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    Business Blitz with Camari Ellis and Kelley Everett

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    Camari Ellis is an Investment and Tax advisor who specializes in working with Small Family Owned businesses at The Ascension Group. Camari has been in the Financial Services area for over 15 years. Camari started his career in accounting and leveraged his financial skills to become a institutional money manager where he invested money for Pensions, municipalities and high net worth individuals. Currently in his role at The Ascension Group  takes his love for investing and his knowledge for tax and accounting to create customized tax and investment strategies for his clients.

    Kelley Everett, affectionately known as Coach Kelli, is a sixteen year public school Educator, Career Counselor, College Professor, and “Edupreneur." She serves youth and families as Founder and Chief Operating Officer of ASK For Tutoring LLC, and Youth Angel Scholars Incorporated Nonprofit. Kelley believes that people of all ages have the potential to learn. Her approach to learning is seasoned with a “teaspoon” of motherly love. She realized early in life that education was the key to success. Coach Kelli’s passion about education and learning lead her to create multiple programs and services that meets the individual needs of students and their family using a holistic approach to teaching, mentoring and learning. She believes the true secret to success and creating an educational legacy is defining one’s Nia (Purpose.)

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    Connecting with Elemental Forces

    in Spirituality

    Are you aware of the elemental energy around you?  This show is all about the elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, Wood and Spirit.  We will share info on the forces within and outside of us.  We will also share tips on balancing your personal elemental energy.  Join us for this informative conversation with Mut Kajara and the Ra Sekhi family.  Let's tap into our avatar powers.... We are the Original Avatars.  

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    Musik Mondays Live! w/ @DjNiaBoom

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    Wus Good Fam make sure your right here Each and Every Monday at our new time 11pm Est for the dopest show on hip-hop radio #BOOMSHOW #MusikMondays features the hottest in Indie, Mainstream HipHop, RNB, Trap, Neo Soul and more. Got a Shoutout or wanna request a song hit me up in the chat room or call 323-443-7518 Lets GO! 

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    EGUA - Marketplace: Our Guests - Yaa Baruti & Mwalimu Baruti of Akoben Institute

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    In this episode of EGUA - Marketplace, our guests are Ena Yaa Baruti and Baba Mwalimu Baruti the co-founders of Akoben House and Akoben Institute. Akoben House is an independent, Afrikan centered publishing company. Founded in 2000 by Mwalimu K. Bomani and Yaa Mawusi Baruti, it is dedicated to the dissemination of consciousness raising writings. Akoben Institute is an independent Afrikan centered full-time and after-school home schooling and tutorial program for middle and high schoolers. Akoben Institute is having their 3rd Annual Fundraiser on June 6th-7th and the theme is 'Complementarity'.

    Mwalimu Baruti is the author of eighteen self-published books: Excuses, Excuses: The Politics of Interracial Coupling in European Culture, negroes and other essays, Chess Primer: An Introduction to the Game of Chess, The Sex Imperative, Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males, Asafo: A Warriors Guide to Manhood, Complementarity: Thoughts for Afrikan Warrior Couples, Mentacide and other essays, Kebuka!: Remembering the Middle Passage Through the Eyes of Our Ancestors, Eureason: An Afrikan Centered Critique of Eurocentric Social Science, Battle Plan, Notes Toward Higher Ideals in Afrikan Intellectual Liberation, Sesh: An Afrikan Centered Guide to Writing and Self-Publishing for Warrior Scholars, Nyansasem: A Calendar of Revolutionary Daily Thoughts, Yurugu’s Eunuchs, Centered: Building Afrikan Realities, IAW: A Warrior’s Character and Message to The Warriors.




    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 

    Akwamu Nation in North America 



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    #MusikMondays Live! in the Mixx w/ @DjNiaBoom

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    Wus Good Fam make sure your right here Mondays 9pm Est for the dopest show on the net! #BOOMSHOW Musik Mondays featuring the hottest in Indie, Mainstream HipHop, RNB, Trap, Neo Soul and more. Got a Shoutout or wanna request a song hit me up in the chat room or call 323-443-7518 Lets GO! 

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    Whats the 411 Wednesdays Live! w/ DJ Nia Boom & TruthLogik

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    Get the latest in Entertainment News, New music and More! this and every Wednesday Night 9p Est LIVE with @DJNiaBoom & @TruthLogik This week's topics include: Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Juicy J, ASAP Rocky and more. Plus Tek Talk and "Love and Hip-Hop"  Wanna get in on the conversation? Hit us up the chat room or call 323-443-7518  Lets GO! 

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    #MusikMondays Live! N tha Mixx w / @DjNiaBoom

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    Join me this and every Monday night for the dopest music show on the net! #MusikMondays on Tha Boom Show. Get the latest in HipHop, R&B, Neo Soul, Indie, Major,Throwbacks and more plus don't forget to vote for your fave on NiaBoom.com Tonites features include Just Brittany, Duddy Mouf, Freekey Zeekey and JT Money. For Requests and Shoutouts! hit me up the chat room or call 323-443-7518. You can also@DJNiaBoom or @Boomshownyc on Twitter or Instagram to get your comments on the air Lets GO! 

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    The Tim and Corey Show

    in Radio

    We're Interviewing: Tina Stull (NHRA Super Comp Dragster Driver), Gospel Artist Andrea Dumas, and 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist (Taekwondo) Nia Nicole Abdallah.

    So, Tune In and Listen....

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    Self Love! Self Preservation! Self Appreciation! Just all about Self!!!!

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we welcome one of our favorite sisters Ninah Iam. Ninah is a self-loveologist™, certified by her life choices and actions. She is a wife, homeschooling mother of three boys and one brick and mortar schooled daughter. Ninah is a survivor of multiple abusive relationships, including self-abuse. She is an active advocate of women who have survived domestic violence. Her philosophy is, "The moment you leave an abusive relationship, you are no longer a victim; you are a SURVIVOR!" Her mission is: To give survivors of abuse a judgement free platform to share their stories. Survivors will be able to provide trustworthy resources, as well as encourage current sufferers of abuse that they, too, can survive the turbulence of departing an abusive relationship. Ninah runs the Facebook page Surviving Departure, as well as a secret group to help women shed victimhood mentality and to maintain survivors' mentality via self-love.

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    Robyn Ashley-Lott

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    Raising Vibrations Presents Special Guest Reverend Rosamaria Machado Medium

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    On today's show we have a special guest Reverend Rosamaria Machado known internationally as ROSA BRANCO ,  the White Rose,is a healing medium of incredible force and impact.From a very early age she could see subtle energies and now does work with Light Entities .An Engineer at the Kennedy Space Center Rosamaria Machado was climbing the corporate ladder rapidly, until a terminal diagnosis led her to John of God , a Brazilian Medium and Healer .John of God reminded her: “you are not using your GIFTS child”. One year and a half later, after countless hours of reflection and meditation, Rosamaria realized she was not fulfilling her purpose. Healed of cancer by GOD through the Brazilian Medium, she realized she must do God’s will and has devoted herself to helping others. For many years she accompanied John of God as an interpreter, in support of his mission. John of God recently conveyed to Rosamaria,  during a spiritual retreat to Abadiânia, Brazil, “You have permission to go any where in the world as a representative of God”. She began her international ministry, working with the highest levels of energies. As an ordained minister, Rosamaria  sees her purpose in this life to facilitate each soul’s growth to a higher consciousness. Her main focus is to awaken the consciousness of humanity to the spiritual truths which leads to our ascension. A pioneer in the conscious use of the Human Energy Field, the former USA/NASA engineer has been researching and exploring, for more than 25 years, ways for individuals to tap into and use their Energy Field to heal and transform their lives.To arrange a private session with Rosamaria, in Oxford Florida. (just outside of The Villages) please contact her at:386-478-4688 or email here @ admin@rrrejuvenation.com

    Be sure to check out our guest page @www.raisingvibrationsradio.com for links to all our guests. Love and light to all.