening's discussion, and will be joined by fellow staff writer Michael Lecolant.  As always, you are most welcome to call the show and join the conversation.

    The number is 646-929-0337.  The show starts at 9:00pm (EST) sharp.

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    One Billion Rising Special

    in Self Help

    Ett specialinsatt program om rörelsen One Billion Rising.
    Programledare: Marie Ek Lipanovska och Charlotte Rudenstam
    I studion sitter Marie Ek Lipanovska, författare och projektledare för Heal My Voice Sweden, ett bokprojekt för kvinnor för att förstärka och läka den kvinnliga rösten och systerskapet. Hon delar studio med Charlotte Rudenstam, författare och föreläsare med specialitet skam och sexualitet.
    Cirka en miljard Rising En av tre kvinnor på planeten kommer att bli våldtagna eller misshandlade under sin livstid. *
    En miljard kvinnor kränks är ett illdåd
    En miljard kvinnor DANS är en revolution
    En miljard Rising är:
    En global strejk En inbjudan att dansa Ett samtal till män och kvinnor att vägra att delta i status quo tills våldtäkt och våldtäkt kultur avslutar en solidaritetshandling, visar att kvinnor likartad deras kamp och deras makt i siffror En vägran att acceptera våld mot kvinnor och flickor som en given En ny tid och ett nytt sätt att vara

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    Rising Apple Report Episode 99- Let The Games Begin!

    in Sports

    It's Easter Sunday. We are in the midst of Passover too. And in the sports world, it's the first day of baseball season! Though the Mets begin play for real on Monday, April, 6th, the Major League season begins tonight as the Cardinals take on the Cubs in Chicago.

    The Rising Apple team will be conducting a special roundatable discussion of all things Mets. We'll chat about the 8-man bullpen, innings limits for Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom, the team's 19-12-2 Spring Training record, the roster, and much more as we're on the eve of the Mets' 2015 season. We'll even let you know who we think is going to win the World Series.

    Join Danny Abriano, Mike Lecolant, Dan Haefli, and maybe more writers from the Rising Apple staff to engage in some fun Mets dialogue at 9 pm, Sunday, April 5th. I (Rich Sparago) will be your host as we count the hours until Mets baseball.

    So listen in, give us a call, we'd love to hear from you! Let's celebrate the return of Mets baseball with the 99th edition of the Rising Apple Report!



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