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    Michael Dunn Trial: Life Full Circle Radio! Purpose Driven Radio!

    in Lifestyle

    This has been an eventful week, but there are three things that are inseparable. This week would have been Trayvon Martin's 19th birthday, it was announced that George Zimmerman will fight rapper DMX (want to stop it? Sign the petition) in a boxing match and the trial of Michael Dunn has begun. If you don't know who Dunn is, he is a 47 year old white male that opened fire on a SUV full of teenaged black boys, killing Jordan Davis. Please follow this link, to get more details on the case.

    Why isn't the media covering this story as heavily as the Zimmerman/Martin Case? How will this effect the infamous Stand Your Ground law in FL? Why is it open season on young black men? We will discuss these questions and dig deeper into the details on this case with Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder. 

    Join us every week for provocative talk radio about everything from God to Hip Hop. From the stock market to the Android market, your mind is to big to be thinking about so little. Join us every week for the conversation! 

    This is a P2P Media Production 

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    Late Nights With LanceScurv

    in Relationships

    Late Nights With LanceScurv is the new name of The LanceScurv Late Night Off The Chain After Party but with the same old fun and unscripted spontaneity that it has always been with the completely uncensored manner that our After Party Series of programs has been know for!
    We welcome you as always to join us for the free flowing adult conversation that has made this particular slot a very popular destination for those who can’t yet find a reason to call it a night and close their eyes. That’s okay because if the truth be told, there are literally millions of you out here who feel the same way to and now have a place to go to when those feelings hit.
    We talk about everything and ANYTHING GOES! Consider it a much needed vacation from an overbearing confining and anal retentive world!

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    Sports Talk Saturday with Brian and Joe

    in Sports

    The NFL season is now over with the Seattle Seahawks taking the crown. The season is now over but that doesn't mean we can't still talk about it. Soon to be retired TE Tony Gonzalez says his former quarterback Matt Ryan is not elite, but he is almost there? Is he though? There are some big time free agents out there including Jimmy Graham, Jarius Byrd, Brent Grimes, Eric Decker, and Greg Hardy just to name a few.

    MLB is right around the corner and there are some old faces in new places. Joe and Brian will talk about some of those players and the impacts they will make with their new teams. Brian and Joe will take a look at the AL East.

    The NBA All-Star break is less than a week away and the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks hold the last two playoff sports out west. The Thunder, led by MVP front runner Kevin Durant have a record of 40-12. Paul George and the Pacers host a record of 39-10. They need to win 33 in a row to tie the record the Bulls set with a record of 72-10.

    In college hoops #17 Iowa hosts #10 Michigan at 2pm in a Big 10 match up. Is the Big 10 the best basketball conference right now? Other games to keep an eye on include Joe's Tar Heels on the road at Notre Dame, where Duke has already fallen this year. Unranked Baylor travels to Oklahoma to take on the #21 Sooners. Also, what undefeated team will fall first? Wichita State or Syracuse?

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    Podcasting with Ed Siemienkowicz

    in Internet

    Jonathan sits down to chat with his friend Ed Siemienkowicz about their old college, Ed's design career, and his podcasting work on Voice of the Republic.

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    The Hawk's Nest

    in Culture

    Join us as we journey back to the days before computers, before video games, before television.  A time when families would gather around the radio and stair at that soft orange glow coming from the dial and let their minds form the images being described by those masterful storytellers of  the day.

    We're going back to, the Golden Age of Radio and the theatre of the mind,


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    #50 - Hooray! It's Our Gala 50th Show! Tune In To Hear Congratulations And Fun

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to the 50th Episode of The New Republic Of Texas Hour. It's a two hour special (unless we run out of things to say or celebrate too much).We will talk about what we believe and what we are about and take congratulatory calls from new and old friends. If you are a regular listener you will recognize some of them. The list includes Alamo Joe, Dallas Dave, Joe Dan Gorman, D.W. Smith and of course, The Honest Liberal, Pete Moss and Terry Littlepage. You can call in to be a part of the fun too!

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    The Bucket List

    in Christianity

    Brief Audio reflection on Matthew 5:13-20. "The Bucket List." The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year A. 

    A few years back Hollywood discovered a sure-fire formula for a big box-office payoff: Caste a couple of aging mega-stars as seniors who put together a “do-before-you-die” list of outrageous escapades. Then have them carry-on like out-of-control adolescents… while they drain the bottomless well of old-age jokes. The premise is valid if you view this life as all there is. In that light, I suppose, it makes perfect sense to put together your own “bucket-list” and live it up while you can. Get it all in. Get it all done… next stop, oblivion. But God doesn’t see it that way.

    He’s got his own list for us. We are here for a purpose – his purpose. We are God’s beloved… here to return his love in this world and be happy with him in the next. We are only visitors here, just briefly passing through, following Jesus on our way home to the Father.

    The reason Christians don’t have a bucket-list is because we don’t kick the bucket. Rather, we have a to-do list of God’s purposes and God’s gifts. We never check them off. We just keep sharing them all the way home. 


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    The DirtyRedz Show:Is Marriage Still Relevant or a Goal of Yours?

    in Romance

    Team Dirtyredz is back on the air. We have the same cast of characters and we've added new ones. We have Cadilac Phil producing the show in studio. Go-Go Rob with the HOT Wemixes. L.D., the Love Guru and relationship expert. Da Professa, "OLD SKOOL" and You, the fans, are the ones that make the show what it is. Either chat live with us on the air or get the ultimate experience of calling in to the show @ 310-742-1853. We are coming at you each and every Wednesday Night from 8-10. Don't miss out.

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    in Current Events

    Each Monday night at 11/eastern, join me, Tom "RealDeal" O'Neal, along with Mid-Michigan's finest, Steve "The Baxman" as we talk it up on current events, sports, music, media and the opposite sex for thirty or so minutes. We may agree to disagree...but it does create interesting conversation.

    We may have special guests to call in from time to time.

    AND YOU CAN JOIN IN...and please do so by calling in at (646)478-4451.

    2014 marks our fifth year me and Steve have called #BlogTalkRadio our internet radio home...and we continue to do what we do. Thank you to our loyal listeners, fans and supporters.

    See you each and every Monday night at 11/e "ONTheRadio!!!"


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    Coffee with Conrad - Boko Haram, Young Earth, and HoneyComb

    in Religion

    Today on Coffee with Conrad:

    All rise.

    Boko Haram gettin Saved!

    Six thousand year old Earth?

    HoneyComb thoughts


    Links will be at ConradRocks.Net

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    What is a Biblical Blood Covenant

    in Christianity

    The shadows became realities in Christ, who fulfilled all of the Old Testament blood covenants with His own blood. Christians can be confident that the gift of eternal life that God gives through Jesus is the true promise to people of faith. As the apostle Paul explains, the covenant was established with Abraham and his “Seed”—singular. Paul interprets this as the singular person of Christ.

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    Becoming Christlike!

    in Christianity

    We hope this fines all of you safe and warm,what a winter this has been for most of the country.You know the old saying, be careful what you wish for! A lot of people may have been wishing for rain this last summer,well God sent it at a later date when it was cold. All you can do is grab your Bible and stay up with Derek and Dawn as they dive into the the heart of Hebrews.

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