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    Today we will discuss the olympics. We will talk about USA basketball.  Whos better? 1992, 2008, 2012? 
    We will also dicuss Track and Field, Gymnastics, and Michael Phelps. 
    What are your thoughts on the upcoming NBA Season.  Call in and Speak to New Clipper Ryan Hollins and ask his thoughts.

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    The Olympics

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    NBC had a camera in the face of crying 17-year old gymnast, Jordyn Weiber after losing out on a shot in the individuals.  Should non-professional athletes be treated like professionals? 
    16 year old Chinese girl swims time faster than most men in the Olympics: prodigy or performance enhancing drugs?
    Should felons be allowed to vote after they serve their time?
    If music were an Olympic event, which five music artists (past/present) would you send to represent the U.S.?
    All of these things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!
    "Some things just need to be said."

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    Boston Olympics 2 of 2

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    Everyone in Boston seems excited about the 2024 Olumbics bid — but not all in a positive way. Last week'a ahow was just Mike presenting the plus side's position. In fairness to them, they are not pretending the city won't have to prove itself in many ways to win the final bid against the several foreign competitors.

    Thi time, I'll have Aaron Leibowitz representing No Boston Olympics on to discuss theywhy not of it all.

    To the boosters, the city would end up with vastly improved transportation sysatems and other infrastructure and more...all with little or no resulting debt. In faxct a big sales tactic is that only by preparing for a 2024 games will Bosotn make these upgrades.

    Listen in for a differing view.

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    Special Olympics Beach Cities Host Towns

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    Our guests this morning are Laura Leventhal, William Yarroll, Judy Peetz, Jody Leventhal and David Dill 

    and this morning, we’re going to learn about the Special Olympic World Games LA2015 and the South 

    Bay Host Cities.

    Laura Leventhal is the Program Coordinator for the Special Olympics World Games. With a background 

    in Strategic Communications and Journalism.

    Jody Leventhal is chair for Host Town Hermosa Beach. A longtime resident of the South Bay, Jody is the 

    CEO of JLC, a strategic marketing communications company located in Los Angeles. 

    William Yarroll and the’ got Kids?’ charity are the chairs for Host Town El Segundo.

    Judy Peetz, co-chair for Host Town Manhattan Beach, has been a resident since 1975. She and her 

    husband John, bought their home as a young married couple and have remained in the same house for 

    40 years. 

    David Dill, chair for Host Town Redondo Beach, has been a resident for the past 27 years.  He was the 

    track coach at Redondo Union High School and currently works as Director of Local Program 

    Development and Coaches Education for Special Olympics Southern California.

    As Host Towns, these four cities – El Segundo, Manhattan, Redondo  and Hermosa - have the special 

    privilege of receiving and hosting 100 delegates each, consisting of athletes and coaches, for three days 

    before the opening ceremonies. 

    So this morning, we’re going to find out what it takes and what it means, to be a Host City for this 

    incredible event.


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    Show 91 the winter Olympics

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    Bill and Justin discuss the winter Olympics, ,Michael sam, the Miami dolphins and much more!!!!

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    Combine, Olympics, and Basketball Talk

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    Sports Week Live goes live at 3pm ET tomorrow right here on www.blogtalkradio.com/sportsweeklive.  We will talk about some NFL Combine results, college and nba basketball, and we will some up the winter olympics as well. Look forward to talking with you. 

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    It's time for the Winter Olympics!!!

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    Tune in this week as your Unwind @9 hosts talk about the Winter Olympics taking place in Sochi! Cheers!

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    Winter Olympics Wrapup

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    The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics; NBA; NFL; WWE Elimination Chamber preview; Jason Collins signs with Nets; Ray Rice knocks out his fiancee

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    Olympics... and Sochilism. 2-16-14

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    The unimportance of the Olympics is overwhelming, the reaction of liberty lovers to the Small Arms Treaty, officers of the government, and their benefits and more.The unimportance of the Olympics is overcoming, the reaction of liberty lovers to the Small Arms Treaty, officers of the government, and their benefits and more.

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    Show 90 the winter Olympics show

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    Bill and Justin wrap up gasaparilla and get you ready for the winter Olympics 

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    We're back - and talking about basketball, Special Olympics and new projects.

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    After way too long of a break, the NETworthy show is back and we've got a ton to talk about. Where have we been and why the absence? It's been a long year run up to the 2014 Special Olympics National Summer Games in Vancouver, for both myself and the team I coach - 3 years in actuality. How did we do? Tune in - many of you may know the outcome, but the details of the week are anything but minor. I couldn't have asked for more heart stopping drama without ensuring the presence of a defibrillator.

    So I'll talk about the Games, the team, the absolute beauty of the human potential, where we, as a family and a team, have been and where we are going. We have started to reach out beyond our immediate geographical vicinity to engage as many as possible in a vision for a future that we are wanting to create for our son and his peers, and want to encourage anyone to give us feedback and join in the journey. So that is on the program agenda as well.

    This program has had many downloads and live listeners, and I really hope I can offer a reason to call in and engage in a dialogue about anything planned and presented or something that might be triggered in the listener during the show.

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