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    High On Turbos & The Bourbon Trail

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    What goes together better than cars, drinking, and laughs?....What?.... Oh well actually our lawyers are saying that came out wrong....  

    How about just kicking back and talking about cars and the car-guy's world while enjoying a stiff drink, or tasty brew?  Ok we've been told that's better.  We will attempt to cover all of those bases in this weekly show where we present to you as much probably less-than-factual news, reviews, and updates on stuff car guys care about!  What the hell is going in new cars and in our car-centric culture in general?  Find out with Matt and Jay every week!

    This week we alter our state of minds, and return to a time in automotive history when boost crazed engineers were running the production lines! Matt and Jay connect the dots between the wild forced induction 80's, and the coming storm of turbo powered domestic vehicles!  In keeping with the "AMERICA F#$K YEAH!" theme we tap into the cask of one of our country's greatest exports, and along with Professor Petrol discover the glory of the Bourbon Trail.  Please keep up with the conversation as always on Twitter @TheWheelMenShow, and Instagram! Of course you can always grab visuals from our stories, videos, and links to our episodes on our FB page - Facebook/TheWheelMen.  Thank you for downloading!!!!!!!!!!!!




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    North American Int'l Auto Show & Lansing's treasures

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    For over a century Detroit, Michigan has hosted an auto show.  The show's start in 1907 had a regional focus and continued that way for several decades.  Then, in the 1980s a London cabby asked a board member why Detroit's show didn't include international autos.  That started the wheels turning (no pun) and in 1987 the North American International Auto Show(NAIAS) made it's debut.  Bob Shuman, Chairman of NAIAS 2014, joins World Footprints to talk about the latest innovations in automobile design and what visitors can expect to see.

    Then we head north on I-96 to Lansing, Michigan's state capital to meet a son of the city who left after school to pursue a musical career.  John Fluker is an award-winning pianist, composer, vocalist and arranger who has a string of credits backing such R&B notables as Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Oleta Adams and others like David Hasselhoff, Boys 2 Men and Queen Latifah.  In addition to backing Gladys Knight, John also served as her music director for several years.   How did this small town guy make it big in the music industry?  John will share his secret.

    Finally, we will discover Lansing's rich transportation history with a tour of R.E. Olds Transporation Musuem where we'll explore the REO Motor Car Company, old-time bicycles and aviation endeavors.

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    Episode #15 The Re-Unreturn

    in Entertainment

    We are here, but not back, because we weren't gone, but we weren't here either. We were everywhere and nowhere. We are the sun, the moon, the light, the shadow, the water, the hair that grows on your face, the lips that speak to your family, and that voice that cries out in horror when you witness our greatness.
    New show. enjoy.

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    PAUL TINDER-Actor, Producer, Coach

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    Paul Tinder has starred in over 450 episodes of major network daytime programming including "Another World","Days of our Lives", "Edge of Night", "Another Life" and "The Young and Restless". "He has also Guest Starred in numerous network primetime television shows including "Magnum P.I.", "Battlestar Galactica", "Bionic Woman", "Dallas", "Hunter", "A-Team" and multiple episodes of "New Love American Style" and "Knots Landing". Paul has also been featured in many motion pictures including Garry Marshall's "Overboard" and "Frankie & Johnny". "He has also starred in over 100 major national and regional commercials including, among others, "Coca-Cola", "Rolex", "Beck's Beer", "Oldsmobile" and over 25 individual "Monsanto Round-Up" projects for television. Paul has starred in numerous Industrial Films including multiple projects for "Century 21 Real Estate","Pepsi","Kaiser Permanente" and "Monsanto Round-Up". Paul has starred or been featured in many theatrical productions.

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    Holly Stephey and Al Satterwhite, "The Racers" New Book!

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    Join me as I talk to Al Satterwhite about his new Book
    "The Racers"
    The 1960s and 1970s was a magical era of innovation and endurance at Sebring and Daytona race tracks. Photographer and Nikon legend Al Satterwhite was there covering these races for major magazines and as a fan.
    Today his unprecedented collection of images of the races, the cars, the drivers and behind-the-scenes poignant moments are available in his latest fine art collector edition book, "the Racers". The exquisite 98-page layout is a must-have limited-edition for serious racing collectors. It's a limited edition of 100 books using the new 'lay-flat' technology that makes the many 2-page spreads look fantastic with no gutter to ruin the viewing experience. It comes in a custom laser-etched black aluminum box with (2) 8x10 archival prints; the book and the prints are all numbered and signed.
    Al's work can be seen in major museums, galleries and private collections around the world. 
    Some of his clients include American Express, Coca Cola, Dole, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Johnson Outboards, Kent Int'l, Molson, Nikon, Oldsmobile, Polaroid, R J Reynolds, Saab, Sony, Tuborg, Universal Studios & Westinghouse - to name a few. He has won many national and international awards. Al is considered an authority on color and design, and has four (4) published books of his work on this subject.