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    CELEBRITY CHAT 12yr old genius musician OMRI

    in Entertainment

    Omri was conceived in St. Mary, Jamaica but was born in Toronto, Canada on September 20, 2000. He had his first mouthful on the big stage at the age of five, after his father, “Righteousness,” formerly known as “Docta Peppa,” gave him an invitation to perform at Culturefest. Once Omri hit that stage and he has not looked back since. He wowed patrons with his stage presence, personality and dancing moves fresh from Jamaica.
    Omri started his acting career with a guest appearance in the 2009 Movie Central production “The Yard.” In “The Yard,” Omri played a South African immigrant who had difficulties making a smooth transition to his new life in the Western world. In 2011, Omri made a cameo appearance in international TV series “Rookie Blue.” Omri played Corey, an assistant to the priest of a church that was caught in a classic battle of good and evil between the church and the streets.
    Omri has performed both locally and internationally, while building his brand of fun, educational, and entertaining lyrics with well-orchestrated performances. In 2011 Omri was special guest on a series of Jamaican shows such as Rastafest and Sistafest to the delight of all in attendance. On the local music scene, Omri has performed at Cameron House, Jamaica Day, Hoop Dome, Six Degrees, The Block Party, Malvern Community Centre, Lambadina Lounge, Dundas Square, Grace Hartman Community Center, and on live TV, alongside Righteousness on the show Toronto Talent.
    contact Omri    Kerlandbrown@yahoo.com

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    Healthy Haiku Radio Show Interviews Dr. Sahu Omri

    in Youth

    Aloha and Shalom
    R.U.A.H. Radiant Universal Art of Harmony is a Limited Liability Company coming to Georgia.  This new revolutionary creative art form will provide spiritual wholistic health and education along with innovative bio energetic technology programs focusing on children families, and community services.
    Dr Sahu Omri is the founder and educator of R.U.A.H. He has taught natural health, life and Martial Sciences for over 25 years and has shared this system all over the world integrating the best cultural Health Sciences into a balanced wholistic system. Christian values of love life and sharing are the key components of R.U.A.H. This new revolutionary system is creative art form for individual and group development of a healthy mind, heart, spirit and personal strength. Our vision is too bring children ,friends and families together in a fun, exciting and positive way so that children will be able to bring awareness to their own individual uniqueness and understand the harmony of self, family and community.
    Dr. Omri has a well-rounded education and experience including 4yrs BSc Kinesiology;  N.D., naturopathic medicine; OMD, Oriental Medicine; Sahu, African Health Sciences; graduate of Maritime Institute of Law Enforcement; graduate of Faith Bible Institute; Ordained Minister in Health Ministries; Professor Bio-Energy and Complimentary Medicine at CTC; and more...

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    Interview with Omri Lahav

    in Music

    This show will feature the artistry of Omri Lahav. He is firstly a composer, also a conductor, arranger, songwriter, instrumentalist (guitars, piano / keyboards / sampler, bass, oud, accordion, mandolin, harmonica, melodica, Irish whistle, fife, cello, drums, percussion), vocalist and sound tech. He has been performing with some of Israel's top names for the past few years.
    His experience includes TV and Radio appearances, studio operation and session playing, composing soundtracks for various commercials, stage plays, computer games, dance performances, etc...
    This show will also feature some tracks from Omri Lahav and his group as well an an interview.

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    Higher Consciousness: The New Definition for Fatherhood

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is a program that will enlighten you and expand your consciousness about physical and non physical dimensions. For the month of June, we will honor both biological and spiritual fathers.  For tonight, Dr. Omri, a father of two males and a world renowned scholar and holistic health practitioner, is our esteemed guest.
     Dr. Omri, a father of two sons,  will discuss the ways males can heal themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially to enable them to be better mates and fathers.  Hear his wonderful testimony and journey.
     ·   email: iwinhealthedu@gmail.com
    Host's Bio
    Professor Jamela Franklin, Ed.M., M.A.
    www.oyindeenterprises.com; info@oyindeenterprises.com;http://aetnaafricanamericancalendar.com/2013/bios.php?month=3     

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    Celebrating Women's History Month Pt.3

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is saluting female owned businesses and feminine energy for March since it's Women's History Month. The guests will talk about the spiritual and metaphysical elements that women bring to their businesses and to their lives..
    Part 1:  Jesse Simmons is a certified energy healer, and has been working in the healing arts most of his life.  He has a profound vision of clarity into the human "blue print," or true nature of being. His gifts and talents enable him to sense the true loving divine essence of an individual.
    770-596-3884  email:  reikijourney11@gmail.com
    Allyson Roberts is a gifted sensitive who has been working in the healing arts for over twenty years.  She taps into the insight that these experiences have granted to help you heal.  She is a spiritual architect.  
    678-965-0977  email: outrageousfreedom7@gmail.com
    website  for both: outrageousfreedom.net
    Part 2  Dr Sahu Omri ND, OMD, DD, Bsc Kin
     Dr. Omri will discuss awareness of the True You in relation to spiritual wholistic health and share with you the discovery of the root cause of chronic disease within the Soul. He  will also Introduce you to "The Children of the Soul" and their role and relationship to healing the Self.  
    email:  iwinhealthedu@gmail.com
    Jamela Franklin, Ed.M, M.A,  www.oyindeenterprises.com
    (770) 808-8051

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    Tuesdays with Right Down Euclid: Episode 5

    in Sports

    The Right Down Euclid duo of Chris Manning and Zak Kolesar, along with host Nick Harley, talk the latest Cleveland Cavaliers news. This week the three discuss Jeremy Pargo as the starting point guard, an improving bench and the most recent matchup with the Memphis Grizzlies.

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    The Final Say with Brett & Jon Rappaport - Collapse?

    in Politics Conservative

    Join The Final Say as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.  We welcome your calls and participation (347)945-7895  
    Our guests will be Kori Schake of the Hoover Institute and Omri Ceren of The Israel Project.  We will be discussing Syria, Egypt, Iran , and Israel.  Also covering America's moral collapse, fiscal collapse, today's news, fiscal clif negotiations, gun rights, and tragedy.

    Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.      
    George Washington
    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.                          
    Ronald Reagan
     The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings capable of law, where there is no law, there is no freedom.
    John Locke

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    The Corporate Takeover Of YOUR Food

    in Spirituality

    Culton Organics is small farming operation based in Silver Spring Pennsylvania, 5 miles outside of the great city of Lancaster. Tom Culton farms on 5 acres of farmland that has been preserved with the help of Lancaster Farmland Trust.
    Tom goes to great lengths to procure his heirloom seed varieties, often traveling abroad to meet with farmers, who have tirelessly worked to preserve our earth's culinary heritage. Although Culton Organics is not certified organic, Tom assures you that he has never, nor will ever use harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or any OMRI prohibited materials in the growing of your food.
    He specializes in rare and endangered produce varieties and is preparing over 60 varieties of heirloom tomatoes for this season. With over 700 varieties of vegetables and herbs produced in 2006, Culton Organics aims to provide their customers with the broadest choice of vegetables around. Committed to taste first and foremost, Tom also aims to give the customer the cleanest product available, free of defects and blemishes.
    And free of the Corporate Pollution of Monsanto, who single handedly intends to  destroy our food supply. Activists like Tom Cultin have other ideas.
    The call in number is 347-205-9200

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    The Sid Fly Show

    in Entertainment

    Talking NBA and NFL lockout, MLB, jj hickson/Omri Casspi Trade and more

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    Zute's Sports Talk

    in Sports

    Lace 'em Up. Episode 53. Boxers Devon Alexander and Omri Lowther will be on the show giving us straight talk in the world of boxing. Boxing talk.

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    in Sports

    Lightweight Prospect Henry "Hank" Lundy joins us for an in depth interview! After suffering his first loss as a professional versus the scrappy John Molina last summer, Lundy was back in action in less than two months, scoring a victory over Omri Lowther. Also Recap for the Mauricio Herrera vs Ruslan Provodnikov Espn2 Friday Night Fights season debut. Plus News, Debate, and Predictions for the upcoming fight schedule. Other Topics for Discussion- Martinez vs Dzinziruk and Lee vs Duddy HBO Card, Vitali Klitschko vs Odlanier Solis March 19, Klitschko vs Adamek heavy talks, Pavlik vs Degale rumors? Call in and Let Your Voice Be Heard! Listen and Chat Live at http://www.ropeadoperadio.com/