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    Fertility rights are THE hot button topic of the year for young adults facing cancer. Research published by our guests (Marla Clayman, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University and Gwen Quinn, Ph.D, Professor at the USF College of Medicine) shows shamefully low adoption of fertility navigation services across US cancer centers.Julia Wagner in the survivor spotlight.


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    Getting Pregnant After Cancer

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    What are the risks of attempting to get pregnant after cancer? Should you try? How long should you wait. What is the risk to the child and mother. Host Dawn Davenport will interview two of the leading experts in the US on Pregnancy after Cancer: Dr. Jacqueline Jeruss, a breast surgeon and the Oncofertility Consortium's Clinical Co-Director of Oncology and an Assistant Professor within the Department of Surgery and a member of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University; and Dr. Nicole Noyes, Reproductive Endocrinologist with NYU Fertility Center, Professor and the Director of Reproductive Surgery at the New York University School of Medicine and Medical Center, President of the ASRM Special Interest Group on Fertility Preservation.    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:   Blog summary of the show   Highlights   More Creating a Family resources on donor insemination can be found here.

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    Join us as we welcome activist and award-winning actor Gabrielle Union who will share with us her efforts making a difference as a breast cancer advocate. Then we tackle the hard hitting issue of fertility rights and surrogacy options for young adults affected by cancer with John Weltman, President and Founder of Circle Surrogacy, one of the oldest and largest surrogate agencies around. He will be joined by ovarian cancer survivor Jen Rachman (a recipient surrogate parent) and breast cancer survivor/activist Alice Crisci (Founder, Fertile Future).

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    Adoption or Infertilty Treatment after Cancer

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    A diagnosis of cancer threatens not only your life, but also your plans for children after successful treatment.  Can you adopt if you’ve been treated for cancer in the past?  Can you go through fertility treatment if you’ve had cancer?  Should you? Join our guests Gina  Shaw, cancer survivor, mom through birth and adoption after cancer, and author of Having Children After Cancer; Dr.  Irene Su, Assistant Professor of Reproductive Medicine University of California, San Diego, a reproductive endocrinologist and epidemiologist studying reproductive outcomes in young female cancer patients, and last but not least she is the Assistant Director of the in the Oncofertility Consortium ; and Elizabeth Jurenovich, Exec. Director of Abrazo Adoption Associates in San Antonio, Texas and a Certified Professional Open Adoption Practitioner and has talked with many birth mothers considering placing with families where either the mother or father has been treated for cancer.  More important, she is a breast cancer and thyroid cancer survivor and underwent treatment during one pregnancy and gave birth to a second child post treatment.

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    ERIC ANTHONY GALVEZYoung Adult Survivor, Brain Cancer
    Founder, MassKickers
    Author, Reversal

    JOANNA MORALES, ESQDirector, Cancer Legal Resource Center
    Adjunct Professor of Law
    Loyola Law School

    REBECCA NELLISDirector of Programs
    Cancer and Careers
    CEW Foundation

    LAURA MOSIELLODirector of Women's Cancers