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  • 01:59

    Changes In Masculinity: The Plug- Olivia A.

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on “The Official Plug” Olivia Floyd and her panel will be discussing the topic of “Changes in Masculinity”. We will be sharing our opinions on what the word masculinity means to us. We will also be discussing certain stereotypes that follow being a Man.

    We want to hear your opinion! Feel free to call in at (646) 668-2083 and press 1 so we can address your comment, question, or concern.

    Visit (TheOfficialPlug06) on Facebook.

    Thank you for listening to The Official Plug Radio.

  • 02:01

    Religion Reality: The Official Plug - Olivia Floyd (619-768-2945)

    in Social Networking

    Tonight on “The Official Plug” Olivia Floyd and her panel will be discussing the topic of “Religion Reality”. We will be sharing our opinions on what certain religions mean to us. We will also be discussing certain stereotypes that follow certain religions. We want to hear your opinion! Feel free to call in at 619-768-2945 and press 1 so we can address your comment, question, or concern. Visit (TheOfficialPlug06) on Facebook. Call to listen to "The Official Plug Radio Station" for an On Demand replay of this podcast by calling 712-432-8863. Thank you for listening to The Official Plug Radio.

  • 01:31

    Problems In America - The Official Plug - Olivia Floyd

    in Real Estate

    Tonight on "The Official Plug" Olivia Floyd and company will be speaking about "Problems In America".  Take your pick of problems for there are many of them.  What shall she disucss tonight out of those problems ?

    Inflation, abortion, immigration, police shootings, jobs, prosperity, who will run for President Of The United States and who will win ?  Your guess is as good as anyones.........so feel free to call in and share your thoughts, ideas, or insight on the problems that exist in the United States Of America.

    Reach out to the Offical Plug on Facebook as well.

    Thank you for listening to the Official Plug and Call to listen on demand to the Official Plug Radio Station @ 712-432-8863.


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    When Adversity Comes - The Official Plug - Olivia Floyd

    in Social Networking

    Tonight on The Official Plug your hostess Olivia Floyd will present to you (with your participation) "trending topics" of the day on the LIVE STREAM podcast for this evening. We will be discussing "When Adversity Comes" this your chance to be apart of the conversation by seeking advice or offering advice to those in need. Visit the Official Plug on Facebook and feel free to call The Official Plug Radio Station 24/7 to listen to "on demand" playbacks of this podcast @ 712-432-8863.

  • 00:18

    Authors Voice Presents Olivia On The Brink by Tessa Palmeri

    in Books

    Join us at the Campfire with Host Charlie Checkers and Guest; Author Tessa Palmeri

    Olivia On The Brink  

    In todays societies, the norm is to be free and live free and make the choices you want and don't let others tell you what to do or how to do it. Olivia who is just about out of High School and ready to make all her own choices, but is not sure what to do or what she wants and does it matter that all her class mates have it all figured out, which college, they have plans and Olivia is unsure. But isn't growing up about trying things to find who you are? 

    Then she meets Cameron, the boy every girl would love to have, handsome, charming and dreamy but he has things well put together and he wants to do things right, and he is strong in his belief and convictions and has strength enough for two...and God as a guiding force in choices, how rare....

    Join us for a preview of Olivia On The Brink

    Category: Young Adult / Teen

    Amazon Information:

    Print Length: 340 pages
    Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0996800603
    Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
    Publisher: BGW Publishing; 1 edition (August 30, 2015)
    Publication Date: August 30, 2015
    Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
    Language: English
    ASIN: B014Q4Y4AM

    Author: http://www.tessapalmeri.com/

    Website: Storytellers Campfire Radio


  • 02:01

    They Are JUST Not N2U-The Official Plug-Olivia Floyd

    in Romance

    Tonight on Black Towns Radio we are featuring the dynamic radio podcast titled: The Official Plug with your hostess Olivia Floyd.  Tonight her topic is: "They Are JUST Not N2U".

    What are the signs of a breakup or even before something serious happens...............what are the signs that a person is well.............just not into your personality ?

    Call in with your Questions, comments, or even advice.

    Thank you for listening to the Official Plug which is powered by Black Towns Radio.

    You can listen to us ON DEMAND on Blog Talk Radio.

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    The Road to Enlightenment, with Kellie Fitzgerald and Olivia Whiteman

    in Goals

    My guest today is the Take Action Avenger (a.k.a Olivia Whiteman)

    Olivia believes if you want to achieve something you have to set goals, stay focus and be in action.  Whether working in a college or a corporate setting, although the environment may be different, the essence of getting what you want, still requires doing all you can with all that you’ve got.

    Olivia has been a student of personal development for her whole life.  She has used what she knows to make a difference in her own life and in the life of many, many others.

    There is not a week that goes by without someone contacting Olivia to say, ‘because of you I got an opportunity in….’  The circumstances vary but it always leaves Olivia feeling like dancing in the street.  The joy of knowing that her commitment to wanting to impact as many lives as possible, to have the life they want and deserve, is paying off for people and allowing her to have a career as a personal development coach is something she is daily grateful for.

    Olivia has worked with many people who have started but due to time constraints, anxiety, stress, and/or other  blocks (some known and others hidden from their view) and can say without hesitation that all the individuals who allow her to guide them, have success.

    As always, thanks for listening!


  • 00:24

    Chloe Lattanzi & Olivia Newton-John Make History With #1 Billboard Dance Hit

    in Pop Culture

    Join The Randy Report as I talk extensively with Chloe Lattanzi, who with her mother Olivia Newton-John, recently made history as the first mother/daughter team to hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Club chart with their new hit, "You Have To Believe."

    Chloe talks about the genesis of the project, taking on the challenge of re-imagining her mother's 1980s #1 hit "Magic" into something new for their fans, and the Las Vegas-centric music video.

    She also chats on her upcoming movie, Dead 7, for Syfy where she'll be kicking zombie butt alongside Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, Howie Dorough & A.J. McLean, plus NSYNC's Joey Fatone.

  • 01:57

    The Rush with Special Guest Lisa Y. Sparrow

    in Entertainment

    Author Lisa Y. Sparrow will join us on The Rush to talk about her book His Eye is On The Sparrow.  Hosted by Olivia Floyd and Some Guy Named Jay.  Tenai Staley will also join us for sports!  

  • 01:20

    Cancel That: How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

    in Spirituality

    One of the biggest challenges that many of you face on a second by second, minute by minute basis is keeping your mind focused on your intention.  Your intention is what you want to manifest for your life.  However, I am painfully aware of the truth in this adage “energy flows where your attention goes.”  So, it’s imperative that you stay focused on what you're wanting to manifest for your life and not the things that have already come and gone.  And this is where the challenge lies, in finding ways to stay in alignment with the Universal Laws of Attraction, so what you are wanting to come into manifestation inadvertently isn't canceled out.  You can’t control your thoughts, but you can control how you react to them.  This is what this show is all about today, providing you with a simple workable strategy that helps you control how you react to your thoughts. 
    Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and coach and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we give you insight on techniques that will support you in staying in alignment with your desired goals.

  • 02:00

    The Rush with Guest Mono Bagends (hosted by Olivia Floyd and Some Guy Named Jay

    in Entertainment

    Rapper Mono Bagends stops by to promote his new single and music video "Get Sexy For Me".  

    Hosted by Olivia Floyd and Some Guy Named Jay.


    Tenai Staley will do the sports at 5:00 PM

    Get updates on Mono Bagends and his music at http://www.monobagends.com and http://www.bagendsblog.blogspot.com