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    Creative Consciousness Radio Show 11:11 guests Toltecateskaocelotl and Sister Ya

    in Spirituality

    Join us welcome our guest  Toltecateskaocelotl and Sister Yayauqhui Yaotl Join us this evening in the spirit of oneness, from our continued conversation and messages this evening with our beloved friends and Spirit family. We will also cover the topic of 11:11 Spirituality and the Dance Pop locking. Show starts at 7pm Est - 4pm pst. Our conversation with Yayauqhui Yaotl and Tic Tac Toltecateskaocelotl will start at 7:30pm Est - 4:30pm pst   on our glorious evening of 11:11  Lotsa great energy to work with in the spiritual universe!!
    Please join us and Welcome Toltecateskaocelotl & Yayauqhui Yaotl 
    Come listen , Call in , and Connect!  Call in 267-521-0151


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    SID From Met-Life-Qualcomm Stadiums-Giants- Falcons-SD-Jets/TRUST*IN*GOD/

    in Sports

    Legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc'Stanley Sr.,is on the airwaves once again with his legendary and renowned award winning radio show,'Sports In Depth'.
    And it's West coast,East coast again, as Doc reports live from Met-Life Stadium in East Rutherford,New Jesrey and the,''Wingman'',is coming exatamente from San Diego as the Jets lose again 31-0.
    While here in New Jersey, the Giants stay on the winning track and go above 500 with their 30-20 win over the Atlanta Falcons.
     On site interviews are with Giants football legend and sportscaster,Carl Banks,broadcasting icons,Bobby Childs and Sal Palintino. And scribe legends,Jaime Harris and Thomas George. E-Wonder,checks in from West Point,Conn.,from MicheStadium.And ''The Hoopster'' and Dusty join us from our New York,Brooklyn and Queens studios.
    The Three's run wild today.The Baltimore Orioles,led by their great manager, Buck Showalter won their Playoff series against the Detroit Tigers in three straight games. They also defeated the last three straight AL-Cy Young award winners.
    The Kansas City Royals followed suit winning like wise over the Angels. The New York Giants began the day in threy fashion with their third staright win,scoring 30 points in victory.
    Payton Manning joined Brett Favre in the 500 touch down club.And Tom Brady and New England showed  all they are not dead or aging rapidly as they this time score 40 points in victory against the Bengals.The two Big C's of both Carolina and San Francisco lead their teams to big come from behind victories.

    Power is the ability to do good things for others. — Brooke Astor

    ''I am my brothers' keeper''

    ''The Great One'',Roberto Clemente

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    #040 - Kyle Warwick and Mitchell Rowe (Tic Toc)

    in Video Games

    Have you ever wanted a sandbox game similar to Spelunky that uses time travel as its central mechanic? That's exactly what Moresome Games is doing with Tic Toc - a time traveling sandbox game that allows you to bend time to your will. Want to the asteroid from wiping out the dinosuars? You can do so, yet be aware: the present could be full of only evolved, intelligent dinosaurs! Want to stop a plague? It's possible - but by doing so, you may cause a continent to be overpopulated and hungry for more land.

    It's the many scenarios that randomly play out in Tic Toc (currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter), and it's a pleasure to interview the two men responsible for this unique, time traveling sandbox title - Kyle Warwick and Mitchell Rowe. It's a fascinating discussion with two guys that truly have a unique game on their hands. Love time traveling? Enjoy sandbox titles? Then this is an interview you will not want to miss!

    Hosted by Dusty Wright, Game Academy Radio is the official weekly radio show of GameAcademy.com.

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    The Importance of Outdoor Activities on Productive Play with Elissa Sungar

    in Women

    When parents understand that how they spend time with their children under the age of 8 can have lifelong impacts, the need for supporting parents in how to best develop creative and active learners is crucial.  Elissa Sungar andDebi Dutton are the co-creators of the website www.ifnotyouwho.org which helps adults prepare children for kindergarten and life.  Today you will discover the importance of outdoor play and activities on how a child learns.  But even getting children outside is complicated by our current use of technology with preschoolers.  You will discover how something simple like playing Tic-Tac-Toe outdoors can be a valuable inroad to getting children engaged with nature.

    Join us on Wednesday, September 17th at 10amPT/1pmET and in archive anytime as Elissa and Debi bring you great information and creative ways to make your playtime count!

    Thanks to today's show sponsor Everything Family.net. Meet all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Made/Mompreneur Approved Product and Service Marketplace.

    Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Google+ and email dori@wordofmomradio.com with your questions, comments and for information on becoming a guest on our shows.

    Word of Mom Radio ~ sharing the wisdom of women.



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    Getting Real About the Power of Prayer

    in Women

    The Woman to Women Program Welcomes...

    Minister Arlene Mitchell

    Minister Mitchell is a Multi-Gifted Woman of God. She is a true authentic Intercessor for the Kingdom of God. She is a national and international speaker, singer, actress and so much more. Minister Mitchell is the founder of M.I.M Ministries, which is the umbrella to several ministries of prayer one of which is TIC ~ The Intercessors Connection. This Woman of God is truly an overcomer.

    Join us as she speaks on the Woman to Women Program about the Power of prayer.

    You don't want to miss this dynamic Woman of God! 

    Click the link, Listen, and be blessed!

    Woman to Women Program ~ Strengthening Women to Do Life God's Way

    Real Women, Real Talk, No Masks.

    Connect with us on Facebook ~ Woman to Women Progam Page!

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    in Education

    Today we will discuss Identity and knowing who you are.  Knowing who you are creates greater prosperity in mind, life and world.  Siste el  will continue with the platform of health, positive thinking, and business.  We will discuss current conditions and focus on solutions.  Join us to listen and speak with our Special Guest Neser Em Neheh Ali. He has spoken in numerous venues and other Blogtalks.  He is the author of The Paleo American. He is the Prinicpal Head of Tepiu-Aui-Ra Nation, currently pursuing to have Paleo-Aerican and/or Paleo-Indian added to the Racial Hierarchy Code established by OMB Directive 15.   Brother Neser’s journey begins with reuniting with a college friend who inferred negroid-looking peoples were the first modern humans to set foot in the Americas; tens thousands of years BEFORE the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  Hoping to refute this inference, the author traced through both modern and historical scientific writings concerning the history of modern humans in the Western Hemisphere.  The inference was confirmed over and over again as scientifically accurate.  High Frequency YOU are in for a an awesome show.  

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    The Game Show Grand Prix Ep 14: Tic Tac Dough

    in Television

    It's everyons game of stragity, Knowage and fun, It's time now for the All New Tic Tac Dough and 40 points to the winner

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    I'm Single and it's OK; the singles survival guide...

    in Entertainment

    Are you single and totally satisfied with that status? Ms Kitty is single and maybe some of you are too?! Let's swap stories, tell tales and give each other helpful tips on how to navigate life on Single Street! Pull up to my bumper baby because boy do I have some tales to tell and advise to give! Bring it singles...Ms Kitty wants to know what makes you tic...and maybe even twerk why single ain't so bad?!

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    Hashtag Sports - Buffalo Bills Defense, Around the League, Josh Gordon

    in Sports

    On tonight's show, the Hashtag Crew will be touching on the Buffalo Bills Defense with a little game called Tic Tac Toe, and give their predictions on who will be the opening day starters in various formations and why.  Freddy Jackson signed an extension, so what does this mean to the Bills Offense. Also, some more Around the NFL News including Josh Gordon, Darren Sproles, and John Abraham. 

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    Game Show Tonite 106--Tic Tac Dough

    in Entertainment

    Alan used to cover the games like he owned them, and yes he owned them quite well.  So, I want to focus on the gameplay of one particular game show.  The legendary Dragon will be growling when you select the square.  

    It's Tic-Tac-Toe with Trivia and prizes, early video wall graphics and that famous Dragon.

    It's Tic-Tac-Dough!  The Barry-Enright production Wink Martindale hosted.

    We'll also have the Reality Show Roundup and the news of the last week.

    See you on Game Show Tonite!



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    Pet Talk Radio- May 22nd, 2014- Tic Toc It's Time For Tics

    in Pets

    Pet Talk is hosted by Dr. Jeff Wayman the owner of the Cass County Animal Hospital located in Belton Missouri.

    The mission of Pet Talk is to reach our listeners and web visitors, directly and interactively and provide valuable information to help pet lovers and their pets live the happiest and healthiest lives as possible. Our goal is to assist the listeners in achieving their pet care objectives – thoughtfully and prudently – through education and ongoing communication.

    Through our interactive call in radio talk shows, Pet Talk is able to teach all levels of pet owners the technical skills needed for caring in today’s world. Through these media, Pet Talk is able to provide the best medical and behavior advice available today. In order to get the best information available, Dr. Jeff Wayman provides the most current news and comprehensive advice available. Sitting in with Dr. Jeff will be comedians Elliott Threatt or Jim Heath the founders of KCTalkRadio. If you would like to be a guest on a Pet Talk show and ask Dr. Jeff a question, you can e-mail you information to PetTalk@KCTalkRadio.com.

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