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    OAC - Oliva Saison Maduro

    in Lifestyle

    We will be smoking the Oliva Saison Maduro tonight. We have smoked the Saison before and loved them, however this is a new release of the maduro. Our expectations are very high for this cigar.

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    Chasing Goals vs Achieving Goals -Oliva Floyd/Tamara Thorpe - 646-668-2083

    in Education

    Black Towns Radio is back with a very exciting program titled: The Official Plug. Your hostess is Olivia Floyd and her co-hostess is Tamara Thorpe (or anyone who happens to be in the studio with her).

    Tonight Olivia and company shall be discussing goals.  How to acheive goals, how to set goals, and all that goes along with it.

    Be prepared to take plenty of notes and feel free to call in with any of your questions, comments, or suggestions based on your experiences.

    Thanks for listening to Black Towns Radio.

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    Baseball Hall of Fame: Tiant, Allen, Oliva and Kaat

    in Baseball

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    Nikki Oliva - Will Power

    in Health

    As an EMT, Nikki Oliva helps to save lifes, daily. Saving lives is something that requires someone to be at the peak of their fitness at a moments notice. Nikki has ventured in to many styles of fitness all of which she claims can help someone to succed at being better for a host of different reasons. She has takes her training to the maximum level every week which is pretty remarkable considering the hours she works are hard to get through. Join us as Nikki Oliva tells us what its like to have the Will Power to keep going...

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    Dr Sadler And The Urantia Book With Sioux Oliva PhD

    in Spirituality

    This week we interview with Sioux Oliva on her new book, Dr. Sadler And The Urantia Book. Sioux is an American historian and lecturer. She earned her Ph.D. in History from the University of Southern California in 1999. She managed the Theoquest.com Urantia project for Lyn and Norman Lear. In addition she helped Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy to organize her personal papers, designed a research scheme for the Estate of Marilyn Monroe; catalogued thousands of documents found in Grey Gardens for Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee; and did research for The Getty Museum, The City of Los Angeles, and The Autry Museum of the American West. She is an avid student of The Urantia Book and uniquely qualified to research and write this book. 

    Sometime between 1911 and 1923, Dr. William S. Sadler said he was visited by a group of celestial beings who communicated with him through a sleeping (essentially unconscious) man. Both Sadler and his wife, Lena, were highly respected Chicago physicians. They confirmed that they attended approximately 250 late night sessions in which the beings used the unconscious man to reveal profound religious, scientific and philosophic truths to them. They never revealed the identity their patient. In the decade that followed, the Sadler’s held regular meetings in their home with friends and colleagues to explore the information coming through. Many questions were asked and answered as a result. This process culminated in 1955 with the publishing of The Urantia Book, which claims to be a revelation to humankind.

    Ms. Oliva's book explores the professional lives and spiritual pursuits of the Sadler’s and especially the extraordinary role that Dr. Sadler played in bringing this amazing revelation to the world. She draws surprising conclusions about the identity of the “sleeping subject." This show promises to be lively, interesting and perhaps even a bit controversial. Please join us!


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    Trending Topics.................

    in Real Estate

    Today on It's My House we shall discuss trending topics.  What is ever on your mind, please let up know. In between topics we shall give you updates on our projects dealing with solar energy, renewable energy, real estate development.

    Visit our website @ itsmyhouseradio.wordpress.com

    Call to listen to Its My House Radio 24/7 @ 712-432-8863

    Thank you for listening to Its My House Radio

    Listen to our other programs over the weekend. The Sports Quadrant, The Enertainment Quadrant, and The Official Plug with Oliva A. Floyd and Tamara Thorpe.

    Once again thank you for listening to Its My House Radio and all of our other programs.


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    [E18] TALKING ZAPPA with Tony Trombo. Guest Sandro Oliva

    in Entertainment


    NEW!: Talking Zappa APP for Android! Click here: www.TalkingZappa.info .

    My guest is SANDRO OLIVA from Italy, the guitarist with The Grandmothers!

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    Sioux Oliva Show Delayed - Replacement: The Mission & Ministry Of God Within

    in Spirituality

    Our show interviewing Sioux Oliva on her new book, Dr. Sadler And The Urantia Book is delayed until next week. Sioux is experiencing an acute case of Laryngitis. So this week we will be studying Paper 108, Mission And Ministry Of Thought Adjusters.

    Jesus often said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." Have you ever wondered what he meant by that? The Urantia Book teaches that a fragment of God indwells each human being. It refers to this fragment of perfection as the Mystery Monitor or most often the Thought Adjuster. Paper 108 of The Urantia Book gives a wonderful account this miraculous ministry.

    It is not fully understood how a fragment of the Infinite Creator can live and work within the finite human mind. They appear to come and go independently of other spiritual presences, yet they function in perfect coordination with all spirit ministries, including adjutant mind-spirits, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus' Spirit of Truth. Thought Adjusters are chiefly concerned with a mortal's future spiritual life. They are not interested in making life easier; a reasonably difficult life creates many decision-making opportunities, and growth is stimulated by daily choices and decisions. It is the business of Thought Adjusters to ensure human survival and to prepare humans for the eternal adventure.

    Adjusters truly become "the kingdom of Heaven" within us; they are wellsprings of spiritual attainment and the hope of achieving perfection and divine character. Because they exist within our minds, they often have to endure our sordid thoughts, selfishness, or irreverence for that which is beautiful and good. Human fears and anxieties delay their work. An Adjuster is the divine parent, as we are the mortal parent, of our own evolving immortal souls.

    Please join us as we explore this vital concept together. Our show with Sioux Oliva is scheduled to run next week if she can recover fully from her Laryngitis.

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    Jon Oliva Of Pain & Gary Young Of Avenger

    in Music

    Gary Young Of Avenger And Jon Oliva Of Pain/Savatage
    The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show! Classic 80'S Underground...Playing The Best Of All the Rest ... Heavy Metal the Way It Was Meant To Be!
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    Tips To Get Through College (The PLUG) Olivia A. Floyd/Tamara Thorpe

    in Higher Education

    Tonight on The PLUG Oliva A. Floyd and Tamara Thorpe will be given out information that will help people who are in college. The tips given out might be dealing with how to study in college, how to finance a university education, or how to handle the social opportunities that exist in college.

    Feel free to call in with your questions, comments, suggestions, or just plain advice.

    Thanks for listening to The PLUG RADIO and be sure to listen to the play back on demand by calling: 712-432-8863.

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    Find Out How to reach your human potential!

    in Business

    Orly’s Business Power Hour! With Orly Amor

    Find Out How to reach your human potential!

    My guest this Saturday is Bert Oliva.  Bert came from very humble beginnings: He came to the US when he was 11 months old from Cuba and grew up in Little Havana, the inner city of Miami.  Some of his clients have included: HBO, Perry Ellis, HP, Marriott IVC, Trump Network and many more. By studying four dimensional concepts, physical, emotional, logical, and spiritual, Bert has been able to develop his basic and fundamental teaching programs into what is today known as HUMANOLOGY, the scientific study of Human Potential.

    Bert speaks from a lifetime of accomplishments and first-hand experience. Drawing on his own experiences and continuous research, Bert offers a wealth of insight into setting yourself apart or creating the right impact anywhere you go. He offers strategies to motivate you to action and improve your performance, relationships, and ability to think in new and creative ways. Bert now assists private sector organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit groups in achieving their goals of increased productivity and maximized profits, inspiring them to set new standards and break records.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley  on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 8:00pm EST.  Don’t Miss Your Business Power Hour!