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    Getting to Know Sahalie Doe

    in Sports

    Idaho State University softball student-athlete talks with A+ Athletes.

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    Sage Rountree: A Pioneer in Yoga for Athletes

    in Lifestyle

    Sage Rountree is an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach specializing in athletic recovery. Sage is the author of six books, including The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga and Racing Wisely; her latest, Everyday Yoga, was recently launched. Her classes, training plans, videos, books, and articles make yoga and healthy living accessible to everyone. Her goal is to help people find the right balance between work and rest for peak performance in sports and in life.

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    Supplements for Athletes: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    in Health

    Dana Laake and her special guest Tavis Piattoly will discuss dietary supplementation for athletes.

    Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN, is the sports dietitian and nutrition consultant for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, and the Tulane University Athletics Department. Prior to this, he held the same position for the New Orleans Saints for several years. He works with athletes from high school to Olympic levels, designing individualized nutrition programs to improve their health, performance and recovery.

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    The Jamie and Loco Project Olympic Athletes

    in Comedy

    This week show were back on Sunday and we got a Olympic Athlete on the show. Lawrence Trice Jr. will be joining us this week, he is a professional sprinter college graduate, and author. Were going to be talking to Lawrence about how it feels to make a career out of running. Also what it's like to write a book and much more. Don't miss the show and Jamie gives his take on the Teen choice awards being rugged. So well wee you Sunday and tell your friends but remember the Jamie and Loco Project is Naughty Not Nice.    

    http://www.lawrencetricejr.com/ https://twitter.com/LawrenceTriceJr http://fullbodymechanix.com/ http://beginwithinscottsdale.com/  http://sncaz.com/

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    Jeff Greenwald's Mental Edge with Amy Jensen: Raising Reslient Athletes

    in Sports

    Jeff Greenwald's Mental Edge: Raising and Training Resilient Athletes. Topics will include parental behaviors that undermine players' development and how coaches and parents can create a high-performance culture. Specific examples and stories from junior tennis, college tennis and the pro tour will be given.

    Jeff Greenwald, is a performance coach and author, formerly ranked No. 1 in the world in his age group as a professional tennis player. He is the author of The Best Tennis of Your Life. Jeff has worked closely with athletes, performing artists and executives for the past 20 years. He has been an adjunct faculty member and supervisor at JFKU for graduate students in the sport psychology program. He earned his B.A at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He has been in private practice since 1998. Jeff has been a guest speaker for numerous sports organizations and a consultant for the United States Tennis Association.

    Amy Jensen, is an Australian native, former Cal Bear and 5-time All-American. Jensen is an NCAA record holder, winning 3 consecutive NCAA doubles titles in 1998, 1999 and 2000. Amy has also played all the junior grand slams, held WTA professional rankings in singles and doubles, and played in both the US Open (98, 99, 00) and Australian Open (01).

    A student of all aspects of the game, Amy has a degree in Human Biodynamics and a Masters in Psychology (pending thesis). She is also an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning coach, as well as a PCA Certified Double Goal coach. Jensen has coached every level of the game – from the beginning player, top ranked juniors, high school tennis, & Division I tennis for 11 years. She has coached numerous All American’s, National Champions, and also world ranked players.  

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    P4P Real Talk with Kevin and Lynda James, "Athletes come First".

    in Sports

    This Thursday, June 25 @8pm Faydra Shantel speaks with WNBF Promoters Kevin and Lynda James. Stemming from years of experience in the competition world, they decided a higher standard in natural physique shows was mandatory. Join us as we discuss why it is important for the athletes to come first in this industry, and why natural shows are taking the industry by storm.

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    P4P Real Talk with Kevin and Lynda James, "Athletes Come First"

    in Sports

    This Thursday, June 25 @8pm Faydra Shantel speaks with WNBF Promoters Kevin and Lynda James. Stemming from years of experience in the competition world, they decided a higher standard in natural physique shows was mandatory. Join us as we discuss why it is important for the athletes to come first in this industry, and why natural shows are taking the industry by storm.

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    Show 174 - Best of Series: All-Time Female Athletes

    in Sports

    Did you miss them last week? We hope you did! Hosts Joe and Justin return on Mother's Day to tackle another of there "Best of" series: Who are the greatest female athletes of All-Time? Will it be a basketball player? Soccer phenom? Someone with a distinct pedigree? Will she be American or an International star? Find out who the guys think are "the best" on Episode 174!

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    Cardiac Athletes™: Beating Heart Disease Around the World

    in Health

    Cardiac athletes are all around us. There are athletes who develop heart problems or who discover, after they have been athletes for a while, that there heart has some imperfections that may require surgery and there are people who were born with heart defects who have a great desire to become an athlete and to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise. Lars Andrews, a cardiac physiologist, has created a website and an organization to eradicate heart disease. His organization serves thousands of athletes around the world. Cardiac Athletes is the world's largest online community for sporting heart patients, offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of help, support, advice and fulfilling our Mission of alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life. Listen to today's show to learn more about Lars, why he created this program, how athletes can help themselves, even if they have had open-heart surgery and learn about the book that Lars has put together, "Cardiac Athletes: Real Superheroes Beating Heart Disease (Volume 1)." Lars even shares about how he acquired the stories for his book and how other cardiac athletes can get be part of Volume 2.

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    Jeff Greenwald's Mental Edge: Training Resilient Athletes - Anson Dorrance

    in Sports

    This program will identify the core values, philosophy and strategies utilized by the most successful coach in college history. This program will discuss how Anson has approached competition and training, prepared his athletes for important games, how to deal with different personalities and the process of creating a cohesive team that knows how to win. 

    Jeff Greenwald, Performance Coach, is the author of the Best Tennis of Your Life and was formerly ranked No. 1 in the world by the ITF in his age division. He works with athletes around the world on the mental game.

     Anson Dorrance, Head Coach at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the winningest coach in division I college history. Born In Bombay India, Anson was a college player himself at UNC. He has won 21 National Championships as Head Coach and his "Competitive Cauldron" is being used by the Seattle Seahawks and numerous professional teams. 


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    College athletes should be paid

    in Music

    Why should college athletes be paid?