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    Once Saved Always Saved?

    in Christianity

    We know this is a touchy topic, and that is why we chose to do a broadcast on this topic.  Joey & John will be bringing you some clarification on Once Saved Always Saved and bring you TRUTH that will Build You Up. So the question is: Do we have eternal security? OR Can we lose our Salvation? Join us on this broadcast and find out what the Bible says. Please call (718) 664-9310 with any questions or comments or just to listen in through any phone.  Also eMail us your questions, comments or prayer requests to: BuildingOthersUpNetwork@gmail.com

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    ETERNALLY SEALED... The Issue of Once Saved Always Saved

    in Christianity

    3/12/15... Takling the issue of once saved always saved, and if a Chrisitian can lose their salvation through sinning; and how the Holy Spirit has sealed our salvation within our born again spirit until the return of Jesus Christ.... Thursdays @ 4pm ET / 3pm CT / 2pm MT / 1pm PT

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    " Watchman Warning " -(Part 2) Refuting "Once Saved Always Saved"

    in Religion

    " Watchman Warning " -(Part 2). Refuting "Once Saved Always Saved"
     join me and Watchman Don Konz as We GIVE SCRIPTURE by SCRIPTURE in CONTEXT of Warnings of LEAVING CHRIST and Falling AWAY from The FAITH Not Abiding in The Vine in John 15.

    Confessing Jesus or Denying the Lord Jesus Christ is the "saved / not saved" main issue.  It is something THAT WE DO, based on our beliefs. People who argue for OSAS will often say,

    "There's nothing you can DO to become saved, or it will be works.  Therefore, there is nothing you can DO to become unsaved, you can't GAIN or LOSE salvation based on what you do."

    Well, the first premise is wrong, because to be saved, one has to DO quite a lot; first be willing to hear the message, second, believe it in faith, third, repent of your sins, and fourth, confess that you believe God rose Jesus from the dead, and fifth, continue in the faith.  And the act a person takes that leads to salvation is the opposite act one takes as a result of falling away from the faith.  Confession or Denial of Jesus!

    "How much or which sin would actually cause one to be unsaved? If we can lose salvation, where do we draw the line? or How much sin can I get away with?" 

    Revelation 3:5  He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.

    Jude 1:4  For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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    is there such a thing with GOD as once saved always saved no matter what?

    in The Bible

    lets examine the theory/false doctrine of once saved always saved. among other topics this evening

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    Once Saved Always Saved?????

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Kingdom Talk Radio we will discuss the hot topic.... Once Saved Always Saved... Join us at 7 pm  tonight, I will be taking to the phone lines to get your thoughts!!!!!!! Also new music will be released from Chandler Moore and Kingdom Muzic!!! We will also introduce our new addition to the Kingdom Talk Radio family Sister Traci Sweat from MIchigan!!!!!  347 996 5129 or www.blogtalkradio.com/ministertonydyson.....See you then!!!!!!

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    What is it to be Saved By Grace?

    in Prayer

    Dicovering where the Show can go from here and hoping to gain good God Fearing Panalist to Keep The Show Afloat and Sponsered !!

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    Episode 6: Once Saved Always Saved vs. Repentance, Renewal, Regeneration

    in Christianity

    Episode 6:

    The big question I have right now is centered around this debate: are we required to repent of our sins and to avoid sin once we have become "saved" by faith in Jesus Christ? Or is salvation guaranteed no matter what you do after that point? I've always thought I had this figured out but it's amazing what sort of debate there is going on out there. I always thought it would be better to be on the safe side and not only make sure that I myself used the spiritual tools at my disposal to be in a constant state of renewal and repentance, but also to believe that it is necessary for my salvation to avoid sin at all costs. Then, as a result I would be able to encourage others to do the same. And yet there are those who claim that someone who is "working" in this way is actually not saved or born again because they are allegedly trusting in works. This to me seems like a complete paradox because these are the same people who are saying it's blasphemous to believe that you can do anything to earn or lose your salvation, but then they are calling the people who encourage repentance unsaved. These sorts of debates are completely counterproductive to the gospel mission and yet they are central to the concept of our faith. Tonight we will discuss this topic without getting too worked up and try to make sense of it. Please call in and weigh in. What do you think? Can a person lose his or her salvation by falling back into sin? Can you use scripture to back up your viewpoint? Admittedly I can not properly put this into words, but hopefully that won't matter. I pray that something will get straightened out while covering this topic.

    Also, what is the role of anything political in the life of a Christian?  Do Americans have a special role/view themselves differently?

    Call to join in the discussion at 1(646)564-9673.

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    Eternal Security, Is it "once saved always saved"?

    in The Bible

    This week on Truth Seeking Radio we will discuss eternal security.  Can one loose their salvation? or is it "once saved always saved". Join us for this important discussion.  

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    The Living Saved Show

    in Religion

    Jo Rev. Kerrene as she prays in the New Year

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    Episode 44:Mark of the Beast,Exposing False Doctrine once saved always saved

    in Christianity

    Hello, and welcome to Ezekiel 33:9 We will discuss; the bible, Jesus, and end time prophecy,dreams,visions,testimonies etc, 9 Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul So Please Join Sis Amy,Bro Shannon, & Sis Jessica As We Glorify GOD During These End Times The Chat Room Will Be opened!! Fridays 4pm pst 6pm cst 7pm est .Call in number 929 477-2387


    If I accept the Mark of the Beast RFID Chip will I still be saved and go to Heaven?

    Why some pastors are telling people they still can be Saved and go to Heaven.

    Exposing the Doctrine of Once saved always saved.

    Special Guest: Susan Davis: Weaning Christians off of Halloween.

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    "What IS the Gospel?" Once SAVED always SAVED?? Fact or Fiction

    in Family

    Your just gonna have to tune in for this one!! LIVE AT 8PM EST TONIGHT But I'll give you something to ponder until airtime....., It's sunday, I get the goose bumps I feel like walking down to the front, saying a prayer and making a decision.  Boom, it's done WOW, I'm saved!  Now Monday comes and I had a bad night... I am angry at the world so I go and steal a car, run from the cops, kidnap someone and now am in a standoff with police... I shoot and kill myself because I remember that some man behind a pulpit told me that all I had to do to LOCK in a spot in heaven was to say this little prayer...............Now I know that is extreme but I want you to think about how that sounds and the reasonability of the theory of Once Saved always Saved.  


    What IS the Gospel - so many have asked me that question.  So, with God's strength and guidance, I have decided to take on the mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with ALL!!

    Join us each week as we DISCOVER, DISCUSS and DELIVER the Gospel TRUTH!  Call IN LIVE with questions, comments or concerns @ 424-258-9288

    Hosts:  Founder- Matthew Scott Senge

          Guests - AlWaYs a SuRpRizE!

    We can be found on the web at www.roadtoredemptionministries.com

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