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    OP! OMG! With Erin Giddings!

    in Hobbies

    Join us as we chat with Erin Giddings about the recently concluded 2015 OP season, the upcoming 2016 OP season, and what to expect on the horizon of the game.

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    Memorable Moments of OMG Lounge

    in Entertainment

    We are celebrating our 100th episode!! GET EXCITED!! We are looking back at our most outrageous and funniest OMG moments and episodes! Call in and tell us what you like about the show and your OMG moments! You can join us on facebook,twitter,google+ and email us to share and chat! THEOMGLOUNGE is howv you can find us!

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    Texas Biker Radio Episode #54 - OMG Friday

    in Podcasting

    With Mel Moss and Mel Robins 

    On Todays Show - Warnings to all Texas Bikers - I'm here and I'm in control -shades of Hage - Large net being cast - Preliminary autopsy reports out -  We'll keep them as long as we can - criminals can wear suits and badges 

    All that BS and more on Texas Biker Radio 11AM - 5/22/2015

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    MB and OMG

    in Entertainment

    Daily MB and OMG

  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

    in Books

    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    Lets Talk CFL Episode #65 OMG .. What is next?

    in Football

    Lets Talk CFL Episode #65 OMG .. What is next? We will be discussion what has happened in the CFL since Sunday's show.. Host Chirstopher Jones,  CFL media personality with LastWordonSport.com Kelly Bale, Long time Lions and media liason for Lets Talk CFL Charles Cliff. Hope you will join us.

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    Children's Corner: OMG! How Children See God

    in Spirituality

    OMG! How Children See God with Monica Parker

    What do children think about God? How do parents open up the subject of God with their young children? Author Monica Parker chronicles conversations she’s had with children on these questions and more in the new book OMG! How Children See God. Using kids’ words and pictures, Parker uncovers the funny to the serious, and the confused to the spiritual when it comes to how they view God.

    OMG! showcases the differences and similarities shared by kids of every economic, cultural, and religious background. Their insights can be funny, poignant, and galvanizing, with deeply-rooted sentiments. Parker also considers this book to have the potential to serve as a way for parents to start talking to their children about God. “As soon as a child can talk, many parents begin to consider ‘the God thing’ and how best to open the door to religious teachings or just to have that conversation,” explains Parker “OMG! will, hopefully, help to bring about an understanding that not all faiths view God in the same light, but that doesn’t mean that any one faith is wrong—just different. And today, when so many marriages have diverse religious backgrounds, there is a real need for open-ended and open-minded conversations about God.” Parker hopes that parents will find humor and inspiration in the book for themselves, as well as it to begin talking to their own children about faith, spirituality and religion. 

    For more information visit: http://www.omgkidsbook.com


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    Texas Biker Radio Episode #37 - OMG Friday

    in Podcasting

    With Mel Moss and Mel Robins - it's OMG Friday and your phones call 657-383-1258 - US Defenders Call to Action - 54 Percent Of Voters want New Faces - Obama's buy Hawaii Mansion - We want an accounting of the money - 3 Dr Peppers A Day 104 yo Woman - Robot wars coming true as they replace workers - Google drones will replace human workers - kill the drones ----


    All that BS and more on OMG Friday  03/20/15

  • Radio Training

    in Business

    Noon Eastern on Saturdays, "Radio Training:" Patsy Anderson does trainings on how to use radio to grow your business

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    BWD Radio - ThaRealBri - Exclusive Radio Interview

    in Radio

    Bri Manun’s an energetic, Southern girl with a knack for having fun. This Rising star was born to entertain.  She’s been writing and recording since the age of nine and she’s no stranger to the music industry. 

    Your On The Go Station! 24/7 BWD Radio -  #1 Variety Online Music Radio Station  

    Visit our Newly Created Indie Artist Radio Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/BWDRadio and click on that "Like" button! https://www.twitter.com/BWDRadio_ , https://www.twitter.com/BWDPromotions DIGITAL/PRINT https://www.twitter.com/BWDMagazine  SUBMIT YOUR RADIO READY MUSIC

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    IHWE Radio: Morgan Dollar

    in Wrestling

    CAC Executive Vice President Morgan Dollar joins us for this week's episode. Also, in our second hour, we debut the NWA Spotlight Hour w/ Tony Givens from NWA Smoky Mountain. Plus, NWA news and the results of IHWE New Year Blackout. Only on IHWE Radio!