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    Matthysee vs. Postol & Broner vs. Allakhverdiev Predictions! Wilder KO11 Recap!

    in Sports

    The show begins with Recap from the PBC on NBC entertaining Main Event that saw Deontay Wilder score a KO in the 11th over a tougher than expected Johann Duhaupus. Also, Recap from a spirited fight between Juan Fransisco Estrada and Hernan Marquez! Plus, Preview, Debate, & Predictions for the both Doubleheaders on the HBO and Showtime! On HBO Lucas Matthysse vs. Victor Postol and Juan Orozco vs. Humberto Soto! For Showtime it will be Adrien Broner and Khabib Allakhverdiev and Jose Pedraza vs. Edner Cherry! Other Topics For Discussion- FS-1 Recap and Preview other fights on the schedule. - Amir Khan vs. Pacquiao inching closer for Feb or April. -Quigg vs. Frampton probable for early next year. Plus, More Current Fight News! Follow on Twitter @RopeADopeRadio. Call 646-381-4990 Listen Live or Join The Roundtable! Your Voice Will Be Heard!     

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    The Conscious Marketing Crossover w/Special Guest Mike Martinez

    in Marketing

    Conscious marketing is the key to creating long term success in your efforts. The awareness of being more awake in your marketing agenda is the main componet to setting your marketing above the status quo. In this new era of next level science, learning the advantages of crossover marketing are going to be paramount.

    The advantages of crossover marketing allows entrepreneur the flexibility to expand their reach into other arenas and serve the masses outside of their traditional marketing tribe.

    In this segment of the Conscious Marketing Crossover, Cross Niche Journalist and Cross Industries Authority, Alicia Nicole Waters! shares concepts about crossover marketing. She will also be joined by special guest Online Marketing Mentor, Mike Martinez, who will provide the listeners with marketing tips and stratagies to help the listeners crossover into their weekned to get set for a successful Monday morning.

    Learn more about Alicia Nicole Waters! at www.aliciawaterscrossindustries.com

    Learn more about Mike Martinez at http://www.mike-martinez.com

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    The Next Round Boxing Show Ep. 549: Matthysse vs Postol Preview

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    Mondays at 4 pm PST/ 7 pm EST join Steve Kim and Gabriel Montoya for The Next Round on the LeaveItIntheRingradio.com Network. 

    This week, Steve and Gabriel look ahead to the welterweight showdown on HBO between Lucas Matthysse and Viktor Postol and the junior welter Showtime fight Adrien Broner vs Khabib Allakhverdiev fight. 

    Plus, they review the weekend's matches including the return of WBC Heavyweight title holder Deontay Wilder and the Tuesday night fight between Julian Williams and Luciano Cuello. 

    And as always, news, notes and your calls.  

    Tweet questions live to @SteveUCNLive and @Gabriel_Montoya. Call in with questions at 347-215-7598. Or download the LIITR Boxing app to listen on your mobile device. For post-show listening, download Leave It In The Ring on itunes. Help us out and give us a review on itunes. We are also available on the Leave it in the Ring podcast app and the Audioboom app.

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    Turn Down Jimmy w/ Ann Coulter, Dave Juskow and Jimmy Martinez

    in Comedy

    After Sherrod was a no show at the gun range birthday party that Ann Coulter threw for him, she's back in the studio along with comedians Dave Juskow and Jimmy Martinez to talk about gun culture, using the word "retard", and Lena Dunham being harassed on Twitter. Race Wars regular Erin Gloria Ryan (Managing Editor of Jezebel) discusses the Jezebel article about using the word "female".
    Check out all of our great shows at http://standupnylabs.com

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    Master Of The Universe Series Presents, DR. GABRIEL OYIBO- The GAGUT Monument

    in Self Help

    Gabriel Audu Oyibo is a Nigerian mathematician who solved the Grand Unification Theory popularly known as the "Theory of Everythiing" or "The Holy Grail of Mathematics and Physics", in 1990, by discovering the GOD Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) which is represented by an absolutely exact mathematical equation Gij,j=0, that can be interpreted as GOD (Gij), in GOD's Material (i) and Space Time Dimensions, does not change, where the comma symbolizes change in tensor notation. Gij could also represent everything in the Universe including the Unified Force Field, all of its components, all particles, both atomic as well as subatomic including all quarks, and leptons and all of their interactions. This is the GAGUT Singular Equation Discovery.

    In a simple language, GAGUT states that GOD or everything including the Unified Force Field or any fundamental force or particle interactions, is conserved within a transformation process over space and time, which cannot be disputed by ANY logical process. It is therefore the provable truth or theorem of everything which has no possibility of errors logically or geometrically.

    GAGUT also proved geometrically that Hydrogen, also called Africanium, is the only real element on the periodic table of "elements" while the remaining 117 previously called "elements" are nuclear compounds of Hydrogen or Africanium, which now has a potential of making science 118 times simpler to study.

    Prof. Oyibo, an Igala man was born in Idah, in the present Kogi State in 1950. He attended St. Augustine College, Kabba — where he became famous for his grasp of Mathematics. After this, he went to Offa Grammar School for his Advanced level. He proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University in 1975 and from there to the US, where he earned his Ph.D. degree at the Rensselaer Polytechnic University in 1981 in Mathematics and Aeronautics for his MSc. and Ph.D.


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    Make Your Marketing Mark w/ Special Guest Mike Martinez

    in Marketing

    Creating a ripple effect in your marketing and making your mark for a greater impact doesn't have to be hard. Once you learn how to simplify your marketing efforts you will be able to make your marketing mark with ease.

    In this segment of Make Your Marketing Mark, Cross Niche Marketing Jouranlist, Alicia Nicole Waters! intoduces special guest Online Marketing Mentor Mike Martinez. Mike will be sharing about his plan to make a his marketing mark and greater marketing impact for the rest of 2015.

    Learn more www.aliciawaterscrossindustries.com

    Learn more http://www.mike-martinez.com

    Mike's book The Law of Attraction Alignment: Unleashing the power of "Scientific Thinking" to magnetize your goals

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    Jets vs Dolphins:New York Jets preview and news

    in Football

    Another exciting Jets talk show, we recap Jets vs Eagles game, Geno vs Fitzy "debate" and of course a special preview of the New York Jets vs the Miami Dolphins in London. The episode was recorded originally Wednesday September 30, 2015

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    Russia Moves To Protect al-Assad, New Home Buying Tips, God & Churchill

    in Politics

    Michael Rubin-Former Pentagon official whose major research areas are the Middle East, Turkey, Iran Russia and diplomacy discusses Russia's bombstrikes in Syria and President Obama's Foreign Policy.

    Selma Hepp-Chief Economist For Trulia.com offers Great Tips For New Home Buyers.

    Jonathan Sandys-Great-grandson of Britain's wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill discusses his new book, God and Churchill.

    Jen Horn-From Hollywood, CA, The Entertainment Capitol of the World, Jen Horn our resident Cultural Crusader reports on the latest entertainment & cultural happenings.

    Paul Henderson-The Legendary Hockey Star Is Facing The Battle of His Llife CLL-And He's Decided to Go Unconventional.

    Coach Collins-Talks Boehner/McCarthy how it came to this and where we likely will be going from here, Trump - because he says what we would say if we had the mic, and his March 16, 2015 prediction that Hillary Clinton's campaign ends in her indictment is looking pretty good     

  • The Squared Circle Report Alternative Commentary: WWE MSG - Lesnar vs. Big Show

    in Sports

    Tired of Michael Cole, JBL, and the rest of the WWE in-house commentary crew? The Squared Circle Report is offering an alternative commentary for live events! Think of it as MST3K meets pro wrestling. You can listen to the commentary describe the action as it happens while watching the action unfold on the WWE Network, PPV, etc. Archives will be posted on YouTube and other sites for use towards replays. 

  • Bye Bye Boehner, It's Still About The Economy & Russia Attacks Syria

    in Politics

    Wayne Allyn Root-Good Riddance To John Boehner & Trumps New Economic Plan is a winner says the bestselling author, former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, international business speaker, serial entrepreneur and conservative media personality.

    Michael Daugherty-After The UN Meeting With POTUS Russia Attacks Syria.  Senior Writer for Cyber Defense Magazine and Board Member at Snoopwall the powerhouse cyber-security firm discusses the U.S.'s awkward position and response.

    Steve Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office and the best of the coming attractions.  

    Dr. Judith Salerno-Breast Cancer: What Does the Future Hold? Susan G. Komen CEO shares priorities and principles that will guide the movement going forward.

    Lisa Rickard-President of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform explains the U.S. Chamber Study Ranking How Fair Each States Legal System Is To Businesses.

    Michael Kaiser & Dr. Andy Ozment-Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance and the Assistant Secretary, Cybersecurity and Communications, Department of Homeland Security discuss National Cyber Security Awareness Month Energizes Public and Private Sector Partners around Our Shared Responsibility to Protect the Internet.



  • 01:08

    Re-broadcast Cochise Pendletone author for "The Watchtower Vs. The Bible"

    in Religion

    Special Re-telecast! Saturday 10/03/15 12pm ET/11am CTRL/10am MTN/9am Pac Call in and listen at 1-347-934-0379 or online at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingxoutreach/2015/10/03/re-broadcast-cochise-pendletone-author-for-the-watchtower-vs-the-bible

    Apologies to the listeners we tried to re-broadcast this earlier in september and it was a failure on my part so im going to give this a 2nd try!

    Cochise Pendleton has a blog site associated with this book at: http://thebiblevsthewatchtower.com/tag/cochise-pendleton/

    This book is availabel on amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Bible-Watchtower-Jehovahs-Witnesses-Authority/dp/1432750399